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What would Fred think of Dancing with the Stars?

Originally from England, Tim Brooks is the owner of the Fred Astaire Dance Studio in Menomonee Falls. With over 20 years of competitive Ballroom Dance Experience he can give a unique insight into the performance of all the celebrities.

The Semi Final is here, who will make it to the Final?

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 It is the Semi-Final week, who will make it through to next weeks final? Tonight had two performaces per couple. The first round went as follows:


Leah and Tony went first with a Paso Doble and it looked well rehearsed but lacking in some technical areas. After ten weeks I would have hoped for a little more. This dance doesn’t require hip action so more use of the legs and shaping through the posture and upper body is how expression is portrayed.

Total judges score 32


Corbin and Karina were up next with a Tango. While Corbin has a ton of performance experience that doesn’t transfer over to how effortless ballroom dancing should look. This dance had power and strength but lacked a little of the subtlety you would see in a top level Tango. I find several of his movements to look awkward and it distracts me from the good qualities he has.

Total judges score 35


Jack and Cheryl followed next with a Jazz routine. Jack did a lot of things very nicely but I wasn’t moved emotionally by their performance. It lacked maturity and real feelings. Len mentioned it lacked finesse and I would have to agree.

Total judges score 33


Bill and Emma strutted their stuff to sexy and I know it. The people who watch the show have two different thought patters. One group loves to see ‘real’ people with a large fanbase develop their dancing and vote accordingly. The other group focus purely on the quality of dancing and do not appreciate the entertainment value someone like Bill brings to the show. I can see both sides and I can appreciate Bill’s improvement and even though his quality isn’t as high as some of the others he does bring entertainment to the show. This number was a little lacking in technique but was well received.

Total judges score 28


Derek and Amber followed next with another Jazz number. It was perfectly executed with great musicality and performance. Fred Astaire himself would have appreciated how good this number was. I can really appreciate that season after season whoever dances with Derek really learns how to dance as opposed to learning how to perform a routine. He does this by working on technique, partnership skills and footwork and leg action. When you are in control of your body you can do any dance.

Total judges score 39


In the second round Leah and Tony opened again with an Argentine Tango. This dance shares similarities with the Paso Doble she danced earlier. She looks like she is holding back to me and the number was a little careful.

Total judges score 33


Corbin and Karina then performed their Rumba.  When I watch him dance I am always left wondering where the dancing is. By this I mean I see a lot of acting and a lot of posing, he is always in a line while Karina is doing something fabulous. I do think he is capable of more and would like to see him showing hip action and isolation and leading Karina’s movement. He gets great scores more for his potential rather than what he actually brings.

Total judges score 40


Jack and Cheryl then did their Argentine Tango and I was impressed with the passion and intensity he brought to this dance. In sharp contrast to his Jazz performance this had more content and everything that was lacking earlier.

Total judges score 38


Bill and Emma went again this time with their own Argentine Tango. This was actually much improved and he created atmosphere and intensity. Probably one of his better performances of the season.

Total judges score 32


Stepping up again were Amber and Derek and they danced a magical Viennese Waltz. The quality of movement to a faster paced song was great and she finished every line to perfection. Very good dancing

Total judges score 40


The couple voted off this evening was Leah and Tony which makes for a very interesting final. Be sure to vote for your favorite. If you or anyone you know may be interested in learning to dance then gift certificates are available at for any amount. 

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