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Paul's Falls

I have lived in the Falls since 1968. My great-great grandfather was one of the village founders. I have served the community in multiple ways: Firefighter, various boards and commissions and for many years was president of the Falls Cable Access Corp. Currently I own, and am active in, a restaurant equipment manufacturing company.

S. P. Schlafer - Part 2

History and more...

 After marriage, Simon P. Schlafer and his bride moved from Germantown to Menomonee Falls, but they returned a year later to his father's farm and operated it for four more years.  Apparently farming was not uppermost on his mind, and he then purchased the Menomonee Falls Mill with one M. F. Lepper.  For the next nine years they operated the mill and upgraded it with a roller process.

In 1890, Simon sold his interest in the mill and in 1891 he and his brother J. L Schlafer and J. G. Huebner built a competing mill across the river.  The Enterprise Roller Mills, constructed from local lime stone,  had a full roller process and  newer technology than the Lepper mill.

Both of these mills were on Main Street at the river. The Lepper mill was operated by water power - hence the dam.   The Associated Bank now stands on it's former site. Portions of the foundation are still visible on the west side of the dam.  For you newcomers, Menomonee Falls is named for a rocky falls several yards down river.  It is worth a short walk into Lime Kiln park to see the "real falls".  It is a very junior partner of Niagra Falls - they share the same geology- the Niagra Escarpment.

The Enterprise mill still stands on the east side and is now the home of offices for several businesses. A steam engine at ground level powered this mill and it's sounds and smells permeate my memories which I will never forget.

 From time to time check here for some local history from my point of view.  If you can't wait, check out the historical society or visit our beautiful library.  You can't go wrong.

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