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Paul's Falls

I have lived in the Falls since 1968. My great-great grandfather was one of the village founders. I have served the community in multiple ways: Firefighter, various boards and commissions and for many years was president of the Falls Cable Access Corp. Currently I own, and am active in, a restaurant equipment manufacturing company.

Our New Recycling Bins

Your Tax Dollars At Play

 For the best part of a decade we (my family) dutifully placed our red recycling totes on the curb - filled with stuff that we didn't want that might possibly be used again. Before that, we dutifully loaded that same stuff into our cars and brought it to the rear of Village Hall.  There, monthly, there was a set up of several large dumpsters to sort and collect the same recyclables.  It was something we felt that was needed to be done.  We happily obliged in the spirit of conservation. Our family collected, loaded, drove, emptied, thanked the recycling volunteers, and then then went on our merry way.

Times have changed.  Not only do we now get curbside pickup, but in the future, it will take a device that my wife claims is almost the size of our car.  I'm guessing that the old red bins held about 15 gallon volume.  Our new wheeled totes hold nearly 100 gallons.

I'm happy that the Village has our community recycling costs in mind and chose to switch to an every-other-week collection.  But, my gosh, do the new containers have to be 6 or 7 times bigger than before?  Mrs. W has noticed that these new containers are verrry heavy.  They do not fit into the previous space occupied by the red bins,  In fact, they do not fit into the garage at all. 

So, from August first I am going to keep a log to find out how long it will take to fill my 96 gallon tote with recyclables.  Remind me to give you the date if either of us can  remember that far back.


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