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Paul's Falls

I have lived in the Falls since 1968. My great-great grandfather was one of the village founders. I have served the community in multiple ways: Firefighter, various boards and commissions and for many years was president of the Falls Cable Access Corp. Currently I own, and am active in, a restaurant equipment manufacturing company.

What More Could Be Fairer?

Random thoughts

 Yes, I know the grammar is far from acceptable. But, that phrase was used over and over again many years ago by Roundy Coughlin.  Roundy - known as The Sage of Mendota was an elderly Madison sports reporter in the 60's. He used that phrase at least once in every broadcast sports report - often if there was a bit of irony associated with the story.

So after 42 years  of marriage, Meg and I often use that phrase - often totally out of context in our daily lives.

The rain of the past few days gave us the opportunity to stay home for a change, and to tend to household duties that have been severely neglected during several months of beautiful summer weekends. Housecleaning and organizing the piles of paperwork in my home office were the top two projects. Thank goodness for the rain. My sins of sloppiness are somewhat washed away.

What more could be fairer?


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