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Paul's Falls

I have lived in the Falls since 1968. My great-great grandfather was one of the village founders. I have served the community in multiple ways: Firefighter, various boards and commissions and for many years was president of the Falls Cable Access Corp. Currently I own, and am active in, a restaurant equipment manufacturing company.

Just A Pound Or Two

This morning when I stepped on the batrhroom scale it groaned more than usual.  So after a hearty breakfast of fruitloops and coffee I decided that it is time to shed a few pounds.

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What an odd month!

We took a ride today and noticed that the grass was green and healthy on all of the lawns we could see. In mid-afternoon we walked in a field near TJ school and noticed that dandelions were in full flower and some were even spreading seeds.

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So, who are you anyway?

This evening I got a phone call from a "Private  Caller" who represented himself as a member of a veterans group in Germantown.

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Manufacturing Jobs Abound

It is true. Good jobs are available in the manufacturing sector all around our area.  But, companies are having trouble finding people with the skills required for these jobs.

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To Both Recall Candidates...

To both recall candidates and your monitary supporters as well:
You disgust me.

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