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Jefferson Davis is a longtime resident of Menomonee Falls. He is the proud parent of two wonderful boys. He enjoys singing, volunteering, reading, gardening, politics, antiques, history, guitar, violin, piano, officiating, helping neighbors and yard work. He served as Village President of Menomonee Falls from 2003-05. He is a member of Northbrook Church and serves on the Advisory Council for the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center. He is an independent registered representative practicing in the areas of insurance, investments and retirement.

Vote November 2nd!!! The Choice is Clear

vote on november 2nd

The Vanguard is encouraging everyone that can and if it is legal to do so, to vote on Tuesday, November 2nd.

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Big Pig Gig Gets Taxpayer Hand-Bailout While Jeskewitz Apparently Adds to the State's $2.5 Billion Deficit

big pig gig jeskewitz unused sick leave

The 3rd Annual Big Pig Gig ( is this weekend in Menomonee Falls on Friday, September 17th and Saturday, September 18th.

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Federal Prison for FOJSJ, Former YMCA/Optimist Fundraiser, NHCC Member and AIS Insurance Executive

stadelmann prison

According to Federal Court documents, former Menomonee Falls resident Jeff Stadelmann will be sentenced to nearly 8 years in a federal prison on Friday, September 10, 2010, 1:30 P.M. at the Federal Courthouse in downtown Milwaukee.

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Trustees Jeskewitz, McDonald and Steliga Support "Investing" Taxpayer Funds in FNMA, GNMA and FHLMC

FNMA, GNMA, FHLMC Village Board

After taking a long break during the summer, The Vanguard is back and ready to go.

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Trustee Steliga and Former Village President Bob Steliga 9 Years Delinquent on Falls Fest Pledges to Library

library pledge

After a brief break, The Vanguard is pleased to be back on-line covering local issues that are brought to the attention of this blog by many people who are plugged in to what is going on in the Falls.

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