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Jefferson Davis is a longtime resident of Menomonee Falls. He is the proud parent of two wonderful boys. He enjoys singing, volunteering, reading, gardening, politics, antiques, history, guitar, violin, piano, officiating, helping neighbors and yard work. He served as Village President of Menomonee Falls from 2003-05. He is a member of Northbrook Church and serves on the Advisory Council for the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center. He is an independent registered representative practicing in the areas of insurance, investments and retirement.

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 The Vanguard is a blog hosted by the Journal Sentinel and normally is written by Jefferson Davis.

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Bass Pro Shop Project's "Lure" Puts Taxpayers on the "Hook" for $20.3 Million Through 2019

The attached press release was received by me from the Davis for Trustee Campaign.

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$658 Tax/Fee Savings Plan for Every Homeowner Starting in 2011 and March 10th Chamber Trustee Forum Broadcasts

For full disclosure purposes, I am a reader of the Vanguard and have asked permission to post the attached press release from the Jefferson Davis for Trustee Campaign.

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Basic Employee Service Costs Reach Nearly $85,000 a Year Per Employee

$85, 000 employee costs

For full disclosure, permission has been granted to copy and paste this press release on the Vanguard blog from the Davis for Trustee Campaign that I received.
State Election Officials have also been made aware of this.
I am a guest to this blog and think matters such as these need to be looked at by the Village Board.
No wonder our taxes are so high when the same services could be done a lot cheaper.

Menomonee Falls Trustee Candidate Calls for More Privatization of Village Services as Costs for an Average Employee Reaches Nearly $85,000 a Year
Menomonee Falls - In documents recently released to the public by the Menomonee Falls Village Government through an open records request, it has been revealed that the average annual cost to employ individuals to provide services such as grass mowing, picking up Christmas trees, street sweeping, brush pick up, park shelter restroom cleaning, leaf pick up or trimming shrubs and trees has reached nearly $85,000 a year per employee on average.
In learning of the revelation, Village Trustee Candidate Jefferson E. Davis commented:
"This trend can not continue and it is unsustainable as has been witnessed with what has happened to GM and Chrysler over the last few years as they have been bailed out by the taxpayers for extremely high salary and benefit employee costs.
Residents expect and deserve good services for what they pay in high property taxes.
Every effort has to be made by the Village Board to provide good services at an affordable cost.
These high costs are not the reflection of individual employees, but a system that has gone on too long without a proper check and balance.
$85,000 a year per average employee to provide basic services is no longer affordable when much more efficient and less costly options are available.
Village employees currently pay a very small portion for their benefits.
It's my understanding from reviewing the Village documents that the average employee who provides these services can make a base salary of $52,000 with an additional $23,000 for health and dental along with pension and social security benefits at $9,698.
These costs do not include the unused sick leave lump sum cash payouts for employees when they retire that average an additional $30,000-$40,000 per employee at retirement.
Unused sick leave lump sum cash payouts totaled $434,000 in 2009 alone bringing the total from the early '90's to nearly $3 million with another $2 million on the books that is an unfunded liability.
The Village Board established a new policy in 2009 for Village retirees to get free health care for 2 years in retirement that will cost taxpayers an additional $200,000.
A recent statewide survey of 452 communities by 3 University of Wisconsin Extension professors  ( shows that many communities are making the transition to the private sector for providing municipal services.
Some private sector services in the study provided for municipalities include street sweeping, snow plowing, horticultural efforts, brush pick up, utilities, park maintenance, etc.
Menomonee Falls has been successful in transitioning to the private sector for Village services such as boulevard maintenance, assessor's office, home inspection, garbage pick up, etc.
More can and should be done with the private sector to provide good services to lower property taxes.
The City of Nashville has their streets swept by the private sector ( and Menomonee Falls should too.
Taxpayers are now being asked to build an $18 million (with interest) public works garage. 
I believe we should put that project on hold until more information can be gathered to see if it is feasible to move more Village services to the private sector before we ask taxpayers for $18 million more dollars for something that we may not need with money that we do not have to impress people who really don't care."
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Clerk's Office Apparently Illegally Certifies Candidate's Papers for February 16th Primary Election

Apparent Illegal Certification of 3rd Candidate's Election Papers by Clerk's Office for February 16th Primary Election

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