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Don't Touch That Dial

This blog will feature highlights of programming by Falls Cable Access, a not-for-profit organization located in Menomonee Falls High School.


Don't get me wrong, I think change is good.  I think we need to refresh or improve things so that they can be the good old days in the future.  When we think we are losing some of our innocence, we are usually adding to the quality of life.  Sometimes change for the sake of change is even good.

However, in the world of technology, we have reached a point where change is happening too quickly.  Only fifteen years ago you could buy the top of the line gadget and be satisfied for years that it served your needs.  About the time you needed new features the old one was starting to wear out.  It was called planned obsolescence.  For those that needed to have the best it was a good system.

Unfortunately we are changing formats and technologies faster than it takes to make an announcement about it.  Gadget guys like me are getting the worst of it.  I do the research, I read the trade magazines, the business journals, go to the trade shows, talk to the vendors and make my decision to purchase.  It cost me more but I am way ahead of the crowd.  But wait, my neophyte brother just bought the new model for $100 less and it has a new feature that I can't live without.  You would think I had learned my lesson with iPhone 3G.  So it cost me more to be on the cutting edge, that's my weakness.   How does it effect the average consumer?

Well let's take the common television set.  First color broadcast 1938 - First stereo broadcast 1984 - First HD transmission 1998.  That's 60 years for the 3 most important breakthroughs in broadcasting.

Now look at what's happened since 1998 - Flat panel monitors have gone from expensive plasma to less expensive and larger LCD TV's to new super efficient LED's.  3D technology is available on Blu-ray or on satellite PPV and new sets are intenet ready so they can surf the web or play web content in full 1080P.  And the old technology.  How many of you out there have tried to give away a perfectly good old 25' CRT TV set (Tube type set) with no takers?  Add to that your VHS, Walkman, Hand Held analog TV, and 35mm film camera.  Our obsolete  21st Century junk is piling up.

Yes all of these technological advances and changes are great, but I fear that the ability of the computer to build a faster computer is leading us to format anarchy.  That carbon bubble, plasma charged, gravity defying, portable super computer is just around the corner.  ( I have mine on order)

What's going on with Cable Access?  Just how many people watch and what is it they are watching?  Does anyone really know?  Well we can track our streaming video and see how many people are watching on their computers and which are the most popular shows.  We also get emails, phone messages and letters from viewers not to mention the buzz in the street.  It gives us a little look into what the public see in Access Television.  Now we would like to find out more.

Whether you have Time Warner Cable in Menomonee Falls or not, please take a moment to check out our on-line survey about Channel 14 and Access television in general.  It's not the most scientific but we hope to get a good idea of what the public wants on the air in the coming years.  Follow the link below to the 10 question survey.  Thanks for helping us out.


High School Sports - Girls Volleyball vs Tosa East,   Football vs West Allis Central and Soccer vs New Berlin West

Village Voices - The Patio Players cast visits to discuss "Quilters" and the MFPD informs us about K-2

Focus on Our Children - New host John Mercure meets with the founders of the new alumni association and we get to meet 2 new principals in the district.


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