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Don't Touch That Dial

This blog will feature highlights of programming by Falls Cable Access, a not-for-profit organization located in Menomonee Falls High School.


I have nothing to report on the Packers quest for their unprecedented 13th NFL Championship, however it seems the only headline that is getting attention this weekend will have to have the word Packers in it.  Since we have been away from the blog for a while I used a little slight of print to get you into our little corner of the NOW site.

Why haven't we updated for awhile?  A busy schedule in the studio and a hectic sports schedule at the high school is one excuse but the other is the blog software was crashing on my PC and I couldn't take the time to figure out the problem.  As I type away now I am crossing fingers the latest updates have fixed the stability issues.

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"Social Network" or Digital Footprint?

It seems the runaway favorite for the Oscar this year maybe "The Social Network". (King's Speech getting last minute push).  The Social Network is the story of the founding and growth of Facebook.  Originally started by a handful of colleges to stay in touch and well...socialize.  It has grown into a billion dollar corporation and spawned dozens of other digital communication applications.  Instant one-on-one with anyone in the world.

This technology has been the basis for new types of commerce growing at ex-potential speeds.  Research, banking, retail and politics have all benefited from the idea of linking all of those with the same goals or ideas. Let's not forget hooking up with old flames from high school.  I had 3 friends in high school and they know how to find me, so doubt I'll be getting poked from any of the other 650 graduates.

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