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Don't Touch That Dial

This blog will feature highlights of programming by Falls Cable Access, a not-for-profit organization located in Menomonee Falls High School.

"LIVE" Fireworks on Channel 14

Well it looks like Menomonee Falls is going to enjoy a beautiful Holiday weekend.  After some needed rain on Wednesday, Thursday should be beautiful for the parade and fireworks.  The Cable Access mobile trailer will once again be on the parade route to record all the festivities and then will proceed to the high school to bring live coverage of the fireworks.  Now I know sometimes it makes sense to avoid the crowd in downtown Milwaukee and watch the lakefront fireworks on TV, but Menomonee Falls fireworks?  It is a little hectic leaving the area after the show, but the real reason to bring them live is for the shut-ins.  Not only those residents who won't venture out late ( can't go to bed with the sound of fireworks going on) but those who find themselves in the hospitals or local care giving facilities.  The fireworks all look the same on TV, but they seem bigger and brighter when you share them with your neighbors and friends who are there.  So if you can, join us on the parade route, stop in and say hi if you see the black Channel 14 trailer on Appleton Ave, or if you can't tune us in and turn up the sound.  Maybe by next year we can bring the parade to you live.

On a sour note, REEL MOVIE TALK with MATT & PAUL taped their show last week from John Harbors Main St. CafĂ© in front of a LIVE audience of fans and well wishers.  I use the term taped loosely as there was no tape backup, due to the configuration, and when the computer crashed at the end of the show, 3 hours of work went bye bye.  My main fear of using digital media and hard drives to capture live footage was realized just when I started to trust it.  The boys are bouncing back with a new live version that will hit the air ways next week.

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