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Don't Touch That Dial

This blog will feature highlights of programming by Falls Cable Access, a not-for-profit organization located in Menomonee Falls High School.

Channel 14 is now available World Wide!

No, we didn't sign a multi-million dollar package to broadcast channel 14 to all corners of the Earth.  We are however streaming our content on the INTERNET.  What that means is that your friends and relatives who don't live in the Falls can now watch the high school football game or the Village Voices show that you appeared on.  They can watch the 4th of July Parade or even better the show you are producing.  You can stay in touch on your overseas vacation, or just watch something on your time table.

Some past shows are currently available and just about all shows in the future will be uploaded to the Peg Central server.  You can go to the site, , choose a folder for the show you are looking for and once located hit play.  No need to install anything on your computer.  Turn up the volume and away you go.  We recently announce to the Brookfield Central football crowd that the game would be available the next afternoon for viewing. By 10 pm that evening we had 118 views.  Now the Brookfield residents may be asking "Hey, how come we don't have an access channel like that?" .  That's another issue we won't get into now.

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