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Don't Touch That Dial

This blog will feature highlights of programming by Falls Cable Access, a not-for-profit organization located in Menomonee Falls High School.

300 channels and nothing to watch?

       Although Bruce Springsteen lamented about "57 channels and nothing is on", I find it hard to believe there isn't something for him now that there are over 300 channels on most video providers.  At any time of the day you can escape through a classic old film or a recent blockbuster.  You can learn about home improvements, healthy living, what not to wear, and how to do just about anything.  You can explore the ends of the Earth and watch your local parade on community access.  Yes, television also has many evils for the masses such as home shopping networks, bride related reality shows and of course "Regis & Kelly". (kidding).  Cable television has evolved to something similar to satellite radio.  Sometimes you feel like disco and sometimes you don't! To each his own.

     With that in mind Time Warner made a major change in their digital channel lineup this week.  The new "theme based" schedule will allow people to surf through the specific type of programming they are interested in.  Here is a link that will allow you to easily select your particular subscription package and see how the new line-up is grouped. 

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