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The Fur (& Feather!) Flyer

Established in 1965, HAWS assists over 6,000 animals and welcomes more than 31,000 human visitors annually. As an "open admissions" shelter we lead the community in animal welfare and assure sanctuary for all animals in need, regardless of age, health or temperament. HAWS is a non-profit, entirely donor-fund organization with an active humane education program, and both wildlife and companion animal rescue services for Waukesha County.

HAWS License #267280-DS

SomeBUNNY to Love!

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Annie's Fund - the story of a community's generous compassion

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It was the early 1990s. The HAWS staff figured the stray black lab-cattle dog mix’s age to be somewhere in the neighborhood of 2 years old.

But no one knew for sure, since no one knew who her owner had been. A woman and her children found the injured dog, hit by a passing car and having sustained serious injuries. Not knowing what to do, this compassionate lady came to HAWS for help.

HAWS’ manager Mark Hess contacted a local vet for the diagnosis; a broken pelvis that would require several surgeries and, eventually, a plate and two pins to fix. The doctor generously offered to reduce the fees for the dog’ care, and gave her the name Annie, after the red-headed orphan.

Meanwhile, the lady who initially found Annie still wanted to lend a hand. Along with some very dedicated co-workers, she took up a collection amounting to more than $1,000, which her company matched, and “Annie’s Fund” was born. As Annie’s plight became known throughout the community, more donations arrived at HAWS.

This generosity led Annie’s Fund to what it is today: a means to assist the injured, homeless animals that arrive at HAWS needing care - and a second chance.
To date we aren't sure how many animals have been helped through Annie's Fund...but we ARE sure there will be more.

That is why we are asking for our community's help once again. Over the next 10 weeks we are hoping to raise $10,000 for Annie's Fund, to ensure we can answer the call of the next animal - and the next and the next. Please donate today!

Annie and all of her friends thank you!

By the way - this Friday and Saturday it's the annual Friends of HAWS Have a Heart Bake Sale...yum!

It's Time for "The Talk"

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Spay, neuter, Waukesha, World Spay Day

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In or Out?

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Waukesha, adopt, dog, cat, cold

Your friends at HAWS present a cautionary tale about doggy doors and bad weather...

HAWS' Chief Animal Rescuer, Mark, went out last nite to assist local law enforcement personnel. They were following up on concerned citizen reports of a loose dog, out in the dropping temps. After covering several miles, the dog finally sat still long enough for Mark and the officer to get a good look...and then it took off again and disappeared!

Fearing the worst, the men followed the tracks. Fortunately, after a little detective work, the dog was eventually found snoozing on it's own couch. It was discovered that this canine had free run of the neighborhood at all times because of several doggy doors installed at its home.

Because of the territory the dog covered over those several hours, the dog's fate could have been much worse - it crossed several highways and outran many people that feared for it's safety. And let's face it, it was COLD last night - not good weather for any housepet, let alone this short-coated dog.

Doggy doors have also been known, in both cold and warm weather, to let in things like skunks and raccoons in addition to the household pet! Not exactly the house guest one is hoping for - nor the idea behind giving your pet a little "freedom."

Please think safety first when considering a doggy door - and be ready for WHATEVER they may allow in or out!
(And when you're in a jam, call our Animal Rescue Team - we're happy to assist.)

Support the Underdog with HAWS!

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