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Shih Tzu puppy needs a valentine.

It's "Fill the Forester February" at HAWS!

Forester, Wish List, HAWS, Shelter, rescue, Spay, Neuter, Spay Day 2011

Why IS that Subaru Forester parked on the front walk at the HAWS shelter?

Through our partnership with Subaru City, Milwaukee, we've started a supply "drive" challenge!

During the month of February we are asking for supply donations from our Wish List.  When those donations come in, they will be put in the Subaru Forester, with the idea that we will "Fill the Forester" - as many times as possible!  (In the interest of alliteration, we're hoping to fill the Forester at least four or five times for February...)

We'll be tracking our progress on our website, and any donor who wishes can have an action "foto" taken showing that they helped HAWS.  (Sounds like a great profile picture for Facebook...!)

So join us in our February fun - invite family, friends, church/school/scout groups and more to collect supplies for the shelter and help HAWS Fill the Forester this February!

By the way - Spay Day 2011 is 3 weeks from today.  EVERYONE can get involved - by our Sponsor-A-Spay program, through the HSUS Online Pet Photo Contest, you can even purchase a Spay Day t-shirt!  Need help with your pet's spay or neuter?  Contact our SNIP clinic for information on programs available.  Help stop pet overpopulation - and help HAWS get the word out about the importance of spaying and neutering our companion pets!

By the way, part 2 - February is a really fun month at HAWS, from our Night at the Waukesha Chancery on 2/11 to our Have a Heart Bake Sale (2/11-12) to the Petlicious Dog Wash for HAWS on 2/13.  Join us!

Betty Crocker Online

The Show, Gordon Kirchoff, Captain Bud Carpington, Falls Cable Access, CapnBud

Editor's note: Due to the sensitivities of some readers, the word "nude" has been replaced with the name "Betty Crocker" and "rehab" has been replaced with "poodles".

Hi, how are 'ya? Captain Bud here. As I was sailing down Appleton Avenue yesterday, a thought occurred to me. I can't seem to remember what it was, but there you have it, which is this - you can't go anywhere today without hearing about these Kardashians and other such tribes of people who are famous because...well, they're famous and that's all the deeper it goes. THEN, they put out a book, favorite recipe, Betty Crocker photo, check into poodles, etc. They're just pirates plundering our attention! As if life can't be rich or beautiful without a juicy facebook or twitter account. For the record, I'm not against being Betty Crocker or people finding peace in their lives through poodles. Just keep it offline.

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Super Bowl beers and the Blizzard of 2011

Beer, Guinness, Sierra Nevada, Bell's

As everyone continues to get themselves unburied from the snow, a couple of questions for everyone.  What food and beer pairings is everyone putting together for their parties?

There are some great spring beer choices that I will get to in my next post but I am looking for various food and beer pairings for the big game.  I know chilli will be served at halftime as one of the foods so I am pairing that with Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Other beers that will be available will be the limited release from Bell's-Hopslam, Surly Coffee Bender from Minnesota(not available locally), and some Guinness.

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Repeat and Update

I have been asked to repeat and old post because it is appropriate today.  Here it is:


Feb. 15, 2008  

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I have nothing to report on the Packers quest for their unprecedented 13th NFL Championship, however it seems the only headline that is getting attention this weekend will have to have the word Packers in it.  Since we have been away from the blog for a while I used a little slight of print to get you into our little corner of the NOW site.

Why haven't we updated for awhile?  A busy schedule in the studio and a hectic sports schedule at the high school is one excuse but the other is the blog software was crashing on my PC and I couldn't take the time to figure out the problem.  As I type away now I am crossing fingers the latest updates have fixed the stability issues.

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Packers, , Easter Seals Adult Day, Waukesha, Wauwatosa

It’s the Friday before Super Bowl and all the Packer supporters are decked out in green and gold today.   Like many others, today at the Easter Seals Adult Day Programs, participants showed their green and gold spirit by hosting pep rallies and tailgates to celebrate the Packer’s Road to the Super Bowl XLV.

See how the Easter Seals Adult Day participants made today, their Green and Gold Day.

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Plott Hound Puppy Ready for spot on Packer Game Couch!

Lilo is one of several Plott Hound puppies available for adoption today!  He is a 3-month-old boy with a brown and black brindle coat and the sweetest chocolate brown eyes. This smart, polite and affectionate dog would do great in a training or agility class, plus it's a positive bonding experience, too!  Meet Lilo at the Wiconsin Humane Society, 4500 W. Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, or see his profile here:

How Do You Follow THAT Weekend? With Another Great One!

Mobile Adoptions, Chancery, Petlicious, bakery, bake sale, adoptions, Spay Day, spay, neuter

Wow, that was a great weekend, wasn't it?  From the Pet Expo to the Super Bowl to the great temperatures, it was hard to top.  But at HAWS, we'll give it a shot!

The annual Friends of HAWS Have a Heart Bake Sale is this Friday and Saturday, February 11 – 12 in the lobby of the Waukesha State Bank at 100 Bank St., downtown Waukesha, during regular banking hours (9am-5pm Friday, 9am-Noon Saturday). Pick up sweet treats for your valentine – person or pet – and join the Friends in support of HAWS. Get all the “goods” on the Friends webpage.

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center is bringing “happy tails” into the community with 2 events this weekend.  We start with HAWS Night at the Waukesha Chancery on Friday, 2/11 - we'll be there during dinner to collect donations and sell raffle tickets, but the REAL fun begins at 10pm, with Karaoke, "Bark"-cardi mixers and "Meow"-stery shots.  Then, after we take Saturday to recover, we'll be at Petlicious Dog Bakery & Pet Spa for the Dog Wash for HAWS  on Sunday, 2/13. Details are on the Mobile Adoptions webpage.

Don't forget, we're in the thick of Fill the Forester February - a “drive” challenge made to HAWS by Subaru City of Milwaukee. Supply donations made to HAWS during the month will be placed in the SUV parked outside the shelter at 701 Northview Road, Waukesha. Donors are encouraged to have their “foto” taken to show their support of “Fill the Forester February” and help HAWS track the donation-drive progress.  HAWS hopes to Fill the Forester four or five times over! Here's a current HAWS supply Wish List, or call 262-542-8851.

By the way - Spay Day 2011 is coming up quickly - February 22. Everyone can join in support of Spay Day with “Sponsor-A-Spay” donations to HAWS, by purchasing limited edition Spay Day 2011 t-shirts at the shelter, or by entering the HSUS Spay Day Online Photo Contest. Get involved through the SNIP webpage or by calling HAWS at 262-542-8851.

The Leader of The Pack

Sports Packers

Wow! The Green Bay Packers win Super Bowl 45. What a great year in so many ways.

Ted Thompson had a vision. He surrounded himself with highly competent people who understood and bought into the vision. He then went out to find players who could make that vision a reality. He also found talent in players that was not apparent to his peers. Those players, many of them unknown to avid NFL devotees, made game saving or changing plays in playoff games and ultimately the championship.

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I got up to chip the ice off my porthole this morning. It's quiet and I want to sit back for a spell and watch the morning unfold. The gulls have gone back to the garbage dump and a light snow falls, quieting the noise of the nearby freeway. It's in moments like these that thoughts just pass through you and go ashore to make angels in the snow. All is well and the creaking of the ship is a mother's gentle song.

Suddenly, there's a knock on my cabin door and it's Earl. Earl is a swabbie that I keep on for menial tasks and the occasional dance number on THE SHOW. According to Earl, it seems the bow has become encumbered and the ice holds us fast. He suggests dancing our way out but I assure him that it's not necessary. "Let's leave the quiet be", I say, "and the dancing for another day." He bounced off, uncomprehending, and soon I could hear him practicing for his marimba solo on our next episode. He doesn't understand the demands of a captain's life and the need for solitary reflection.

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One Free Click to Feed Tanzanian Children

Hearts in Unity, photo, , Children, Food, Mission, Tanzania

Your vote for our "Hearts in Unity" photo in the "Share the Love of Philanthropy" photo contest sponsored by Vivanista will help "Hearts in Unity" to win $1,000 for our mission to help feed children in Tanzania.

It costs you nothing to vote, but we can't win the $1,000 prize without your vote.

You can vote once per day, but voting is open only until February 14th.  

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A Few Items Short of a Full Cart

The Show, Gordon Kirchoff, Captain Bud Carpington, Falls Cable Access, CapnBud, public education, groceries, grocery store, sailing, ship, giant squid, squid, french bread, victory at sea

Hi, how are 'ya? Captain Bud here. There's been a break in the weather and the ship is slowly freeing itself from winter's icy grip. Anticipating a return to sea life and being low on supplies I found myself at the local grocery vendor.

I was amazed while standing in line how rankled landlubbers get when I offer suggestions on diet and toiletries. Cap'n Crunch, though I admire his work and mustache, isn't nearly as satisfying as hardtack and gruel, but try finding hardtack today! The woman in front of me assures me that her trips to the head aren't excessive but I question the wisdom of a voyage with only four rolls of tissue. I'm trying to build community by being helpful. Still, people seem shocked by my generosity. Sometimes my advice falls on deaf ears. "Just talk louder", I say to myself, louder and louder.

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"Social Network" or Digital Footprint?

It seems the runaway favorite for the Oscar this year maybe "The Social Network". (King's Speech getting last minute push).  The Social Network is the story of the founding and growth of Facebook.  Originally started by a handful of colleges to stay in touch and well...socialize.  It has grown into a billion dollar corporation and spawned dozens of other digital communication applications.  Instant one-on-one with anyone in the world.

This technology has been the basis for new types of commerce growing at ex-potential speeds.  Research, banking, retail and politics have all benefited from the idea of linking all of those with the same goals or ideas. Let's not forget hooking up with old flames from high school.  I had 3 friends in high school and they know how to find me, so doubt I'll be getting poked from any of the other 650 graduates.

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Former Piggly Wiggly in Falls could become Walmart Neighborhood Market

Menomonee Falls, Retail

Wal-Mart Stores Inc. is considering development of a Walmart Neighborhood Market in Menomonee Falls.

The neighborhood market, a smaller grocery format, would use the former Piggly Wiggly space at Pilgrim Village shopping center, at Pilgrim Road and Main St., according to company spokeswoman Lisa Nelson.

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8 Simple Rules for Commenting on Blogage


Greetings readers:

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Happy Spay Day 2011!

spay, neuter, rescue, adopt, donate, HAWS, shelter

HAWS joins HSUS, the Humane Society of the United States, in wishing you a happy Spay Day 2011 today!

YOU can participate:  make a “Sponsor-A-Spay” donation to HAWS, purchase a limited edition Spay Day ’11 t-shirts at the shelter, or enter the online pet photo contest sponsored by HSUS - choose HAWS as your benefactor and we receive $1 for every vote cast for your pet!

From February 14th- 25th HAWS' Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) clinic is doing free spays or neuters for the pets of qualifying Waukesha County residents. This annual program compliments the SNIP clinic's usual low-income programs that are available throughout the year.

In the spirit of Spay Day, we are also "talking up" our Outdoor Owned Cat Program – a grant- and public donation-funded program that sterilizes barn and outdoor cat populations in Waukesha County without cost to property owners.  And we have proof this program is working:  numbers of stray kittens coming into HAWS have dropped almost 11% since the outdoor cat program began in 2005.  (Learn more by calling our SNIP staff at 262-542-8851, x109.)

Call us at HAWS (262-542-8851) or visit to help!

Happy Spay Day!

By the way - the month of March looks to be as fun as February has been - see what we're up to at our Upcoming Events calendar, and don't miss a minute!

Aweigh With Rum

The Show, travel, victory at sea, squid, ship, sailing, Photo, Gordon Kirchoff, giant squid, Falls Cable Access

Bright days and smooth sailing are a balm for an old salt. There's a tune whistling through the rigging as I negotiate the currents above and below. Although there's excitement in a squall and unexpected adventure roiling in the billows, I'll take a clear sky and a steady wind astern.

It wasn't so the other night before we weighed anchor. In fact it was a bit of a spindrift. It seems that Earl and the crew had gotten into the rum while cleaning up the galley. Before you could say hoist the mizzen, they were hip-deep in shenanigans. Our news anchor, Lance Pileweather, started it off ranting about the poor lighting on the ship before collapsing in sobs over a photograph of Walter Cronkite. Earl, our naive swabbie who's a hipster in his own mind, got into the laundry and began making sock puppets for everyone. Eventually, it turned into a sing-along. A frequent commentator on The Show, Richard, left incensed over the "pinko" tone of Yellow Submarine. Me, I slept through the whole ordeal but got to the bottom of the mess after pulling on my socks and seeing the look of surprise on my feet.

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S.O.S. (... _ _ _ ...) Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County and Wisconsin

Walker Budget Repair Bill

Similar to the international distress code S.O.S. (... _ _ _ ...), which was first used by the German Government for radio regulations in 1905, the Village and School District of Menomonee Falls, Waukesha County and the State of Wisconsin are in an all out distress mode being held hostage by public unions and Senate Democrats and their unwillingness to work with the legislature and governor to help correct decades of financial and spending missteps by both parties.

Just The Facts Please

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Menomonee Falls Blockbuster Video will close


The Blockbuster Video store on W. Appleton Ave. in Menomonee Falls will close April 10, according to a staffer at the store. A liquidation sale is underway now.

The closing will be one of 182 that the bankrupt video rental company has announced for this year, according to an Associated Press report. Blockbuster has closed about 1,000 stores in the past two years, including many in Wisconsin.

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