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Dreaming of Door County

family, vacation

I'm dreaming of a getaway to Door County. Last June, right before the busy season, we vacationed for five days in Fish Creek and it was wonderful! We spent our time doing things like: riding our bikes through Peninsula State Park, painting pottery at the Hands On Art Studio, visiting The Peninsula Bookman (where the owner has my dream job), drinking lots of coffee at Blue Horse Bistro (where the owners have my other dream job), and eating as much pizza as we can at Moretti's Pizzeria -- YUM!

Where are you dreaming about getting away to?

Changes in the School Year and Other Items


The Menomonee Falls School Board will be holding a workshop on Monday April 7 , 6-8 pm, to hear the final reconfiguration proposals as prepared by various teams of teachers and administrators.  These proposals were presented to the public and open for comment at three recent Board hearings.

If you were not able to attend or have not had the opportunity to present feedback, I would like to extend this opportunity.  The full reconfiguration proposal, as presented by Ms. Tayes, Dr. Nicholas and Mr. Hintz can be found on the district website.  Dr. Marty has also prepared a pod cast reviewing these items. ( or

I would love to hear your feedback prior to our meeting, April 7th.

Please email me your comments.  Please include the particular item you are addressing and whether you would like to see it implemented or not.  Please give specific reasons, if possible for your opinion. (Please note that these ideas were presented in the spirit of improving student performance.) Please include positive feedback as well as negative.  If you are positively impassioned about an item , please let us know you think it is a good idea.
I will print all responses and take with me to the meeting.

If you have any clarification questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Please feel free to pass this along to others who may be interested.

Sharing time and talents

We share with you what some of our children and young people told us about how they are sharing their time and talent with God and with our own community. In their own words, our children remind us how simple, beautiful and meaningful living our faith can be. • “I prayed for my friends who were fighting” ------2nd Grade• “Singing solms (psalms) to God” ------ 2nd Grade• “Helped my little brother make an airplane” ------ 1st Grade• “I brushed the snow off of the car for my mom.” ------ 6th Grade• “I shoveled the driveway without being asked to.” ------ 5th Grade• “I prayed the rosary” ---- 2nd Grade• “I bought art supplies for the poor (giving tree items)” ------ 1st Grade• “God. I love you.” --------- K5 Student• “Playing with uthers. Learning at school.” -------- K5 Student• “I bought a soccer ball for Honduras” ------- K5 Student• “I will lisin to my teecher.” ------ K5 Student• “Prayed for my grandma.” ---- 2nd Grade

Davis + God



"I will not stop until the truth about the corruption in Menomonee Falls comes out and is dealt with in the proper way."

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A Beautiful Weekend in Dundee

Neat places

 Finally!  A couple of days with nice weather, and I didn't have to be working.  We chose to spend some of this time in southern Fond du Lac County in the Northern Kettle Moraine area.  This incredible place where glaciers ended ,has left us with nature's beauty at its fullest. The rolling countryside is delightful as spring blossoms forth, only to later be outdone as summer takes over.

We experienced the awakening of Long Lake after a bitter winter.  The ice has pulled several feet away from the shoreline so the rocks and the critters that live among them are again visible. We saw a crayfish scurry around happily nibbling on a zebra mussel or two, totally oblivious to our overhead intrusion.

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Dream In Color

Fourth Annual Parochial School Art FairMenomonee Falls Public Library April 9-30, 2008Reception: April 18, 2008, 6:00pm-8:00pm Participating Schools:·         Bethlehem Evangelical Lutheran School·         Grace Evangelical Lutheran School ·         St. Anthony Parish School·         St. Mary Parish School

Chuck Mangione


Chuck Mangione played at the South Milwaukee Performing Arts Center to cap off a High School Band competition. Brookfield Central won but MF and Hamilton were not participating.


Mangione can be credited (or cursed depending on your opinion) for pioneering the “Smooth Jazz” genre of music. He composed and played beautiful jazz that was accessible to a whole new generation of music lovers. He wasn’t Miles Davis but he probably opened Miles’ music to an audience that may have passed it by.


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Corruption in Menomonee Falls

Strange Stuff

 Note to JD and others:

Since last week's election I have spent considerable time investigating corruption and I am now able to report the results. For several days I have been quite frustrated while working on my computer.  Program crashes happened often.  In the middle of doing my work the information would simply disappear from the screen.

Hours were burned while I tried to correct the problem.  Just as I was about to throw in the towel, I started digging a little deeper into directories.  As I was checking a message popped onto the screen:  "FILE CORRUPT - PLEASE RELOAD THE OPERATING SYSTEM"

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Who Knew?

just because

Who knew that a cat needed to have his teeth brushed? I mean really, really, really needed to have his teeth brushed -- especially a diabetic cat who has excess sugar in his body, and apparently diabetic cats have lower immunity in their mouths and therefore have a higher chances of getting tooth and gum disease. I didn't know. Did you?

The bottom line is that having your cat's teeth extracted is costly. And now my cat needs to get a job. Are you hiring? He's really good at looking out a window, rolling in cat nip, and playing with glitter balls in the middle of the night.

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Teachers v. Administration

Menomonee Falls Schools

The following paragraph was written by Owen Robinson and appeared in his blog Boots and Sabers:

Party In the Falls

Rumors are that members of the teachers union plan to picket the Menomonee Falls School Board meeting on Monday night (4/14/08).  The school board has actually been standing firm on salary and benefit increases that the union is demanding.  It would behoove some of the citizens in that district to show up at the meeting and support their school board. 

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Art in Bloom

family, neighborhood

Yesterday my daughter and I spent the day at the Milwaukee Art Museum. We were there for a children's class about Georgia O'Keeffe, however Art in Bloom was also going on and we stayed the day so we could attend the workshop with the lovely Lois Ehlert who wrote and illustrated many children's books. The event is going on again today, and Lois will be there again from 1-4PM, I highly recommend stopping in to meet her, read a few of her books, and then create some art to add to the flower garden. It was a lot of fun!

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Consumer Report 2007

Last week Monday we went to the library, it’s a very small library, maybe 1000 sq. feet.  See? Very, very, small. Anyhow, we were there for the Monday night pajama story time (for Zoe) and I happened to have a couple audio books being held for me. I checked out the audio books, Zoe went to story time, and then we came home. Somewhere around 10 p.m. I checked my receipt that says what books I checked out and when they were due, and low and behold, it seems that I checked out Consumer Report 2007.

First off, I didn’t.

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School-Board Member Accountability Report and Sign Off

Monday evening was my last night as a School Board member.

I want to thank the community for putting their faith in me to undertake this major responsibility. At the end of three years, I hope you feel that I have served you well.

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Spellbinding Story From A Former Falls Resident

Fascinating People

 JOHN SCHILLING has written and published a story about his exciting life as an accountant.  Now, exciting and accountant don't very often appear in the same sentence, but his story certainly has both elements.

UNDERCOVER is a well written account of his actions as a whistleblower, exposing his employer's actions in their attempts to cheat the government out of a gazillion dollars. It seems they had set up a system to improperly report costs and payments to hospitals under Medicare.  What John discovered and reported to various agencies eventually blossomed into discovery of illegal practices nationwide throughout the medical benefits billing system. For his honesty he was very richly rewarded.

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What I'm Reading

just because

Currently I'm reading 21: Bringing Down The House, by Ben Mezrich, which is the book that the movie "21" is based on. I'm totally into this book! Have you read it? Have you seen the movie? These MIT kids make blackjack seem sooooooooooooo easy. I've only played blackjack a handful of times, and never for real money. I've never been to Vegas, and quite honestly, I'm not sure that I ever want to go. So the book, it's fascinating! I've only got about 60 more pages to go and then I'm done. Then I can go break out my deck of cards and start practicing, because you know what? Someday I just might change my mind about Vegas.

Next book on my shelf is Lush Life by Richard Price. I started to read it, but I had to put it down to read the blackjack book. It was on the New York Times Bestseller list, which is why I picked it up. I've found that some of the best books I've read over the past year have been the books that I picked specifically from the bestseller list. Case in point: A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini. Hands down one of the best books I've ever read.

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Endangered! Environmentalist Credibility


     20 plus years ago the visionary CEO of Monsanto decided to work with environmentalists to create a better world. He asked them what Monsanto could do to help the environment. The environmentalists had some great ideas: create crops that would have significantly higher yields so farms would not have to expand at the expense of forests and wetlands. Make crops less susceptible to insects so there would be less or no need for insecticides. Make crops that could grow in less than ideal climates so there can be real hope to end world hunger. “OK” said the CEO, “I will get back to you.”


Several years later the CEO called the environmentalists back to show them the accomplishments of his research and development team. “Here are crops that have higher yields, are less susceptible to insects, grow in less than ideal climates, and will soon be able to  do all of these things using less water.  The reaction of the environmentalists was one of horror. “These are genetically modified seeds!” cried the environmentalists. Yes said the CEO what is wrong with that? Environmentalists: “They are genetically modified!” CEO: “Yes, what is wrong with that?”

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The Good And The Bad

Repulsive Behavior

Last week I had the pleasure writing in this blog about a good guy.  To our loss John Schilling is no longer a resident of our community.  Unfortunately, this week I have the unhappy duty to write about a person who is just the opposite.

The person in question has sent a scathing, critical letter to a family who recently moved away from Menomonee Falls due to declining health.  The family had served our community well for over 50 years and they were respected.  And yet this sick-minded individual sent such a vindictive, vengeful letter that it raised my anger to the boiling point as I read it.  My wife shed tears as she was reading. She couldn't believe that anyone could behave in such an un-Christian manner and be so cruel and hurtful. I would publish it here, but it would be in bad taste to do so and would only harm the family more.

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Green Paper Bags

just because

My husband has been hounding me for years now to make the switch from plastic bags to paper bags. I've always preferred plastic, due to the handles of course. However, the whole "green movement" hit me over the head last weekend and I've found myself balking at the thought of plastic. It's like it has cooties or something. Plastic bag? Do I look like someone who uses a plastic bag? You offer me plastic and I've never been more insulted in my whole life. And the thing is, I don't know why all of a sudden this is important to me. Why now?

Why not now? It's not too late to make a difference. And even if it's a small difference, and even it's only me, I can feel proud of myself for being greener than I was before.

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Teen Fun in the Summer Sun

Partnering with the Germantown Parks & Recreation Department, the Menomonee Falls Community Education & Recreation Department is offering four great Teen Adventure Trips this summer for students entering grades seven through twelve. 

Disc Golf & Cookout – Wednesday, June 25
Join us for an afternoon of fun at Germantown’s Spassland Park.  Play a few rounds of disc golf and join in a cookout for lunch.  This event is great for beginners as well as more advanced players.T

Trip to Great America – Tuesday, July 8
Join us for a day of fun in the sun.  Registration fee includes entrance for Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor, as well as bus transportation.  Bring a bag lunch, towel, swimsuit, waterproof watch and sunscreen.  There is also a place to purchase food at an additional cost. 

Brewers Game and Tailgate party – Thursday, July 10
Register today for a day at the ball park while the Brewers take on the Colorado Rockies.  Registration fee includes Brewers ticket, tailgate prior to the game and bus transportation.  Seats are located at the 200 level. 

Trip to Country Springs Waterpark – Tuesday, August 12
Country Springs Waterpark offers fun for all with a three person boat ride, lazy river, water basketball, and tube slides.  Registration fee includes water park entrance, a pizza lunch and bus transportation.

For additional details on these, or any of our other great summer programs visit!

John Harbor’s Caught Fire

Local Places

In case you have not heard, the news has had two consecutive Fridays where there has been over 100 people in the main room listening to live music.



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