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New Shoes for Easter

Hearts in Unity, Tanzania, Children, Shoes

It was the day before Easter. A grandfather and his 2 young grandchildren – a girl and a boy – stopped by our Hearts in Unity display table at the Mall to see what there was to see. We often bring a laptop to events so we can share our slide show of photos of “Life in Tanzania” for people to look at. 

The granddaughter, perhaps 7 years old and younger than her brother, eagerly watched the photos with great interest, and began to ask questions about each one. Why are the children carrying wood on their head? What do they use the wood for? What are they doing by that river? Is that water in those buckets? Are those bananas? Why are those clothes on the grass? Look! A chicken! What is that? What are they doing there? Why? What? How? Why? I was delighted with her animated interest, and could tell she was intently listening as I answered her questions and helped her draw comparisons about her life here and what it is like to be a child in Tanzania.

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Spring Cleaning Feels Good

There is something about spring that motivates me. Things are warming up, color is returning, and the hibernation sluggishness begins to wane. The increasing energy makes me look around and take notice of all of the things that accumulate and fill various nooks and crannies around the house, garage and yard. Piles of unread magazines, paperwork and mail need to be dealt with; unnecessary boxes clutter up the garage; faulty Christmas decorations and a broken bird feeder need to be repaired or thrown out; and fallen branches and litter caught in the bushes need to be cleaned up. Sure, it takes some effort, but it sure feels good to eliminate them from my to-do list, and things just shine and sparkle a bit more!
Trees, too, require a spring cleaning. They naturally accumulate clutter from years of growth and hardship. Insects attack, weaken and kill branches. Fungal diseases kill some limbs and internal decay fungi weaken many more, leaving them vulnerable. Storms cause some branches to split or crack, providing even more opportunities for fungi and insects. Growth within the tree is often crowded or misdirected, causing weakness and vulnerability. Too much shade from nearby canopies causes branches to die. Dead branches attract insects, and the resulting decay will spread fungi deeper into the tree.
Our Certified Arborists expertly employ the ANSI A300 pruning standard for this kind of clean up. It is called Crown Cleaning and is aptly named. We recognize and clean out the branches that have various fungal canker diseases starting, while we watch for and remove damaging insects. Understanding tree structure and biology enables us to make good decisions about which branches detract from structure or health. Storm damage is detected and removed. Intensity of pruning corresponds with specifications for each tree, based on the dimensions and health of each branch.
Trees improve so much from the cleaning! Pruning diseased, damaged or inferior branches leaves the tree healthier, safer, and more beautiful. Stress is reduced, and value and appearance are enhanced. Future growth is off to a better start and tree energy is reallocated to optimum growth and defense. Your tree can now yield all the benefits of shade and property enhancement for years to come.
Spring-cleaning is a necessary ritual that uplifts our spirits and improves our environment. It is a good time to assess our trees and get out the clutter that bogs them down. Our properties can then shine with pride!

You Want April Showers? Its Raining Cats & Dogs at HAWS

HAWS, adopt, puppies, Walkathon, walk, fundraiser

Thinking of adding a pet to your family?  Now is a great time - and at HAWS we have an AMAZING selection of adoptable pets to choose from!

Currently HAWS has about 20 dogs for adoption - and that's not including the "Valentine's Puppies" that will be arriving at the shelter this weekend (more on them in a bit - that's them pictured at right).  Breeds available range from terriers to hounds to Yorkies to Malamutes - and the sizes are just as varied as the breeds!  Whether you're looking for a running buddy or a purse pet, we've got your style!

How about a cat?  With more than 40 to choose from, you'll have your pick between domestics and exotics.  Our available cats have a wide range of ages, too...and we even have a few kittens already.  Calicos, torties, tabbys, tuxedos, oh my!

Lest we forget, also available for adoption right now at HAWS are a Zebra Finch, 2 ferrets, 2 gerbils, 2 mice and about a dozen rabbits.  If you're looking for out of the ordinary, we've got that covered, too.

The Puppies are Coming!  Champagne's litter of shepherd mixes is ready to be adopted and arriving at HAWS this weekend.  (To catch up on this "party of 15" please check out their blog here.)  The pups are probably going to be medium to large once full grown.  They've been socializing with kids of all ages for the past few weeks, and we think they're all just lots of fun.  Call our Adoption Counselors at 262-542-8851 to learn more about the adoption process - some of the pups have already been wait-listed!

We'll see you at HAWS:  Viewing and adoption hours are 7 days a week - Monday thru Friday from 1-6pm, Saturday from 11am - 4pm, and Sunday from Noon - 4pm.  Adopt 4 paws from HAWS.

By the way - HAWS' 29th Annual Pet Walkathon is less than a month away - have you started collecting donations yet?  Let your fingers do the fundraising with a personalized online page, or download a registration/donation form and hit the pavement for the paws at HAWS.  See you at Sussex Village Park on May 5th!


Take A Leap of Faith and Join Us at Our Parish Dinner & Auction May 12, 2012

 Please join us on Saturday, May 12, 2012 and enjoy a wonderful evening at the beautiful new Radisson Hotel located just down the road in Menomonee Falls.  Doors open at 6pm.  There will be numerous silent auction and live auction items for all to enjoy, along with great food and spirits.  Talk to your friends and family and start planning your table of eight today!  Please contact St. Mary Parish office for further details.  

How to Connect to Your Community

 A friend of mine asked me to see his son in a local play entitled “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat” performed by the Falls Patio Players in Menomonee Falls.

I have always wondered how I could better connect to the community and thought this would be a good start. This idea lead to another as to how I could better our community by supporting more events. Events that our neighbors and fellow citizens have put time and effort into making this community better.

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BBB Hosts Free Document Shredding Event This Weekend

BBB, Better_Business_Bureau, free_shredding, shredding, AnchorBank, ProShred_Security, identity_theft, ID_theft

BBB Helps Consumers Thwart ID Theft by Hosting
Free Document Shredding Event

ID Theft is Nation’s #1 Complaint to FTC, Grew 8 percent in Wisconsin last year

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A Toast to...Champagne - the Mom

Champagne, HAWS, mother's day, adopt, puppies, Walkathon

Mother's Day is coming soon...and HAWS would like to honor one of the most amazing mom's we've ever met, Champagne!

Champagne sits still just long enough to pose - now, let's get back to playing!She has been an incredible mom to her 15 puppies, born on Valentine's Day; they have left the nest a healthy, hearty and happy bunch.  Her work is it is time for her to enjoy the adulation due a woman of her status as "Super Mom."

Champagne has been spayed (after birthing almost 30 pups in her short lifetime, she is more than due for retirement), and has been deemed ready for adoption into just about any situation.  She is sweet, friendly, likes kids and adults alike - she is even good with cats and other dogs.  At just over 3 years old she has lots of living to do and would love to get out there and get to it!

What a great way to honor mothers everywhere - adopt a Mom from HAWS.  This one won't bake you cookies, but she will shower you with kisses and love...and not get lipstick on your face...

By the way - you DO know HAWS' 29th Annual Pet Walkathon is coming up on May 5th, right?!


I'm Walking for HAWS...and Bruiser,too!

HAWS, Walkathon, walk, adopt, SNIP, spay, neuter, donate, fundraiser

HAWS' 29th Annual Pet Walkathon is coming up next Saturday, May 5th, from 9am - 3pm at Sussex Village Park.

Bruiser snuggles with Adoption Counselor Amanda.Over the years we've asked people to share why they "walk for HAWS."  We've heard wonderful stories about the love connections made at the Walk between adoptable pets and their new forever homes.  We've learned how the Walk has brought families together in their support of HAWS and our work.  We've even had groups make our event an annual get-together for themselves - a great time with friends and a great cause to boot! 

This year, one of our most compelling reasons to Walk is Bruiser, a 5 month-old Chihuahua mix available for adoption at HAWS.  In his short lifetime, Bruiser has been a homeless stray who needed shelter, he has healed from a leg-break which required medical assistance and foster care and, as an "intact" male, he was in need of neuter surgery from our SNIP clinic.  We were able to take care of ALL of his needs at HAWS, through our on-site services and our network of caring animal people.

HAWS annual Walkathon fundraiser assures we are able to continue to be the safe-haven for pets in need...whatever that need may be!  Please join us on May 5th and help us help those animals that mean so much to us.  Raise money for the paws and claws at HAWS - on foot or online:  here's the link to get you started...and the link to let your fingers do the fundraising...!

By the way - you can watch Bruiser in his TV debut here!  He is QUITE the star...

Evergreen Disorder: Needlecasts

Conifers continue to stay in the news. Spruce had been the most noticeably affected by drought stress and disease agents up to now, but recently both Pines and Spruces are showing browning needles that affect their beauty and health. The culprit is a group of fungi collectively known as needlecasts.
This browning can develop slowly, over several years, or very rapidly, as has been the case this spring. These fungi attack the needles as they are emerging. Their spores are in the air in spring and land on the soft needles. If the needles are moistened often enough from rains or heavy dews, the spores are able to germinate and then attack the vulnerable tissue. In years when the frequency of moistening events is greater, there is more and faster browning from needlecasts. Drier springs reduce the amount of browning from needlecasts.
 This spring has provided several rain events. Many Pines and Spruce have rapidly browned as a result, and many more will show progressive browning over the course of ‘08. Their weakened state from previous years of drought stress has lowered their resistance to fungal attack and spread, further speeding the browning. Individual trees vary in their ability to resist disease, (as we do as well); therefore, the amount of browning will vary from tree to tree of the same species. Site conditions that favor fungal development such as shade, crowding, reduced air movement, etc., will have an effect also.
Infected needles show spotting or banding of discoloration, but then begin to brown, usually at the tip at first, but eventually spreading along the needle. When the needle dies, it is shed (“cast” off the tree). In Austrian and other Pines, the fungus is usually Dothistroma. In Spruces, the needlecast is usually Rhizosphaera.
Needlecasts are controlled through protective fungicide spray programs. Timing and materials can vary with the species of needlecast. In the case of evergreens, patience is needed for both control and the return of aesthetics. Spraying protects the new growth that comes on in spring. Since evergreens carry at least 5 years of needles, when these become infected, it takes at least 3 consecutive years of the spray program to collect 3 years of protected and retained needles to have beauty return.
Many evergreens are needlessly removed by saddened homeowners or ignorant tree cutters who don’t realize that they can be saved. Don’t let this happen to you! Call your Wachtel Certified Arborist for the accurate diagnosis. Also, share this newsletter with your neighbors who may be thinking of cutting down their evergreens. Especially where these are providing needed screening between yards or obstructing unwanted views, this could be tragic.

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