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Local Producers Win 11 Awards

The Wisconsin Association of Peg Access Channels held their annual conference this weekend, highlighted by the Video Festival on Friday evening.   Falls Cable Access entered 12 programs in the festival in several categories on behalf of local producers.  This year Channel 14 won 11 awards including a Significant Community Program award for the "The Making of a Festival" a highlight film produced by Falls Fest.


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Menomonee Falls, If You Get a Water Bill, You Can Relate

finance, neighborhood

Saturday morning I decided to check out a growing puddle of water in my basement. I grabbed the mop and started to clean it up, and that is when I saw where it was coming from. It was flowing out of the bottom of my hot water heater. HOT WATER. OUT OF THE BOTTOM OF MY HOT WATER HEATER.

And all I could think about was how much my next water bill was going to be.

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The Cost of Compassion



Who has not been touched by the death of a pregnant mother and school administrator, her unborn baby, and her daughter? People overuse the word tragedy to describe many things. This truly was a tragedy. A verdict will soon tell us if it was murder. Maybe Mark Benson will get another chance.


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7-11 Lock-In Party Jam

7-11 Lock-In Party Jam Fun Time Yeah!  That is the name members of the Menomonee Falls Youth Council are giving this year's middle school lock-in.  The lock-in, sponsored by the Menomonee Falls Community Education & Recreation Department Youth Council will be held Friday, May 9 at North Junior High from 7:00 to 11:00 PM.  All students in grades six through eight living in Menomonee Falls or attending a Menomonee Falls school are welcome to attend.  The cost is $5 per student ($2 if a member of Youth Council).

Activities include basketball, swimming, inflatable obstacle course, Gladiator Joust, sumo wrestling, one-on-one basketball, karaoke, video games, Brewer ticket raffle, prizes, concessions and more!

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I'm Dropping Out!

Presidential Politics

 Notice to all mass media:

I have endured more than any reasonably intelligent person might be expected to do.  Political ads and political news suck!  From now on I will immediately turn off any news report that has anything to do with the Presidential election in November. There is nothing more that can be said about any issue.  Over and over and over and over, the same issues have been discussed in countless debates sponsored by .... the mass media purveyors.  We are being whipped up to a media frenzy in their hopes that more advertising revenue might benefit their enterprises.

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It's Just Not That Funny


It seems like only yesterday that most of us were able to get on with our lives thanks to the writer’s strike settlement. Hopefully, you are all pleased with your favorite shows returning in full splendor.

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Next American Idol

How would you like to be the next American Idol?  The Menomonee Falls Community Education & Recreation Department is offering two singing/music classes beginning this May.

Singing for the Soul
(Ages 18+)
No experience needed, and everyone is welcome.  Come sing in a group for health & fun.  Julie facilitates in building a supportive venue for people who want to sing.  Learn about singing, learn songs as a group, and learn part singing and chants.  We'll also explore a wellness/health technique each week.  Give yourself a gift - a sacred time to connect deep meaningfully with yourself and others through the magic of sound and your own voice.  Register by May 21

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Book signing and presentation - May 21st

You are cordially invited . . .St.  M a r y   P a r i s h  S c h o o l  M e n o m o n e e  F a l l s  P r o u d l y  A n n o u n c e sWhistleblower’s JourneyA Presentation by Author & St. Mary AlumnusJohn W. Schillingbased on his new bookUNDERCOVERHow I Went from Company Man to FBI Spy —and Exposed the Worst Healthcare Fraud in U.S. History Wednesday, May 21stSt. Mary Parish School Activity Center5:30 PM Hospitality 6:00 PM Presentation 6:30 PM Book Signing Reserve your seat by calling Jennifer Ridgeman at 251 1050, or email ridgemanj@archmil.orgto hear author John W. Schilling recount his life-transforming adventure from accountant to confidential informant and leading witness for the prosecution in the largest healthcare fraud case in U.S. history. Listen as John highlights his ten year odyssey, working with the FBI and Department of Justice and journeying into an undercover world of taped conversations and secret government raids. Mr. Schilling credits his extraordinary accomplishment to his strong sense of morals and values. During his upbringing at home in Menomonee Falls and while attending St. Mary Parish School, John was taught to respect others, be honest, and strive to live with integrity. Learn how those early lessons helped him prevail. 

What The Rainbow Brings

family, neighborhood

My daughter is seven years old, and she's desperately wanted a swingset for as long as I can remember. That child has always loved the swings. ALWAYS. When we'd take her to the park, she'd spend the entire time on the swings, and if we were able to pull her off of them and over to the slide? She'd slide down and then race straight back over to the swings, as if to say: "Are you happy now? I went down the slide! FOR YOU!! Now I'd like a push, please."

My daughter, who is an only child, also snubs almost any toy she gets. Moon Sand? She had to have it, played with it once. American Girl Doll? She couldn't live without Nicki (and her horse, and her dog), but really isn't interested in playing with her. Wii? No thanks. A bicycle? Sometimes. She's just not interested in any of them. However, give the kid an artbox and a pile of paper and she's making drawings and pictures until the cows come home. While she's extremely talented when it comes to drawing, she's a kid and she should go outside and play! Put down your markers and go run around! 

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Chirp Chirp Tweet Tweet

family, just because, neighborhood

On Saturday my husband, daughter, and I were at Panera for lunch, it was the Brookfield location at Ruby Isle, and if you’ve been there before you know about the separate dining room that is off of the main room. It’s quieter in there and for some reason it’s Zoe primo spot when she’s choosing a place to sit.

So we were eating our lunch, and there was a couple of ladies a few tables away, but other than that we had the room to ourselves, when all of a sudden, I swear to God, I heard a bird chirp. I glanced around and didn’t see a bird, nor did I see anything that could have made that noise, so I went back to eating. A few minutes later I heard the bird again. I looked up, thinking I’d catch it flying across the ceiling or something, but again, I saw nothing. My husband and daughter heard the chirping too, so at least I wasn’t hearing things.

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High Tech Job Loss Brewing


No announcement has been made as to where the headquarters will be located when the merger between SAB/Miller and Coors/Molsen is approved by the Feds. My prediction, dating back to December 07, will be Colorado. I wish it were not so, but that won’t make it so.

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Memorial Day

With Memorial Day fast approaching,it's time to dust off your picnic baskets and coolers for the long weekend.  As with all holidays, beer can be a big part of the celebration whether it is pairing one with a favorite recepie or raising a pint with your buddies. 

Give this question some thought but e-mail me back with your list of your favorite beers(Limit to a top 10 list).  I will compile a readers list in a later blog.

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A couple of things

The Good And The Bad

Some good and bad items this time...

First the good:  I have finally had the opportunity to sample the wares at BBQuick on Appleton Ave.  I had heard rave reviews about the food, but never happened to be in the neighborhood when the store was open. They open and close twice a day and I finally stopped to read the store's hours of operation posted on the front door. Once I got it right I was rewarded.

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Honor Them

Please use this blog post to honor those who have fought, served, and died for our ability to live as we as we are today. Please honor those who are serving right now as well.

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They Fake Cleaned My House!

just because, neighborhood

About six weeks ago I hired Merry Maids to come and clean my home. They are to come every other week, and while I'd love for them to come every week, I simply can not afford it. Their sales person came out to my home, and walked my husband and I through how the cleaning would be done, what it included, what we could expect, and how much it would cost us. We signed up right then and there.

The first cleaning was amazing. AMAZING! They knocked our socks off. The second cleaning was pretty good, but they missed a few things, like the laundry room, the bay window, all the window sills, and the faceplates of the electrical outlets, something they said would be done. Also, every week they'd choose two rooms that they'd pay extra special attention to, those rooms get deep cleaned and everything is moved out of the way, cleaned under, and then moved back. During my second cleaning the master bathroom and master bedroom were the rooms that were to get the special attention. It was in my opinion that while they were clean, they were NOT given special attention at all. The fact that I found things underneath the nightstands and dressers told me that they didn't move a single thing, nor did then even stick a vacuum hose under them.

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I Love a Parade!

The Menomonee Falls Memorial Day parade is once again going to be taped by Falls Cable Access, and this will be the first year we're using the Mobile Trailer.  Because it's a lot easier to set up  using the trailer, we are moving to a new location, the Main St./Grand Ave. turn.  This should give a new perspective and provide commentators Robyn Turtenwald and Tom Dueppen a lot to talk about.  The Parade will run at Noon on Monday following a rerun of last years parade at 10 am.  Join us on the parade route, or if you can't be there tune us in on Channel 13.


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Community News

For those of you who like to know what is going on, business wise, in the Falls, the following stores are now closed:

1. Ponderosa - closed two weeks ago.

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just because

It seems that all I’ve been doing lately is waiting.

Waiting for the my grades to get posted online for the Human Resources class I completed (I got an A).

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Alumni TMJ4 Interview

St. Mary Alumni went from a businessman to an FBI spy, uncovering fraud along the way. John Schilling is the author of “Undercover: How I Went From Company Man To FBI Spy.”

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Summer Spectrum - Enrichment Opportunities for Youth

The SUMMER SPECTRUM program brings together FUN AND LEARNING!  Choose from a variety of programs that are fun, challenging, and offer summer enrichment opportunities.  Most classes are instructed by School District of Menomonee Falls teachers and staff.  All classes are held at North Junior High.

Session 1:  June 11 - 20
Session 2:  June 23 - July 2
Residents - $40 per class / Non-residents - $48 per class

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