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Beer Choices for Summer

With the un-official beginning of summer being marked with the Memorial Day weekend, we can look forward to the warm days.  Of course with the weather we are having it is hard to tell if it is summer or fall.  Anyway here are some interesting choices for summer beers if you are looking to be summer like:

1. Leinenkugel Summer Shandy- A perfect summer beer

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Fun Under the Sun All Summer Long

The school year is winding down quick (just in case your child hasn't started his or her countdown)!  Have you talked to your children about what summer activities they would like to participate in?  It's not too late to register for programs through Menomonee Falls CE & Rec.

The Summer Kids INC program is a "camp like" program that provides group activities for children in a safe and supervised environment.  Rain or shine activities include:  indoor and outdoor group sports and activities, arts & crafts, games, sports, swimming, special events, field trips and more!  Leaders at each site will divide participants into 3 groups based on age.

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7 courses of food that I don't eat

Bartolotta's, Bacchus, New Glarus Brewery

On Friday night I took my husband to a beer tasting event that was paired with a seven course meal. It was an event that was put on at Bacchus, a Bartolotta Restaurant, along with New Glarus Brewing Co. It was advertised as a five course meal, prepared by Executive Chef Adam Siegel, who is a 2008 James Beard Award Winner for Best Chef Midwest, but was actually a seven course meal.

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Barkley, the fluffy wonder

Barkley is a handsome pup who is always eager to snuggle. He has a fluffy honey-colored coat that he loves to have petted and brushed. Barkley is an eleven-month-old Chow Chow mix who is looking for a home where he can be an only "child." 

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The Glory of Retirement

Last Friday I was surprised with an office party celebrating my upcoming retirement.  After 40 years or so I'll be giving up going to work and the daily grind.

My family and my employees, unaware by me, got together and set up this surprise event which was totally unexpected.

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Local schools singled out for improvement

dpi, No Child Left Behind, testing

Schools in Milwaukee, Menomonee Falls and Racine were among 79 statewide that failed to meet accountability standards under federal law, the state announced Tuesday morning.

Milwaukee Public Schools also was one of two districts identified for improvement in the state. More information about the schools identified for improvement can be found here.

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"IT" is coming!

Yes..."IT" is coming!  What is "IT"?  Can't tell you yet.  Watch for "IT"  "IT" will be in the 4th of July Parade.  Well enough about "IT".

It appears there will be no more delay in the Digital switch on June 12th.  This major change in signal transmission has been in the works for 6 years.  As our technology is changing ever so quickly in the last 20 years, the major changes are made so that we don't have to throw out so much old technology at one time.  High Definition and Digital signals have been around for over 20 years.  I was at the Consumer Electronic Show in Chicago in 1988 and saw a high definition demonstration of a a parade in China.  It was presented on 2 inch video tape on a machine the size of a Smart Car.  At that time they were promising that High Definition Television would be in all homes by the year 1993.  This sparked the debate over whose standard of broadcast they would use.  In Europe they were operating on 50 cycle current, where as in North America we operate on 60 cycles.  Without getting too technical, this means our TV pictures were operating on 30 frames a second and theirs were at 25 frames a second. (Their pictures were better because they were closer to film speed of 24 frames a second.)  As you can see the standards set way back in the late 1800's by Thomas Edison have effected each innovation for over a century.  So a lot of time and thought have gone into this latest major change.  There will be new technology for sure, but the cost to the consumer to upgrade should be minimal and optional.  As of Friday June 12th, all of the analog VHF and UHF frequencies will be freed up for use by emergency and enforcement agencies.  One thing they forgot was that all of us who have UHF wireless microphones will now operate them illegally. ( Shhh...let's keep that to ourselves )  On the bright side, the digital transmission will offer more channels and much better pictures to all. I have helped several people with their converter boxes and their old clunky dial tuned TV's look new again.  Who knows what the future holds for this new technology, I can't wait for the resurgence of "Smell-a-Vision".

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Bring your dog to Northpoint!

Bring Buddy for Some Fun at Northpoint!

Custard, shakes, sandwiches, fries, and even Frosty Paws for your pooch! Looking for a fun excursion with your dog? Join WHS at Bartolotta's Northpoint Snack Bar at Bradford Beach, 2400 Lincoln Memorial Drive, on Thursday, June 18 from 5:00p.m. to 9:00p.m. Bring your well-socialized dogs for some fun on the beach and help raise funds for shelter animals. Bartolotta's Northpoint Snack Bar will be donating proceeds from food sales to WHS. They offer an incredible range of items, from portobella sandwiches and grilled tuna to shakes and fries, so you can get dinner for your human family, too!

Bizarro Auto World


Recently Chrysler, one of the US’s big three and formerly owned by Daimler-Benz, was bought by FIAT. FIAT, for those of you too young to have purchased that brand in the 70s or early 80s, stands for Fix It Again Today or Fix It Again Tony.

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Do you need sod?

I realize this is a bit out of the ordinary for a post, however we are putting in a huge flowerbed in our front yard and have just spent about three hours cutting and rolling sod. If you are in the need of sod, please email me.

WIAA State Track Schedule Needs a Major Reworking

It wasn't so much the rain and the dramatically cooler temperatures that made the second day of the WIAA State Track Meet in La Crosse on June 6 a near fiasco.

But they didn't help.

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It's Not Easy To Quit

No, I don't mean smoking.

Due to my retirement, I'm trying to discontinue a subscription to The Wall Street Journal.
The last time I had a similar problem was when I wanted to leave the clutches of America Online.

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Donations of lunches for the less fortunate

What started out as a Lenten program has grown and we hope it will be a lifelong commitment to helping others.

St. Mary's school students have donated hundreds of lunches for the Franciscan Peacemakers Sandwich drop program over the past few months. The kids were strongly encouraged to make this a family event and not just ask their parents to handle the details.

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Falls woman accused of driving drunk with teen in car

drunken driving

A Menomonee Falls woman was charged Thursday in Waukesha County Circuit Court with third offense drunken driving after she was arrested with her 13-year-old son in the car, according to court records.

Holly J. Warlow, 40, is being held in the Waukesha County Jail on $12,000 bail.

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Vamos A Comer - Let's Eat!

Let's Eat!  Indulge your child's appetite for language and culture with this theme based Spanish class.  With the help of our fun-loving puppets Dani and Beto, your child will sing, dance, create, play, and act their way towards fluency with food-related Spanish vocabulary.  Buen Provecho!

Class Details
Monday - Thursday, 9:00 to 11:00 AM, July 20 - 23, Community Center, Residents $99, Non-residents $119

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When There Is No Wind -- Row!

When There Is No Wind -- Row!   Ancient Chinese sailing proverb

Times are tough for everybody right now and I am no exception. I have eternal optimism for the commercial real estate market but seeing college tuition on the horizon for our two children, I have officially announced the launching of Ted Klumb Owner’s Representative, LLC.

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Has The Media Lost It's Collective Mind?

From Banff, Alberta, CA

Here I am on a few days of escape from the daily routine.

There is only one story on the news here.  It is on every channel that is not boadcasting old movies or the like. (There are plenty of channels, both English and French to choose from.)

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Playful puppies looking for new homes...

A walk through Dogtown at the Wisconsin Humane Society will make many hearts swoon! We currently have several puppies looking to become new furry family members. Meet Tommy, above, an 11-week-old Australian Shepherd mix, or Rufus, below, a 16-week-old Siberian Husky/Lab mix who is full of playful energy!  Check out all the available dogs, including fantastic adults who already know the ropes at All dogs are microchipped, spayed or neutered, vaccinated and go home with 30 days of pet health insurance and a certificate for a free veterinary exam. 


Baseball, Fireworks,'s Summer!

Before I get into the busy week planned, let me remind all that "IT" is coming.  As a matter of fact "IT" will be in the Optimist Independence Day Parade on July 3rd in the Falls.  What is "IT".  Come to the parade to find out.

It will be a busy week for the remote crew.  On Thursday night July 2nd we will be at Village Park to tape the Caribbean Eclipse Steel Band at 6:30. On Friday July 3rd we will be taping the Boys Varsity Baseball vs. Germantown game at Trenary Field at 1:00 pm.  Plenty of room, so come join us at the game.  Later that day we will of course cover the parade on Appleton ave and if all goes well the Fireworks "Live" on Channel 14.  Look for all 3 new programs on Channel 14 on the 4th and on our streaming video website Peg Central .

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He said: Figure it out


It doesn't take a genius to see the pattern that is already set with car keys, house keys, and being locked out.  In case you missed it, there are FIVE different links there with FIVE different key/locked out stories.

Anyhow. I keep my car keys in my car, my husband takes his keys into the house. Whenever we take my car somewhere, we always end up with two sets of keys. Mine. And his. Since he's the driver I put mine in the glove box so that no one sees the keys inside my car and thinks: Oh, keys! I'll just break a window and then steal this almost  paid off Honda Hybrid. Of course, when we go to somewhere that does not constitute locking the car, I just leave them sitting out.

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