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Start Off Summer on the Right Foot - and PAW - at HAWS!

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HAWS has planned a full month of activities and events this June that will help pets and their people start off summer on the right foot…and paw!

Just in time for a season of storms and celebrations, HAWS presents a free seminar titled “The Big Bang!” on Friday, June 24 at the shelter (701 Northview Rd., Waukesha), from 6:00-8:00 p.m.  Join HAWS’ behaviorist Dr. Claudeen McAuliffe for an informative talk about helping dogs cope with thunderstorms and fireworks. 

During the seminar Dr. Claudeeen will also discuss the Thundershirt™ and its use.  (This product’s gentle, constant pressure has been proven to have a dramatic calming effect for most dogs that are anxious, fearful or over-excited.)  Already helping tens of thousands of dogs around the world, and recommended by thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers, the Thundershirt™ is now on sale at HAWS for only $36.00 plus tax (proceeds from the sale of these shirts supports HAWS’ animal care and behavior programs).  Call HAWS at 262-542-8851 and ask for the Behavior Department for more information.

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center visits in June run the gamut from “Dine out for HAWS” events (Culver’s in Sussex on 6/7 from 4-7pm and Taco John’s of Waukesha on 6/14) to a weekend in West Allis (Weathertite on 6/4 and West Allis a la Carte on 6/5) to all about cats (WI-IL Cat Fanciers Silver Jubilee Cat Show on 6/11-12 at the Waukesha Expo Center) and dogs (Junkyard Dogs Football at Kettle Moraine High in Wales 6/11 & 18). HAWS’ adoptables will also be on hand 6/18 at Garden Mart, Mukwonago for "Pups & Petals" day and on 6/24 for First Weber-Lake Country’s second-annual Take Your Dog to Work Day!” All Mobile visits – including the regular monthly stops at area Petco stores – are detailed on our Mobile page of

HAWS’ event schedule is complete with Small Pet Pedicures (6/8 at Pet Supplies Plus & 6/18 at HAWS) and Cat Pedicures (6/11), the monthly First Aid for Pets seminar (6/18) and GPA-WI Greyhound meet’n’greet (6/25). Read all about it on the Upcoming Events calendar page of

By the way - June kicks off months of summer fun.  If you bring your pet along on vacation, be sure to call ahead to make sure it is welcome wherever you go!  Take vaccination records and your vet’s phone number – and don’t forget ample supplies of any medications your pet may need.  Always have an I.D. tag on your pet, or better yet, have a microchip implanted. I.D. tags and microchips are available for purchase at HAWS, 7 days a week, for a nominal fee.

We're baaack!

A series of small events on our video server a few weeks ago, hardly seemed like they were major issues.  By Thursday May 26th it brought both Channel 13 & 14 to their knees.  Most of Friday Saturday and part of Sunday were spent finding ways to outsmart the system and get back on the air while waiting for the manufacturer to check their voice mail.  Even the remote assistance from the technician went on for 6 hours before we had a healthy system again.

We must admit the system has worked flawlessly 24/7 for several years with only a few firmware upgrades.  Why it chose this weekend with a contentious school board meeting and the Memorial Day Parade scheduled, they can't say.   It will take a few days to replace the entire schedule on both channels as a failing drive with about a hundred shows is now in jeopardy.  While we do that we will run Little League Weekend starting Friday and ending Sunday night.

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What's a Dog Fairness Fair?



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Wacker Neuson to expand Falls plant, village may help with financing

Menomonee Falls, Industrial

Construction equipment maker Wacker Neuson Corp. plans to expand its Menomonee Falls facility, and the village is considering possible financing assistance for the project.

Wacker Neuson operates a 430,000-square-foot manufacturing facility at N92 W15000 Anthony Ave., in the industrial area north of Highway 45, between Pilgrim Road and Fountain Blvd. The company, which has around 360 employees, plans to add 97,000 square feet, with future expansions planned, said Village Administrator Mark Fitzgerald.

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The kids are all right: State athletes rewrite track record book

In the end, the kids got their day in the sun and they literally ran with it.

That's because after a short, truncated, cold and rain-soaked Wisconsin prep track and field season, the campaign ended with two sun-soaked very warm days in La Crosse at the WIAA state track and field meet Friday and Saturday, and the athletes celebrated it like it was a week at Disneyworld.

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Falls office park expansion, village financing to be considered

Menomonee Falls, Office

A planned expansion of Woodland Prime office park in Menomonee Falls, and possible village financing for the project, is being considered.

The village Plan Commission, at Tuesday night's meeting, will review a proposal to grant preliminary approval for a tax incremental financing district to help pay for those costs.

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The Tao of the Car Wash

CapnBud, captain bud, Captain Bud Carpington, courage, crisis, falls cable access, Falls Cable Access, gordon kirchoff, Gordon Kirchoff, life is difficult, protest, public education, random acts of kindness, sailing, sea, ship, stormy weather, the poop deck, the show, The Show, victory at sea

There are three things a captain doesn’t care for: lice, torch-lit mobs and lack of sleep. When the first two produce the third, you have trouble.

The trouble started at breakfast yesterday with one of our crew, Earl. Earl is somewhat obtuse and naïve and is therefore a regular source of concern and entertainment. He was being rather itchy that morning and kept going on about a stray cat he took in with a long tail and a pointy nose.

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It's Getting Hot in Here...So Let's Dine OUT!!

Custard, dine out, Culver's, Taco John's, heat, pets, donate, HAWS, adopt

Is it hot out here...or is it just me?!This time of year, HAWS' Mobile Adoption Center gets to visit restaurants! 

During cooler weather these visits aren't so fun.  Because of health codes we sit outside the food venues with the pets, talking to the customers as they rush in and out.  Our adoptable dogs really get bummed watching all that food rushing by, too...

Warmer weather brings out the urge to dine al fresco, and along with that comes the ability to TAIL-gate (get it ? "tail"-gate?!) and 2 local eateries are hosting us this week:'s a giNORmous custard cone!Today, Tuesday, June 7th, from 4-7pm, join us at Culver's of Sussex - Hwy. 164 just north of Main St./VV/Silver Spring.  Print out the coupon from our Mobile Adoptions page (or pick one up at the front desk at HAWS) and we receive 10% of the sale.  Let's face it, it is a great day for COOL CUSTARD...

Tomorrow, Wednesday, June 8th, we'll be at Taco John's on Grand Ave. in Waukesha starting at 4pm.  TJ's is actually doing several HAWS-aimed promos this month, including Taco Tuesday NEXT week.  So feed that craving for Mexican (also on the brain in this weather - it kinda feels like Mexico, doesn't it?) and stop in anytime in June.  If you see a blue dog on the counter, feed him, too...

So, c'mon out and join us in support of the HAWS cause - it is too hot to cook, anyway!

By the way - With the heat coming early this year, HAWS has some reminders:
Never leave pets unattended in your parked car. The temperature inside a car, even with windows open slightly, can quickly reach deadly levels. In sunlight temps can rise more than 30 degrees per minute. Anytime your pet is outside, make sure he or she has protection from heat and sun (a dog house does not provide relief from heat) and plenty of fresh, cool water.  Heat stroke can be fatal for pets as well as people. Exercise your pets in the early morning or evening hours. Watch for hot asphalt which can burn sensitive pet paws.  Contact your vet if you're concerned about your pet's health, and contact HAWS if you need help with temporary pet housing!


At the end of this month I will have completed two full years of retirement from a job I loved for over 40 years.  These past two have been filled with all kinds of new experiences.  Good ones – and certainly not exactly as I expected.

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Hundreds of cats need homes

Cat Season in Full Swing
Wisconsin Humane Society seeing dramatic increase in cats and kittens

The Wisconsin Humane Society reports that it currently has over 300 cats in its care at the Milwaukee and Ozaukee locations, and over 100 kittens and cats are ready to go home today. The shelter has launched a promotion in which the fee for a second kitten adoption is 50% off, and fees for adult cats are entirely waived.  The shelter hopes to see all 300 cats go home this month. 

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Animal cruelty exemptions in Tues Budget Bill

Today, we are calling Wisconsin legislators asking them to protect the basic needs of animals. The budget bill, which will be voted on tomorrow, gives researchers exemption from all state animal cruelty laws.  

Please, contact your legislators today.  The budget bill is slated for an assembly vote tomorrow and senate vote on Thursday.

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Kids 'N Critters - A Great Combo!

summer, summer camp, camp, adopt, clean, HAWS, neighborhood, football, mobile

HAWSKids 'N Critters Summer Day Camps have begun!

Each year our shelter hosts a full schedule of 2-, 3- and 5-day camps for kids ages 7-14.  We have general camps which cover a wide range of animal welfare topics and activities, and more specific themed camps like "Camp Gone to the Dogs" and "Shutterbug" camp.

Khris Erickson, HAWS Humane Educator and camp director, shares all the camp info with us!

"During camp we have the kids help walk the dogs, play with cats and kittens, and socialize other animals.   All week-long campers have at least one opportunity to clean cages.  The younger kids stuff food into a dog toy called a Kong, and give some the dogs a bath.  The older kids are given more responsibility by doing dog training, and we also have them sort newspapers.  (The cages the children clean are the rabbit and small animal cages, and some of the cat cages where the cats are long-term residents.)  We have the kids split up into small groups and we rotate these groups so that each gets one opportunity to clean each week."

The 2-day camps differ a little bit from the week-long camps:

"We bring out animals for the children to learn about and meet.  Weather permitting the kids can walk dogs with their counselors.  We do a craft, play some games, and get a tour of the shelter. 

"During the 5-day camps we bring out animals for the children to learn about and meet.  Weather permitting the kids can walk dogs with their counselors.  The younger age group does dog baths, and the older kids do some dog training.  We do a craft, play some games, and get a tour of the shelter.  The kids also do some cleaning of animal cages, and an animal related field trip is taken.

"We are always looking for different types of animals to bring out for the kids.  However, safety for both the campers and the animals is a priority for us.  Animals that are brought out for the kids to interact with and handle are assessed for friendliness, and ability to deal with the stress of multiple children interacting with them at a time.  If an animal is not easily handled, or appears to be fearful/stressed we will not bring it out for the children to meet. 
The first day of camp we do take the campers on a tour of the shelter so that they can see all of the animals available for adoption."

By the way - Our Mobile Adoption Center is busy, busy, BUSY this summer - chances are they'll be visiting your neighborhood, favorite eating spot or pet supply merchant.  You can even come see us this weekend at a football game!  Check it out at our website!

Three cheers for the Wisconsin Supremes...

'nuff said!

25% OFF Adoptions! Wednesdays Only.


Just announced! WHS is offering 25% off adoptions every Wednesday, through August 31.
See available animals now

The Big Bang!

Big Bang, noises, fireworks, storms, dogs, pets, adopt, HAWS

Just in time for a season of storms and celebrations...

This Friday, June 24th, HAWS presents a free seminar titled “The Big Bang!”  The informative talk will be at the shelter from 6:00-8:00 p.m.  (Well-behaved dogs are welcome to attend with their owners.)

HAWS’ behaviorist Dr. Claudeen McAuliffe will lead this session about helping dogs cope with thunderstorms and fireworks.  Bring your questions and learn why Fido hides in the shower during a storm, or why Fluffy flees for the comfort of under the bed.

What's a Thundershirt?Dr. Claudeeen will also discuss the Thundershirt™ and its use.  (What's a Thundershirt, you say?  It is a garment that provides gentle, constant pressure that has been proven to have a dramatic calming effect for most dogs. It is recommended by thousands of veterinarians and dog trainers, and is now on sale at HAWS for only $36.00 plus tax.  Proceeds from the sale of these shirts supports HAWS’ animal care and behavior programs). 

Call HAWS at 262-542-8851 and ask for the Behavior Department for more information or to RSVP for this Friday's seminar!

By the way - we're still running our Two-tally 2-fer Cat adoption special featuring adult cats in bonded pairs.  Plenty to choose from - twice as nice, twice the fun!

Village Retiree Backdrop Cash Payouts Total Nearly $2.4 Million, While Annual Health Care Premiums Approach $22,000

Sick Leave health care scott walker cash payouts retirees

With all the talk recently of Milwaukee County Employees retiring early to penalize taxpayers with forced multi-million dollar cash payouts ( totaling nearly $200 million over the last 10 years, a very well kept secret goes on and on in Menomonee Falls on a somewhat smaller scale because of fewer employees than Milwaukee County and a slightly different payout formula.

And taxpayers wonder why their tax bills are so high?

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It is Summer , right?

Well as the calender changes over to summer we can only hope that the weather does as well.  Because with that brings picnics, parades and festivals.  I love this time of year due to the fact that there some many new beers to try.  New Glarus, Capital, Leinies, Sierra Nevada are just a few of the breweries with summer beers to try.

Hopefully the budget item that was added is vetoed out by our governer so that the craft breweries in our state are not hamstrung by the added motions done by Miller Coors and the state Wholesalers.  I thought it was a shady way of getting some items past in the dark of night.  The craft breweries were in agreement on a lot of the items in the motion but never saw the final version.  This all could have been avoided with open communication between the wholesaler association and the brewers guild.(I am a former employee of a beer wholesaler-full disclosure).  Time will tell how this all plays out.

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rbg Bar and Grill

Friday night, and the same old question came up.  Where should we go for a fish fry tonight?
Meg and I both wanted to get out of our rut and try something new.  We are happy that we did.

We tried out the rbg Bar and Grill in the new Radisson hotel. There we found a pleasant atmosphere, a friendly mai-tre d' and a repsonsive service staff.

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The Good Old Boys Revealed


Much ado, has been made by a few, about the Good Old Boys.

So just who are these people and why does it matter? If you belong to a church, or a service club, like the Optimists, or your kids are still in school, you know who the good old boys are. They are the ones putting in the time and doing the work to make the organization and community better. It’s that simple.

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Know the Signs - Before the Bite Occurs

dogs, behavior, dog training, dog aggression, HAWS, socialization

Many dog owners wonder how to know if their dog’s behavior poses a risk, and how strongly does a dog’s breed factor into the potential for aggressive behavior.  Human behaviors influence dogs - and dogs in turn give indicators that intervention is necessary.  While any dog has the potential to behave aggressively depending on the situation, help is available!  Education and knowledge can help prevent aggressive incidents that may result in physical and emotional injury.  

At HAWS, we stress the importance of all dogs receiving training and socialization, to minimize problems and create the best possible relationship between pet and owner!

A first sign of trouble may be a “gut” feeling:  Anything about your dog’s behavior that makes you feel uncomfortable indicates a need for intervention.  Don’t ignore the first signs of trouble.

Observe your dog:  Dogs displaying non-social, “stand-offish” beavhior may bite if forced to interact.  Dogs that forcefully jump up or against you, attempt to mount, or are “mouthy” are showing their intentions are confrontational.  Dogs that stiffen momentarily in response to eye contact or touch, or when you are close to their food/toy/another person, do not welcome your interference and may bite if their signals are ignored.  Specifically watch for body language like direct and hard eye contact from your dog, the base of tail elevated above the level of the dog’s back, and hackles up.  A warning grow should never be ignored.  These are signs that additional training is warranted.

Behavior depends on individual genetics and the environment in which the dog was raised.  Pit Bulls can be cream puffs and Golden Retrievers can be Godzilla!  Puppies with no littermates or pups that are taken from their mothers/litters before 7 weeks of age may not learn appropriate social skills – increasing the possibility of biting.

If you notice any signs of unsocial or aggressive behavior, contact a qualified trainer, behaviorist, or veterinarian.  Being proactive, doing your research about where you obtain a dog and which breed you choose, and seeking help at the first sign of trouble will increase your chances of fixing a problem before serious harm is done.

By the way:  HAWS’ Behavior Department is available to answer any questions at 262-542-8851, x204, or email our Certified Dog Behavior Counsultant, Dr. Claudeen, at

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