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Falls Cable Access...whatever happened?

Falls Cable Access

Posting update

The Vanguard never imagined with our first posting just 28 days ago that we would have had some 5,500 visits so far.

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Our New Recycling Bins

Your Tax Dollars At Play

 For the best part of a decade we (my family) dutifully placed our red recycling totes on the curb - filled with stuff that we didn't want that might possibly be used again. Before that, we dutifully loaded that same stuff into our cars and brought it to the rear of Village Hall.  There, monthly, there was a set up of several large dumpsters to sort and collect the same recyclables.  It was something we felt that was needed to be done.  We happily obliged in the spirit of conservation. Our family collected, loaded, drove, emptied, thanked the recycling volunteers, and then then went on our merry way.

Times have changed.  Not only do we now get curbside pickup, but in the future, it will take a device that my wife claims is almost the size of our car.  I'm guessing that the old red bins held about 15 gallon volume.  Our new wheeled totes hold nearly 100 gallons.

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Legislation, Dust, Deadlines and Providers

So much happening these days that todays post will be a hodgepodge of issues and events.


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Wanted: "Weekend" Warriors- Musicians

Greetings: I am looking for any musicians who may want to play/practice one night a week.


I have a complete band set up in my basement that includes “Sunn” amps, full PA-with mixer, drums, keyboard and about 15 various guitars. Nobody would have to pack up or move anything.


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At the State Fair (or: A Mop? Not A Chance.)

family, neighborhood

Last night we went to the State Fair where Zoe actually asked if she could do the bungee jumping slingshot thing. HELL NO! I’m still slightly afraid that she’ll slither through the slots on the safety gate while on the sky ride that takes us from one side of the park to the other.

What did we do? Well, let’s see, we ate, I walked through the Wisconsin wine tasting bar, we had ice cream sundaes, Zoe milked a fake cow for 60 seconds (4 oz worth), and then we took the sky ride. We meant to look at the animals, but somehow got sidetracked in the Expo Center where Zoe made a beaded lanyard thingy at the kid’s “make it and take it” art table, and we watched a Chinese acrobat show.

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Olympic Spectacle


The Olympic Opening Ceremonies, scheduled for this Friday, should be fantastic. It may take a lot for you to watch TV on a beautiful Friday evening but this should be will worth it.


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"Sir, please put your hands above your head and spread your legs"


False Arrest with Menomonee Falls Police

A friend and reader of The Vanguard recently shared an experience that they were intimately aware of involving the Menomonee Falls Police Department.  For obvious reasons that will become very evident, the party asked for anonymity until the matter is resolved on a professional level.

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Second Thoughts

 Somewhat over a year ago I told my employees that I would be retiring on my birthday in 2009.  I owed them that heads-up because I feel that each one of them is part of my extended family.  I did not want to dump a goodbye on them only weeks before my exit.

I have been looking forward to abandoning the daily grind for quite some time now.  My father stuck it out in the family business well into his eighties and never gave up.  He died with his boots on, as the saying goes.  I am made of different stuff.  I always felt that "when it is time to go, it is time to go". 

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 Please note the time and date of this important forum. These are all the details I have at the moment. Keep posted for more.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 27, 2008 7:00 - 8:00 PM

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Life in a Luxury Box

family, Special

This past Sunday we had tickets to the Milwaukee Brewers baseball game, and let me tell you this, I’m sooooo not interested in baseball. In fact, since the Brewers have gotten the new stadium, Miller Park, I’ve only been there twice before. I can’t even begin to tell you how many tickets I’ve given away because I just did not want to go.

So my husband survived the downsizing at his job, and as a celebration he and others from his department were treated with tickets to their company’s suite at Miller Park. Tickets to the luxury box? Oh yeah, I’m totally going. I didn’t care if I didn’t watch any of the ball game, but I was going for the experience.

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Village Health Care Plan...A really good deal gone bad, reeeeeeeeeeeeally bad!

village health care plan

Brief Update on The Vanguard

A short note of thanks for your ideas, input and visits.  Our cumulative postings will have well over 9,000 hits by the end of this week on our way to 10,000 and beyond.  That seems like a really good number, but we don't have anything to compare it to.  The first five (5) weeks have been outstanding.  Thank you for reading our blog.

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This and That

 I'm sure it is an ego booster to see the numbers mount up  and count the people who are check in to one's blog.
Until this week I have not counted up the hits on my several blog articles.

So, to The Vanguard, I offer this target:  100,000 plus: 
I'm not bragging, but you seem to need to know.

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Bye-Bye, by Buy American

Capitalism, Free Market

The Presidential candidates are trying to impress voters as to who loves Harley Davidson more.


McCain would rather hear the roar of Harleys than having cheering fans in Berlin. Obama thinks McCain stabbed Harley in the back for not supporting a “Buy American” bill that would mandate government entities to buy products produced in the U.S.


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$5 Million Taxpayer Tab for Unused Sick Leave Backdrop Pension Cash Payouts to Retirees

Sick Leave

Vanguard Updates

Many thanks for all of the comments, suggestions and ideas for The Vanguard over the last 6-7 weeks.  With this posting, we will have enjoyed over 12,000 hits for our columns so far.  We promise to keep reporting stories in a fair and balanced way to inform the taxpayers who pay the annual $30 million tab for the privilege of living, working and having a business in the Falls as to what is really going on in their community with their Village Government.

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Diabetes Be Damned

Life Is Beautiful

 It is nearly two years since my doctor notified me that something irregular showed up during my yearly tune-up. Indeed, it was indeed irregular and was something that I was worried about for the past twenty years or so.  The dreaded diabetes has shown up once again in my family.

My grandmother, her children, and now I have been stricken.  In grandma's case it was fatal. In the 1930's very little was known about the disease and the most appropriate treatment was bed rest. How horribly wrong!  My grandmother died suffering from all the known progressions of this malady.  My family members tried their best to help, but eventually there was nothing but bedsores and a steady decline.

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One Clean Shoe

family, just because

Yesterday, before I left for work, I put the sheets and our duvet cover into the washing machine. I stripped the bed, throwing the sheets and pillowcases onto the floor, and then when I had the duvet off the down comforter I picked up everything and put them directly into the washing machine. When my husband got home he flipped the laundry into the dryer, so when I got home from work at 5:30 p.m. the sheets were clean and dry.

As I'm emptying the dryer, first the pillowcases, and then the sheets, which I carefully shake out because there is usually a stray sock tucked into the pockets of the fitted sheet, I find my husband's hiking shoe. It's just sitting there, in the dryer, as if it's on display or something. And it's warm, so I know that no one is playing a trick on me by tossing the shoe into the dryer when my back is turned. I hollered to him: WHY IS YOUR SHOE IN THE DRYER?? And he, of course, hollers back: MY HUH IS IN THE WHAT?? So I took his shoe to him and said: YOUR SHOE. IT WAS IN THE DRYER.

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24th Assembly Seat-Vote For______

Local Politics

    On Thursday, Aug. 21st, I attended the candidate forum for the 24th Assembly Seat. It was sponsored by Dennis Farrell and was taped and produced by Harry Stoetzel of Falls Cable Access Corporation that will play it in regular rotation on Cable Channel 14. A similar forum took place two nights earlier and I hope to see that on Cable Access as well.    


All of the candidates were well spoken and well prepared. The questions were direct and brought out the candidate’s positions.         

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Miller Park Gone Wild (or Life Outside of the Luxury Box)

family, neighborhood

A few weeks ago I wrote of my experience watching the Brewers game from a luxury suite. Today, I will be writing about my experience in section 203. On Friday night we had tickets to go to the game, again with my husband's department at work, and I didn't get the tickets to see where we were sitting until we were on the way to the game. Section 203. Well, I've already admit that I don't go to the game very often so I had no clue where these seats were. My mom, who was sitting in section 437, in the upper deck, informed me that I was on the field loge level, and that I had "good seats".

She was so wrong.

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"Excuse me, Could you please tell me how to get to the high school?"

destination signs

Destination Signs 

As promised last week, our posting this week will be on destination signs and why Menomonee Falls doesn't have any.

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Presidential Politics

 The other night on NBC Nightly News, Brian Williams made the observation that following the Republican convention, the time we will have to choose our next President is "incredibly short".  Well, perhaps you might look at it that way, but in my opinion the selection process has taken an incredibly long time.

For more than two years already, the process has been going on. Do you remember the endless debates week after week with a string of candidates on a stage all saying the same thing?  Do you remember how each state became the most important ever in selecting the winner as their election dates approached?

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