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A Giggly Good Time

family, first stage children's theater, neighborhood

This year we have season tickets to First Stage Children's Theater. We attended our first performance yesterday afternoon, Giggle, Giggle Quack. In a word, it was fantastic! If you are a fan of the Duck and Farmer Brown series by Doreen Cronin, you'll surely enjoy it as well. If you haven't read any of Cronin's Duck books (Duck for President and Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type to name a couple), you are missing out on the mischievous barn animals and their note writing abilities. The play was adapted by James E. Grote, with music and lyrics by George Howe.

Imagine back to when you were a kid, left in the care of a babysitter, and all the wild things you'd convince your sitter that it was okay to do. Ice cream and popcorn before bed? YES! Staying up late to watch television? Of course! My parents always let me! 

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Something To Remember You By


 Dear Charlene:

Sometime after dark on Saturday night you stopped by my home and left a campaign brochure at my front door for me to see.
It contained the usual yada - experience, leadership, education, family and the like.  Thank you.

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Community Meeting on Buildings and Grounds Oct. 13th

Community Event

I received this from School Board member Faith Vanderhorst.  

Parents and Falls Residents,
This Monday, October 13, 2008, the Facilities Committee ( made up of community members, board members, teachers, principals and local business members) will present its recommendations for the Reconfiguration of the elementary schools in Menomonee Falls.  This committee worked diligently, researching available space, educational needs (best practices) and demographics of the community.
The presentation will come forth as a recommendation to the School Board.  The Board will announce public hearing dates so the community can weigh in before the final decision is made.
Please join us , this Monday, October 13, 2008, at 7 pm at the Community Center.
Faith VanderHorst



My daughter, Zoe, was tested for allergies this week, she’s allergic to: mites, trees (pollen), molds, and feathers. We didn’t have her tested for any food allergies, there’s only so much room on a kids back for testing. Yesterday I spent my entire afternoon cleaning and de-allergy-ing her bedroom. I’m still working on the rest of the house.

I had allergy testing done four years ago to see what was causing me to break out in hives. We determined that I’m allergic to Aleve, and I haven’t touched it since. However, I’m also highly allergic to raspberries and shrimp, which I don’t even like and don’t eat, but four years later that is what I’m still quoting as my allergies. Aleve, raspberries, shrimp. But, after Zoe’s testing it was recommended that perhaps I should pull out my testing sheet and see what else there was.

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Cloud Hovers Over Integrity of Menomonee Falls Election

Election Integrity

Integrity of Menomonee Falls Election Remains in Doubt

With the exposure of deliberate, rampant and unprecedented voter fraud being revealed throughout America with direct ties and alliances to the Democrat Party and the Obama Presidential Campaign, specifically in at least 13 states including Wisconsin, The Vanguard has been trying for quite some time now to get the Menomonee Falls Village Clerk to assure citizens that our election process is safe, secure, honest and protected.

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The Debates


 Several months ago I wrote that I was so disgusted with the seemingly endless campaigning and debating during the primaries that I would no longer listen to any more campaign messages.

Not exactly true.  I could dance around the earlier statement by saying that the statement is no longer "operational".  Or perhaps that - "you are taking it out of context"

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Unique Fundraising Social Nov. 7th John Harbors

Community Event

A unique fundraising social will take place in Menomonee Falls     Friday evening November 7th, 2008 from 6 until 10 pm.   This event, sponsored by a Menomonee Falls family, will raise money to begin and sustain a meal program for the hundreds of orphaned children in Mwika Tanzania, Africa.    

This event will take place at John Harbors Café. N88 W16521 Main Street Menomonee Falls, across from the (Associated Bank Building). 

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So Long Down Comforter *sniff sniff*


I still remember the day I realized that my husband-to-be had a down comforter. It was the winter of 1995 and I was experiencing freezing cold nights in my third floor apartment. No amount of plastic on the windows could stop the breeze from seeping through into my bedroom. I had flannel sheets, and a cat, both of which provided some warmth, but he had a down comforter, and let me tell you that was exactly what was missing from my life.

I had always wanted a down comforter, but they only came in white, and my mother wouldn’t allow it due to the fact that it was white. Now, I could have easily bought a duvet to cover it, but you know, I just don’t think they were widely available in the late 80’s and early 90’s. And, I didn’t know about them either. A du-what?

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First Stage Children's Theater Tickets

first stage children's theater

As a subscriber to First Stage Children's Theater, I've received three complimentary tickets to You Bug Me! for Saturday, October 25th at 7 p.m. I'm unable to use these tickets, therefore I'm offering them to the first person who'd like them. (My email address is in the sidebar.)

This is a New Play Workshop, and I've included information from the First Stage website to explain what that means, as well as what You Bug Me! is about.

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Did you say "equality"?

Hold It!

 What a nice Sunday afternoon it was considering that it's mid-October.  I decided to get outside and take care of some of my tree leaves before anymore blow over to my next door neighbor.  After that I drained most of the garden hoses and stashed them away for the winter. Later, outdoor spigots were drained and I'm feeling pretty good about being ready for winter.  Next week I'll start in on the Christmas lights if the weather is good.

While I was doing that, my bride took off and went for a five-mile run which is her usual Sunday fare. Somewhere along the route she needed to stop at Rotary Park's comfort station - an oasis of sorts for those in need.

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Inrtoducing the Main Street Song & Dance Troupe

Community Event

Main Street Song & Dance Troupe has graciously offered to provide entertainment for the Art and Music Tanzania Fundraising Social on November 7th at John Harbors.

For those of you who may not know them, Main Street Song & Dance Troupe is the newest addition to the fine arts scene in the area.  They are a non-profit group of 22 performers under the direction of Jeremy Nickolai. 

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ABC's of Community Education

From A to Z, the Menomonee Falls Community Education & Recreation Department has you covered.

Adult Sports
Babysitting Classes
Cookie Decorating
Driver's Education
Educational Associates Adult and Youth Educational Programs
Fitness Programs
Golf - Youth and Adult Programs
High School Recreational Sport Leagues
Internet Real Time On-line Registration
Journaling Programs
Learn to Skate
Microsoft Office Classes
New Programs
Older Adult Programs
Preschool Playgroup
Quality Programs
Rock Climbing
Social Dance
Teen Center
Understanding Elementary Math
Variety of Programs
Xcellent Instructors

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Channel 14 is now available World Wide!

No, we didn't sign a multi-million dollar package to broadcast channel 14 to all corners of the Earth.  We are however streaming our content on the INTERNET.  What that means is that your friends and relatives who don't live in the Falls can now watch the high school football game or the Village Voices show that you appeared on.  They can watch the 4th of July Parade or even better the show you are producing.  You can stay in touch on your overseas vacation, or just watch something on your time table.

Some past shows are currently available and just about all shows in the future will be uploaded to the Peg Central server.  You can go to the site, , choose a folder for the show you are looking for and once located hit play.  No need to install anything on your computer.  Turn up the volume and away you go.  We recently announce to the Brookfield Central football crowd that the game would be available the next afternoon for viewing. By 10 pm that evening we had 118 views.  Now the Brookfield residents may be asking "Hey, how come we don't have an access channel like that?" .  That's another issue we won't get into now.

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"The Wheels of Justice...

I Used To Believe In The System

 are very slow, but grind exceedingly fine." 

That phrase works well if you are a dung beetle.  Eat it if you wish, but justice is hard to come by if an election is at hand and if a favorite candidate's actions might cause harm to the party that has the largest local support.

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Mario Galaxy & American Girl Dolls

family, just because

The American Girl Doll catalog has arrived at my house, and you might remember what Zoe did to the catalog last year.


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Potpourri: Catching up on a Number of Unresolved Issues


Vanguard Updates and Follow-ups

As is often the case with the mainstream media and press, stories are published and splashes are made with very little follow-up for the truth or concern for the parties whose names and reputations are unnecessarily dragged through the mud because they ask questions and challenge the status quo.  There is, however, follow-up when it fits the biased agenda of the mainstream media and press to sell papers or get ratings.

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Viva' Los Lobos


Los Lobos Played performed in the newly renovated Genesee Theater in Waukegan last night.

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What a Web

first stage children's theater


Saturday afternoon my family and I attended the matinee performance of Charlotte's Web at First Stage Children's Theater. The cast that performed was The Radiant cast, and they were amazing! I particularly liked the lamb, and Templeton the rat, oh and the goose too! I would highly recommend this play, which runs through November 16th. There were plenty of open seats, both on the main floor and in the balcony -- I'm sure that you could walk up and purchase last minute tickets if you wished.

The actual web is amazing! The set designers really out did themselves. There was a picture of it in the Journal last week, but it really did not do it's beauty any justice.

Updated Artist List - Carnival

Community Event

I am pleased to add several more performers who have given their time an talent for a good cause:

The Lonely Hearts are a Beatles tribute band

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The Haircut: A story from the Internet

Borrowed Words


One day a florist goes to a barber for a haircut. After the cut he asks about his bill and the barber replies, 'I cannot accept money from you.I'm doing community service this week.' The florist is pleased and leaves the shop.

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