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Early Fall Colors

Everyone longs to see the wonderfully vibrant colors of autumn appear and turn an otherwise unremarkable landscape into something really special. While we are enjoying them, there are a few things to consider to help evaluate the health of our trees.

Almost always, when these colors appear earlier than other trees of the same species, it means trouble. It can mean that the root system has root rot, girdling roots or other issues. The trunk can have cankers, girdling wire, borers, sapsucker or animal damage, or anything that restricts sap flow up or down the trunk. It can mean that health has deteriorated badly, drought stress is catching up with it, or that physical trauma to roots or trunk is significant.

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HAWS Unleashes a New Campaign to Foster a More Humane Community

HAWS, Adopt, Volunteer, foster, donate, campaign, open admissions, full service

HAWS, the Humane Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County, is asking the community to take action in support of the life-saving work of Waukesha’s #1 pet resource center.

“HAWS goal is, and always has been, to adopt out all healthy and treatable animals,” notes Executive Director Lynn Olenik. “To build an entire community that’s humane needs the involvement of all those around us.”

The life-saving programs of HAWS include:
·  The Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) clinic, and Project Guardian – a free spay-neuter service that is aggressively combating cat overpopulation, a problem that still exists in Waukesha County.
·  HAWS’ Behavior Department and Mod Squad™, volunteers and staff that work with dogs that are turned away by others, to rehabilitate these pets to make them wonderful adoption candidates.
·  Instilling humane sentiments with the community’s youth: HAWS Kids ‘N Critters Day Camp, K’HAWS and Critter Club youth programs, partnerships with Lad Lake and many area schools and scout groups train the animal welfare leaders of tomorrow.

Olenik adds, “All these efforts come at a price, and HAWS needs our community to take action to continue these important programs. We are committed to remaining open admissions – we don’t turn an animal away,  and full service – providing adoptions, animal rescues, reuniting lost pets with their owners, rehabilitating animals in need and treating those with medical challenges.” 

Ways the community can join the movement:
·  Volunteer at HAWS by working with the animals, or assisting with events and Mobile Adoptions.
·  Foster an animal too young for adoption, or one that is recovering from illness or injury.
·  Adopt a pet from HAWS…and tell others to adopt rather than purchasing from a pet store!
·  Donate – money, supplies, time – every amount helps and there is always a need at HAWS.
·  Promote spaying and neutering of companion pets, outdoor/barn cat populations, and end “backyard” breeding.

Help HAWS save more lives by logging onto or by calling 262-542-8851.  Join HAWS in building a society that’s humane!

Things to Think About Now

The growing season is winding down and another summer has passed. Our trees and landscape plants are going dormant – dormant but very much alive. Fall is the time to think about protecting your plants for the winter and preparing for next year.

·         Protect young trees and shrubs from deer feeding and antler rubbing. Install wire mesh fencing supported by stakes to create a physical barrier. The fence needs to be 4’ tall at a minimum.

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Adopt 4 Paws from HAWS: Meet the very happy Kane!

HAWS, HAWS Waukesha, Humane Society, adopt, Winter Symposium

At HAWS our door is always open…to people AND animals, because we’re here 24/7 to assist you.
You’ll find
all the paws to love at HAWS!

My name is Kane, and I am a 7-year-old Lab mix looking for a home without another dog, although cats would be fine.

I was adopted and then brought back to the shelter because I am VERY HAPPY and super  ENTHUSIASTIC about life…which came across as me lacking manners and self-control.  But I just need time to show you what a great dog I really am!  I really, really need a home that understands me and a owner that will take the time to train me and realize that I am just strong and ACTIVE.

An active home with a biker or runner would be great…because a tired dog is a good dog!  I’m ready for a game of football, tag, Frisbee, whatever!  Teenagers who want to play with me would be the best, but I have been known to knock over younger kids with my enthusiasm so I should probably not live with them.  

Call HAWS today at 262-542-8851 or log onto for more information on Kane and all his adoptable buddies at HAWS!

HAWS Viewing/Adopting Hours:  Monday through Friday, 1:00 – 6:00 p.m., Saturday, 11:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Sunday, Noon - 4:00 p.m.  Receiving Hours:  Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m., Saturday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m., Sunday, Noon - 4:00 p.m.

By the way - HAWS' 2nd Winter Symposium has been announced!  Join us on Saturday, December 1st for a day of information and networking with other "pet people."  Topics include pet nutrition and the link with behavior, therapeutic laser treatment for pets, and end-of-life care.  Animal professionals and the general public are invited to attend.  For details and registration,
log onto our website.

How Often Should a Tree be Pruned?

Pruning is one of the most important ways to care for your tree(s). Regular pruning provides ongoing maintenance and routine care. The art and science of pruning is to determine how much to remove, where to remove it, and how often to do it.

                Regular pruning helps:

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Menomonee Falls Senior Enrichment Fair: Lifelong Learning for Ages 55+

Back by popular demand, the 2012 Menomonee Falls Senior Enrichment Fair is scheduled to take place October 25 from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Community Center! Relax and enjoy a day of educational seminars, demonstrations, vendor exhibits, door prizes, musical entertainment, lunch, refreshments and more!

The registration fee is $5.00 and includes workshop fees, registration materials, continental breakfast, and a box lunch with beverage (registration must be received prior to October 19 in order to receive lunch).

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A Kind of Cat-tastrophe

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Project Guardian, spay, neuter, TNR, adopt, Guinea Pig

HAWS would like you to know that today, October 16th, is National Feral Cat Day.

(Today is also Boss’ Day, and anyone who shares their home with a cat knows there are similarities…but we digress.)

Originally launched by a group called Alley Cat Allies, National Feral Cat Day is designed to improve awareness and welfare of outdoor cats.  Millions of these cats are living outside in our communities nationwide, but many are not spayed or neutered, leading to a very real overpopulation problem. Did you know that a single cat and her first litter of kittens can be responsible for the births of almost 500,000 more cats? If 1 cat = 1.5 million, imagine what will result from a barnyard full of cats…

Waukesha County is home to many, many, MANY outdoor cats! HAWS takes in thousands of cats each year – currently we have dozens available for adoption. Many of these great animals were born outside and have been homeless since birth. Without HAWS stepping in to help, these cats would give birth to more cats (compounding the problem), and could also face an unknown future full of predators, traffic mishaps, extreme temperatures and hunger.

HAWS’ Project Guardian is designed to end cat overpopulation in our community, by offering free spay/neuter surgeries. Project Guardian is also designed to create awareness within our community – to spur our residents to get involved by caring for these cats either through Trap-Neuter-Release in the case of cats that are working on area farms, or through a concentrated effort to rid an area of unwanted cats by trapping and re-homing them.

If you are aware of outdoor or stray cats in your area, please contact HAWS SNIP clinic at 262-542-8851, x109 to spay or neuter them through Project Guardian.  When you prevent the birth of more homeless animals and help put an end to animal overpopulation in our community you are literally a life saver!

By the way – this Sunday is our annual Guinea Pig Primer. Come learn more about this great little pets and their care – even bring your pet piggy along to participate in the Guinea Pig Olympic Games…featuring the Sprint for Parsley. This FREE event runs from noon til 4pm – and everyone is welcome!

Drought Damage – What is it? Do My Trees Have it? and What Does it Mean for Them?

These are the questions on everyone’s mind following the deepest drought on record for southeastern Wisconsin. It is easy to see the problems for annuals, perennials, and turf, but how about the trees? Many look “ok” now – are they?

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Salad Days at HAWS!

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, adopt, TTouch, Winter Symposium, Canine behavior

There are so many great pets up for adoption at HAWS these days, it is hard to pick just one to spotlight.  But we'll do our best...

Say hello to Crouton the Cat!

Crouton is a 1-year-old, shorthair cat with coloring known as "pastel torbie."  She was brought to HAWS' shelter after being found wandering stray in the City of Waukesha.

This sweet girl is playful and friendly.  She would do well in a home with kids, and also would probably like another cat-sibling to pal around with and explore.  We get the sense that she was not at all thrilled to be an "outside" cat and will love the luxury and domesticity of house living.  She loves to snuggle, too!

Crouton and all her adoptable friends at HAWS are available for viewing 7 days a week - stop in today and find some paws to love of your own!

By the way - upcoming events include our FREE "Solving K9 Behavior Problems" seminar (10-29), TTouch for Little Critters (11/4), and Winter Symposium (12/1).  Check out our Upcoming Events calendar for details and registration!

St. Mary's 'We CAN Stop Hunger' Food Drive Enormous Success!

Thank you for helping us make our “We CAN Stop Hunger” food drive enormously successful. Your support and involvement in our outreach projects is a testament to our mission to Live Jesus, As A Family of God.  Our classroom count was approximately 1,000 items plus a cash donation!  In addition, we received about 100 more items from parish members.  The Menomonee Falls Food Pantry was so grateful to have our help! We received the letter 

below from one of the coordinators at the food pantry. 

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Dear Staff of Wachtel Tree Science

Allow me please to describe our recent experience with the staff of Wachtel Tree Science

Compassionate, understanding, warm, sincere, friendly genuinely are interested in the health and love of trees, truly listen to the customers words, concerns, not just hear but truly listen with their hearts, courteous respectful of property, knowledgeable and share that knowledge with their customers, offer realistic hope, options to save our tree, care for our tree and maintain a healthy tree,

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'Tis (Time to Start Thinking About) the Season

HAWS, Humane Animal Welfare Society, Friends of HAWS, Holiday Bazaar, Holiday Pet Photos, pet photos, adopt, adoption, fundraiser, Taco John's, Ttouch

Leading up to the holidays, HAWS has all sorts of events, fundraisers and neat goings-on to help the pets of our shelter.  We invite you to join us as we "share the gift of creating a humane society"!

This Saturday is the Friends of HAWS annual Holiday Bazaar and Bake Sale.  Get a jump on your holiday shopping with gifts for both the pet and the pet fan - all in support of the animals at HAWS!  There will be handmade crafts and homemade baked goodies for sale as well as other pet-themed items and HAWS' ever-popular Paw gear.  (Possibly there's a HAWS hoodie sweatshirt in your future?!)  The Bazaar begins at 9am and runs until 4pm.  Stop by early for the best selection...and stay for a light lunch, too!

Love getting your pet in holiday apparel and getting a pet photo for your holiday cards?  HAWS has several opportunities for you to do just that, with proceeds going to the shelter. 
-  This Saturday from 10am - 3pm HAWS' Mobile Adoption Center will be at End of the Leash in Pewaukee (115 W. Wisconsin Ave.) for a holiday event - make a donation from HAWS' Wish List and receive a photo of your pet from Studio 360 of Pewaukee.  (Be sure to call Dave at the studio for your appointment, 262-227-3354.)
-  ALL next weekend the Friends of HAWS will be holding their annual Holiday Pet Photos event at our shelter, with photos taken by the great talents at Unlimited Vision Photography Club.  (Remember to call HAWS to schedule your sitting, 262-542-8851!!)

Need your fast-food fix?  Taco Johns of Waukesha will be announcing their annual Nachos Navidad fundraiser with billboards posted on November 12...which is the day they will start selling $1 ornaments to benefit HAWS!  Then, starting December 1, 25 cents from every Nachos Navidad sold through December 31 will be donated to HAWS.  In past year's this fundraiser has brought in THOUSANDS of dollars to our shelter, and what a delicious way it is to support the HAWS cause!

By the way - Ttouch for Little Critters is this Sunday, November 4, at HAWS.  Treat your rabbit, guinea pig, or other small critter to the calming effects of Tellington TTouch.  You'll learn how to use specific gentle touches to help release tension in stressful situations such as veterinary visits and grooming.  You'll also help your newly adopted companion become comfortable in your home, as you build a lasting bond through touch.  The class fee is $15.00, children under 16 only $7.00 (must attend with parent).  Materials are $5.00/student and registration is required.  Call HAWS for more information:  262-542-8851.

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