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A Wonderful New Year to Explore

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Sophie the cat would like a toy and a house to go with it.To set the mood for today's blog entry, think of Louis Armstrong's song "What a Wonderful World."  Are you ready?  Continue reading!

One day this past summer, when I wasn't at HAWS, I looked out the front window and spied the neighbor’s Golden Retriever playing in their sprinkler.  She jumped back and forth in the spray, took a drink, got water up her nose, sneezed, and went back for more.  All the while her human kids stood giggling at her antics from the front porch.

Dewey the a "doodle" awaits his new home!Now, really, what is better than that picture?  Down economy, tough times or whatever, our pets are still living in the moment and finding the simple joys in life.  THAT’S why we need to press on – and what we tell folks when we speak with them about adopting, volunteering, donating or sponsoring our organization.  Our pets still think we’re rock stars, still believe we are the best, still find the fun in each day.  They are there for us and their role as companion, listener, clown and exercise program has never been more relevant to our emotional well-being than it is right now.

Almay the rabbit is looking for lettuce and love.Now, more than ever, we at HAWS and throughout our community need to be there for all of them!  So let’s make this year a TRUE celebration of pets and their people – and what we give to each other.

Our sincerest thanks for your help, dedication and compassion, and belief in the HAWS cause!  We are more than just a shelter because of you.  C'mon by sometime and see what YOUR support continues to do for us.

By the way - we're having a White Out at HAWS:  adopt any solid white or light colored animal at HAWS throughout the month of January, and the adoption fee is 50% off!  We're here 7 days a week, adoption applications are available both online and at our facility.

Death Of An Airline

Over the past several months I have watched the gradual decline of my favorite airline, Midwest Express.

Following its name change to Midwest Airlines, the company rentlessly terminated its pilots and outsourced piloting to Republic. They reduced other services as well.

More cuts followed, and Midwest became a shadow of its former self.

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Goings On Around Town and Who Said That?

Local Places

Comet goes into the Sun This is actual, and very cool video, of a comet getting sucked into the sun.

Who said that?

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Summer Softball Leagues Just Around the Corner

Menomonee Falls CE & Rec will be offering men's, women's, coed, and outseam softball leagues this summer.  League play is scheduled to begin in April.  Team contracts are due no later than Wednesday, March 3.

There will be an informational meeting in room 102A of the Community Center beginning at 7:00 PM on January 19.  For additional information, visit or call (262) 255-8460.

"Fitness Unleashed!"

adopt, animals, pets, rescue, shelter

C'mon, keep up!A book titled Fitness Unleased - A Dog and Owner's Guide to Losing Weight and Gaining Health Together found it's way to HAWS.  I was immediately interested, being the advocate I am for the Four-Footed-and-Furry exercise partner.  Hey, having a dog to walk helps you keep that same-old, same-old New Year's Resolution!  This book agrees, and is a great tool to get you both started on a new fitness routine.

For the record, I do walk the walk on this topic - literally.  My husband, myself and our 2 dogs are daily evening walkers, and on weekends I also join their twice-daily walking schedule.  (Monday thru Thursday the a.m. walk is done at 5:30 - not for me!  But I'm happy to go at the more SANE hour of 8am Friday - Sunday....)

At times, we get the strangest looks - especially when all 4 of us are bundled up beyond recognition and still out there moving.  During snow storms, rain and frigid spells we especially like to look around and ask "Where IS everybody?!?!"  (The putting on of the dog booties is a worthwhile hassle, trust us!)

Don't get me wrong, I don't always enjoy this routine.  Many days our 9-year-old greyhound and I are of the same mind:  seriously, the couch looks a lot better right now!  But we definitely notice we are all Benny is up for a few laps...more stiff if we don't go, and that extra cookie isn't so guilt-inducing once we've done a lap or 2.  (This is the part where I tell you to ADOPT 4 PAWS FROM HAWS or, if that's not an option, BECOME A VOLUNTEER DOG WALKER!)

"Having" to walk the dog can be very motivating.  Our primary source of that these days is our 12-year-old fuzzy mutt - a HAWS alumni.  We've always suspected she's part Border Collie; she's always ready to go (dog owners, you all know what it's like having to spell certain words - we can't even say anything that RHYMES with "walk" without her running to get her leash).  Lately, tho, her after-walk routine has us shaking our heads in amazement.  She'll give us about 5 minutes to settle in after returning from our nightly exercise before...grabbing her favorite squeaky toy and running up and down the hall with it.  Even better if one of us stands at either end of the hall way so it becomes a game of keepaway!

(I think in the dog-to-human-years comparison, a 12-year-old dog is equivalent to a 65-year-old human.  We're not there yet, and she is NOT going to show us up.)  But, really, we just got home....

To summarize, there is yet another role a pet can play in your life - personal trainer.  Just don't teach them how to use a whistle.

By the way - in JanuaryFebruary we have several dog-centered seminars and classes.  Check out our Events Calendar for puppy and dog events (play and exercise are a big part!), along with lots of other fun things to do at HAWS!

CE & Rec Offers Educational Opportunities After School

The Menomonee Falls Community Education & Recreation Department is offering several after school programs for students in elementary school.  The great thing about the classes is that they are located conveniently at each of the 4 elementary schools located within the Menomonee Falls School District, and are held immediately after school.

Spy Academy
Partnership with Mad Science of Waukesha County
From Decoding messages to metal detectors and might vision, children will have the opportunity to check out spy equipment and even create their own edible message!  Children will use the Secret Code Breaker to communicate stealthily, like a real spy, and will use Undercover Observer to observe hidden objects.  These tools will provide a complete undercover kit for children to take home.  Classes begin January 25.

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Still no word on cause of Menomonee Falls fire

No, we have not forgotten about the fire at Latasha Jackson’s house. No, we are not burying the news or deliberately withholding information about the blaze that destroyed the $1 million mansion in Menomonee Falls, as some readers have wondered in emails.

We simply have nothing new to report at this point.

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Karibu Tanzania! Welcome to Tanzania!

Hearts in Unity, Tanzania, Africa, Seela, Mwika, Orphan, Children, Travel, Mission

I invite you to travel with me to the other side of the world for an experience of a lifetime… a comparison of cultures… a sharing of the simple life in a third world country… a taste of Tanzania, Africa.

With this new blog, I am excited to welcome you to my home away from home. I’ll take you to the remote village of Seela, located on the slopes of Mt. Meru, and to the village of Mwika, high on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania.

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Menomonee Falls fishing for Bass Pro as retail anchor

Menomonee Falls, Retail

I reported Friday that Menomonee Falls is trying to land a 130,000-square-foot "destination retailer" that would locate south of Highway 45, and west of Pilgrim Road.

Some readers have speculated that the retailer, whom Village Manager Mark Fitzgerald wouldn't identify, is Springfield, Mo.-based Bass Pro Shops.

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Like Obama and Doyle, Village Board Goes on $600,000+ Spending Spree at Taxpayer's Expense

spending spree

Belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

Members of The Vanguard had the privilege of participating in and observing some of the most wonderful Christmas music known to mankind during the recent Christmas Season.

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Sandy's Stories - Missy the Cat

adopt, foster, animals, pets, rescue, shelter

Please enjoy one of "Sandy's Stories" - a Rescue Tail written by one of our long-time volunteers.

In the midst of a full lobby, with children excited to see the pets up for adoption at HAWS, and a stormy day brewing outside, someone left a cat carrier in the lobby.  They did not tell anyone they were doing this; they just set it down and walked out.

An employee noticed the carrier and asked whose carrier it was - but when no one answered, she looked inside...and found a beautiful calico cat!  When she looked closer, she discovered that there were also six tiny kittens.  There were two orange tabbies, one tortoise shell, one black, and two calico kittens.

At that time, all of the usual HAWS volunteer foster homes were full, so we took mother and brood home until they would be old enough to be adopted.  I put them in our spare bedroom which I use for fostering animals, and from the first we couldn't believe what a wonderful, caring mother she was.  She was no more than a kitten herself, with her age estimated at 8 months.  Her sweet face had a little brown mustache on each side of her pink nose.

As the weeks went by she became special to us with her loving ways and tender heart.  The time came for us to return all of them to HAWS for adoption and with a heavy heart we did what we should.  (We had four other cats in our home at the time, so we felt it was the right thing to do - return her to HAWS so she could be adopted by another family.)

While at HAWS, for some reason not known to those of us that loved her, "Missy the Mom Cat" was not getting adopted.  One night my husband was at HAWS for a meeting and went back to see her.  She ran to the front of the cage, called out and stuck her paw through the cage at my husband.  Right then and there we failed the definition of "foster" and she became cat # 5 in our home.  She has become a constant companion to my husband, sitting on his lap with paws outstretched as much as she can, and cuddling to him in bed while fighting with our black Lab for the closest position next to him.

MIssy is the "mother" to all our other animals, and when she is on your lap, purring and rubbing, we know she is showering us with her love.   We feel she is a blessing with a fur coat.  I’ve heard said that God sends you the animals he wants you to have and we are so grateful that he sent Missy to us and HAWS.

By the way - there are many ways you can help the HAWS cause, and becoming a Foster Home is one of the most rewarding!  Contact us for more information on being a foster caregiver at 262-542-8851.


Our President has said:
"If there's one thing that I regret this year is that we were so busy just getting stuff done and dealing with the immediate crises that were in front of us that I think we lost some of that sense of speaking directly to the American people about what their core values are and why we have to make sure those institutions are matching up with those values,"

Let me say Amen to that.  What disturbes me most is that,  in all of his hours speaking and campaigning for his agenda on national TV,  he never spoke to me.

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Best Beer Destinations

With the fire this week at Pizza Man in Milwaukee there have been a huge number of memories flooding in.  That gave me an idea.  Have readers send me their favorite Wisconsin beer destinations.  This can be your favorite spot to get a beer, favorite brewery tour or favorite festival.  In the comments please give me your favorites and I will compile and list on a later post.

Now is the time for some great spring seasonal beers to be hitting the shelves soon including Leinenkugels 1888 Bock, Sam Adams Noble Pils, and Sierra Nevada's Golden Bock.

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Where in the World is Tanzania?

Tanzania, Africa, Hearts in Unity, Travel, Mission, Children, Orphan

Attention all world travelers
(and yes, world traveler "want-to be's" are certainly included)!

Today's destination? Tanzania, Africa!

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John Edwards, Koss, Who Said That, Open Letter to Democrats

Politics Koss

Blog ideas February 2010

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From Tanzania to Haiti

Tanzania, Africa, Children, Orphan, Hearts in Unity, Mission, Music

We tell the story of the mission of Hearts in Unity over and over.... of our dedication to help feed, clothe and educate the orphan and at-risk children in our villages on Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa. 

We invite people to open their hearts to our Tanzanian children and to join us making a difference as we change lives... one precious child at a time. 

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U.S. Debt Clock

Thanks to my financial advisor for this eye-opening link:


Brett Favre Sports

Vikings vs. Saints was a great battle. The real winner was Ted Thomson, whose judgment I questioned in an earlier blog.

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Recycled Greeting Cards to Help Orphans

Tanzania, Africa, Postcards, Letters, Children, Orphan, Hearts in Unity

So what do you do with the greeting cards you receive from family and friends throughout the year?

Do you save only the cards that come from the really special people in your life such as a spouse or parents or children?

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Beyond Your Piggy Bank

Beyond Your Piggy Bank is a program for students in grades 9 - 12.

If it's time to start taking care of your own finances, this course is perfect for you!  Learn the basics of creating a savings and spending plan that will allow you to take care of everyday expenses, pay for college, or help you afford bigger things like an apartment or car.

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