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Technical Excellence and Teamwork

High Quality Is Always a Winner

This year's Superbowl was the best I've ever seen.

Unlike some other years where the game was already decided at half time, this one kept me on the edge of my seat until the bitter end. 

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Jeff Davis Redux - Part 7

Local Elections


You can't have it both ways.  More on our past dismal local politics.

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Don't Steal from Your Children or Grandchildren

Free Market

This so called "Stimulus" bill is, essentially, 1 Trillion dollars.

That is $1,000,000,000!

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Splish, Splash and Swim Year Round

When most individuals think about swimming they think about summer, sun, waterparks, outdoor pools and beaches.  Residents of Menomonee Falls (and nonresidents too) have the luxury of swimming year round at the North Jr. High Swimming Pool.  Not only is it convenient, it's also reasonably priced at $2 per child and $3 per adult.  If interested, season swim passes are also available.

10 Reasons to Visit the Pool

  1. It's a great place to spend an evening or afternoon with the family when it's cold, raining or snowing outside.
  2. It's a great place to have your child's birthday party.
  3. Swimming is a great way to help achieve certain New Year's resolutions.
  4. Do you have a child in swimming lessons?  It's a great way for him or her to practice what they have learned.
  5. It's a great venue for working towards your Boy Scout, Girl Scout, Brownies or Cub Scouts badge.
  6. It's a great place for friends to hang out.
  7. Swimming and water do wonders for joints and muscles.
  8. When school's out attend one of our Splash Parties.
  9. It's a great place to go for a weekend play date (parents must accompany children under 7).
  10. It's a great place for kids to burn off energy before that Friday night sleepover.

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Jefferson Davis Redux - Part 8

Local Elections

We are nearing the end of this series of articles about a former Falls official:
From the files of the
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (WI)

COUNTY LINES Davis' promised 186-page `tell-all' actually tells little

LAUREL WALKER of the Journal Sentinel staff Milwaukee Journal Sentinel 
Published: January 23, 2005
Davis' promised 186-page `tell-all' actually tells little Jefferson Davis the submissive turned up at a Waukesha County courtroom last week.

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Dog loose in Germantown Industrial Park

dog, germantown, germantown industrial park, neighborhood, pets

There's a dog loose in the Germantown Industrial Park today. It's a medium sized brown dog and is not wearing a collar. The Germantown Police have been pursuing the dog for over an hour, but they aren't having much luck.

I am a sucker for lost pets, and I've had great success at finding their owners. Today, I'm not sure what I can do to lend a hand, other than blog about it. Is YOUR dog missing?

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Jefferson Davis Redux - Part 9

Local Elections

Last of a series. I'll return to real-time blogging next week.


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Rose Fernandez for State Superintendent

Vote February 17th in our primary election. That is this Tuesday.

 While you are at it please consider Rose Fernandez to head the Wisconsin State Department of Public Instruction.

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academy awards, ipic movie theater, marcus majestic movie theater, mayfair amc 18, movies, oscars

Have you been to the iPic movie theater at Bayshore? We went there for the first time on Sunday evening to see The International, mostly because the movie was starting at a time that was convenient for us. As it turns out, it was the most luxurious movie theater I've ever been in. The seats were huge! And they rocked! I mean they literally rocked. At $9, the VIP seating was only $3 more than that regular seating, and they included all the popcorn I could eat (which wasn't very much), and a free game of bowling (which I forgot about, oops). This is a lot less than the Marcus Majestic reserved seating prices.

Anyhow, I think I've just spoiled my movie watching experience. My Oscar movie extravaganza is coming up this next weekend at Mayfair's AMC 18, where I see all of the best picture nominees for the Academy Awards in a marathon fashion, one right after another. Well, after spending two hours at the iPic, I'm going to find it hard to sit at Mayfair for 12+ hours.

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Be Sure to Vote in the Village President's Primary on Tuesday, February 17th and "Rules for Radicals" Comes to Town

rules for radicals

There are three candidates on the ballot for Village President on Tuesday, February 17th as the current Office Holder is stepping down after 4 years of holding the position. 

The top two vote getters will go on to the General Election of April 7, 2009.

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      Channel 14 will once again broadcast the election results for the Primary Election for Village Board President.  Results will appear around 8:30 pm and will be unofficial until they are certified later in the evening.  If available the results for the State Superintendent of Public Instruction will be included, although they will just represent the wards from Menomonee Falls.

     Sunday evening at 8:00 pm, Reel Movie Talk will add a twist the Academy Awards when they simulcast their movie review show during the Oscars (ABC coverage starts at 7pm but they will break in at 8pm, 3 and a half hours might be too much for our viewers).  Follow along as they watch the show, comment on everything from the commercials, to the presenters attire, or the explanation of the lame voting procedures.  You will be able to view the show in the background and toggle to the ABC broadcast when you need to see the musical numbers or the closeups of the beaded gowns.  They will also review some current releases for you and there will also be some guests on the show.  It should be very entertaining and it will be live.  Caution to parents...the show will start at 8:00 and we do not have a delay on the Reel Movie broadcast for blocking objectionable material.  The Boys will be on their best behavior, but Falls Cable Access is not responsible for the views or actions of the producers.  Falls Cable Access does not censor programming based on content and reserves the right to shift objectionable programming to late night time slots.  This should be fun!

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Produce Your Own Television Show

3-2-1 ACTION!  Have you ever wanted to produce your own TV show?  If so, this is a great program for you.  This program, offered through Menomonee Falls Cable Access and Menomonee Falls Community Education & Recreation, will provide training in basic aspects of video production including acquisition, editing, staging, lighting and camera operation.  After successful completion of the course, students will earn accreditation to use Cable Access facilities and equipment to produce their own shows.  No previous experience needed.  All equipment and supplies are provided.  Some outside classroom work will be assigned, but is guaranteed to be fun!

Next program starts March 11!  For additional information, or to register, visit

Best Picture Showcase

academy awards, mayfair amc 18, movies

I’m spending the day at the movies, watching the Best Picture Showcase for the 2009 Oscar Nominees. The lineup is:


The Reader

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Slumdog Millionaire


I’ve been looking forward to this day for a very long time, and I can’t wait! I’ll be back on Sunday with my Oscar picks.

D’Falls Keeps Sickness at Bay

Commercial Real Estate


In a mostly symbolic, but wise move, the Menomonee Falls Village board voted to send a message to Milwaukee business owners: We won't make you sick. Germantown sent the same message.

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Academy Awards: If I could vote

movies, oscars

After watching a total of 19 Oscar nominated movies over the past month, I’m prepared for tonight’s Oscar ceremony. Last year I gave you my predictions, this year I’m telling you who I would vote for if I were a member of the Academy.

Actor: Frank Langella, Frost/Nixon

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Catholic Schools Celebrate Service

During the week of January 25th, St. Anthony Parish School celebrated Catholic Schools Week.
Events included, all school ice skating at Petit National Ice Skating, Bingo with parish members, Feeling Fine in '09 and dancing to a D.J. in gym class, and Silly Sock day where the students brought out their silliest and mismatched socks to show off in style!
As part of Catholic Schools Week the students celebrated in a coin drive and collected close to $700! With Father Dennis' matching gift of $500, a check for $1,200 will be sent to our sister parish in the Dominican Republic, Sagrada Familia (Holy Family) to help with the Children's Nutrition Center. 

"Don't Do As We Do, Do As We Say"

do as we say

The Vanguard will be providing the following insights with this posting:

  •      Village residency for official questioned.
  •      Private sector protected from mandated sick leave payouts while taxpayers remain on the hook from Village Board.
  •      Government knows best for Woodman's Corporation. 
  •      Where the so called "Stimulus Act" monies will go for each state in America.
  •      Next Blood Center Drive March 9th at St. Mary's.

Village Residency Questioned for Commissioner

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Students Collect Supplies for HAWS

The Menomonee Falls Community Education & Recreation Department Kids INC program is holding a Pet Supply / Food Drive February 26 - March 6.

Students enrolled in the Kids INC program are encouraged to ask friends, family members and teachers to donate new and slightly used pet supplies and equipment.  Pet food is also needed.  All items will be donated to the Human Animal Welfare Society of Waukesha County (HAWS).

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Food Pantry Emergency

Community Service

Hard times are upon most of us. It is easy to commiserate. Here is an easy way to break the cycle: bring something to the food pantry.


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Your Opinion: Learning to do one thing well

just because

In the March 2009 issue of Runner's World magazine I read an article written by John Bingham, it was titled: Learning to do one thing well eventually leads to doing all things better. If we take the title and make it a statement, what do you think? What is your opinion? Does it hold true to your life?

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