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Cabelas/Bass Pro Shops

Last week, in his blog Boots and Sabers, Owen Robinson wrote:

"A few years ago, Washington County officials thought a $4 million lure, in the form of a subsidy to outdoor gear retailer Cabela’s, would help snare jobs and tax revenue.

...But the Milwaukee-area Cabela’s has drawn few retailers since that 165,000-square-foot store opened in September 2006.

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Feeding the hungry

On Monday, February 1, the students in the school participated in a lunch drive to make lunches for the less fortunate in the community. Our principal received the folllowing letter from the parish representative of the Franciscan Peacemakers outreach program.

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Welcome to the Menomonee Falls Band Bunch Blog!

Welcome to the Menomonee Falls Band Bunch Blog!

The Band Bunch was established in 2005 by a group of parents who were interested in assisting the band directors with promoting the music education of students in the Menomonee Falls public schools.  The Band Bunch assists with organizing volunteers, raising funds for scholarships and guest instructors and coordinating events such as Jazz and Java.

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Record number of programs in 2009

It's no wonder we haven't been able to make it back to the Menomonee Falls Now Blog since November.  2009 was a banner year for Channel 14 in Menomonee Falls.  There were over 220 locally produced programs that ran on Channel 14 over the last 12 months.  In addition to those programs there were also 60 community service and Government produced programs that were aired.  Access centers like West Allis, Milwaukee and Madison, have been providing a similar number of programs for years and Falls Cable Access is proud to join the ranks of the top access centers in the state.  What makes this even more impressive is that our budget is 1/4 of Milwaukee and Madison and 1/2 of West Allis.  We are lucky to have a great relationship with the school district that provides us space and the students access to state of the art equipment.  So Congratulations to all those involved, our producers, our Board of Directors, the School District and the Village Board for their support.

Because of the nature of community access and the number of shows last year,  Falls Cable Access has contracted with the Village of Menomonee Falls, SDMF, and the Hamilton school district to run Channel 13 Educational Access channel in Menomonee Falls.  This will allow for more programming by the school districts, access to additional resources by the Hamilton district, more state and federal programs and open up space on Channel 14 for PSA's, new shows in the works and longer Community Bulletin Board/RSS feeds.  We are still working out bugs but eventually both Channels should offer great choices and useful information.

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Perhaps It Is My Attitude

I started writing this blog just before the superbowl halftime.  Maybe it's  because it is mid-winter and I was having a down day. I was penning notes on a lackluster game and yawning. 

I had been unimpressed with some of the commercials as well, perhaps because so many had been released on internet beore the game

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A Press Release

Today I received a copy of a press release to the media from a local political candidate.

I might normally respond to that, but I, out of sheer frustration, will not.

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Clerk's Office Apparently Illegally Certifies Candidate's Papers for February 16th Primary Election

Apparent Illegal Certification of 3rd Candidate's Election Papers by Clerk's Office for February 16th Primary Election

In a totally uncovered story by the 4 local newspapers, who have all been made aware of a major mistake by the Clerk's Office involving a candidate missing the filing deadline for placement of their name on the February 16th Primary ballot, it appears the Village Clerk's Office illegally certified the election filing papers of Scott Krause who is or was, depending on what day it is, the 3rd candidate for Village Trustee Seat 4 currently held by 20-year incumbent Mike McDonald.

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Summer Kickball and Dodgeall Leagues Just Around the Corner

Menomonee Falls CE & Rec will be offering adult Kickball and Dodgeball leagues this summer.


  • All leagues are coed
  • League play begins in May
  • Informational Meeting - February 23 at 7:00 PM in Room 102B of the Community Center
  • Team contracts are due no later than Wednesday, March 17

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Election Notes

To the surprise of no one, the State has now ruled that the Falls Primary will go on as scheduled.

For any remaining followers of the person pictured below me, remember that this whole election mess is a result of  election changes created by Da Slinks  (CS & JD), when they messed with well-respected rules and championed a new system that has cost not only dollars, but has caused worthy citizens to refrain for running for office.

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The Mail's Here!

Postcards, Tanzania, Hearts in Unity, Letters, Children

I was thinking of mailboxes on the drive home last night.

I was returning from Ascension Lutheran Church in Waukesha where I spent a delightful evening with a confirmation group there (thanks Christopher, for the warm invitation!). The confirmation students and their parents learned about “Life in Tanzania” through vivid photos and captivating stories direct from the villages on Mt. Meru and Mt. Kilimanjaro where we do our work through Hearts in Unity.

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Krause Response

Scott Krause has replied to questions regarding his position on Ted Klumb's blog below.

Whether or not you care to vote for him, it's worth taking time to read it.

Music at its BEST on February 18th

On Thursday, February 18th the Menomonee Falls High School Band program will present concerts by the Concert Band, Symphonic Band and Wind Symphony.  The concert will be held in the high school auditorium beginning at 7:30 pm and is open to the community.

The Concert Band, under the direction of Mr. Zens will be performing music by Ralph Vaughan, Hugh M. Stuart, Anne McGinty and Elliott Del Borgo.  These selections have a greater difficulty level than what this band has traditionally performed and their effort will be seen in the performance.

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A Note to Jefferson Davis and maryr

In Ted Klumb's blog there has been some talk of your claim of local corruption.  You have stated that the unfortunate hotel deloper was "shaken down"  for money.  That is clearly illegal - a felony - and can be prosecuted.   Why have you or the developer not taken this to the district attorney?  Is it because there is no truth to the accusation?

There was no corruption in government befor you took office.  One could not even buy lunch for the Village Board President when Mr. Greco was in power.  He wouldn't allow even that.

Life's Lessons

One of our great middle school teachers accompanied fifteen 7th graders from her Religion class to serve the poor at the St. Vincent de Paul meal program site. They did an excellent job pouring milk, coffee, and water, cleaning tables and chairs, and distributing treats to the 421 guests that night.

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An Election Gone Horribly Wrong

I yield the blog today to the words of  Kitty Werthmann, a lady in her late eighties.  I first heard this story  on the radio while awaiting election returns Tuesday evening.  This is quite lengthy - nearly as long as those from another blogger on this site.   I learned quite a lot from her historical recollection.   Here are her words directly quoted:

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Sights on a Cow

Tanzania, Seela, Hearts in Unity, Children, Africa, Orphan

There is a very special group of students at Kennedy Middle School who have their sights on a cow. And they have embarked on their own unique journey to help make a difference in the lives of orphan and other at-risk children on the other side of the world in Tanzania. Africa.

What set these students on this path?

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"Pops" Concert and Tazino's Fundraising Night

It is always one of the most anticipated concerts of the school year.

Yes, the annual "Pops" Concert at North Middle School will be held on Wednesday, February 24th at 7:30pm.  This years "Pops" Concert will feature the North Jazz ensembles under the direction of Mrs. Holst and Mrs. Schickert, the 8th grade Band under the direction of Mr. Fox and the 9th grade Band under the direction of Mr. Woger.  The "pops" Concert has traditionally featured music from many diferent music genres including Jazz, movie scores, marches, rock anthems and musicals.  The concert this year will be a great opportunity for the 8th grade band students to get a chance to see what awaits them at the High School as they listen to the 9th  grade band conducted by Mr. Woger.

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Falls Indians to Change Name/Logo

The Wisconsin Legislature, having solved all of Wisconsin’s problems, some of the nation’s problems, and most of Europe’s problems, turned their unmatched problem solving skills to the problem plaguing everyone in Wisconsin. Mascot names for schools that might offend the hyper sensitive.

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How To Get Our Democracy Back

I'm off on a ski-vacation this week and had the opportunity to read the following article during a snowstorm.
I found it quite interesting and pretty much on the mark.

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Have Plans for the Weekend?

Tanzania, Seela, Hearts in Unity, Africa, mission

I would like to personally extend a warm invitation to all in the community to join us at Holy Cross Lutheran Church this coming weekend.

At our worship services on February 27th and 28th, the congregation’s global partnership with Seela Parish in Tanzania, Africa will take center stage.

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