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School Board Candidate Forum-Wed. March 5th

The PTA is sponsoring a School Board candidate forum on Wed. March 5th, at 7:00.

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Did AT&T Cut Me Off?


We have no phone service at home, and no DSL either. No one ever calls us, but my iPod desperately needs to sync up with the mother ship — that’d be iTunes. Oh, and I’ve kinda gotta get back to my Scrabulous game on Facebook too.

Do you remember when I wrote this:

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Telephone Service Woes

Customer Service

 In an earlier blog on this website, Kimberly noted problems that she has been having with her telephone company. Reading that story made me again mentally grumble about my own telephone service.  I have never felt well taken care of by any of the companies that I deal with.

My cell phone provider leaves me feeling as if I should take a shower after talking with them.  And, I don't like being locked in to a contract.  (Only 8 more months to go.)

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Things to Do This Weekend for Kids

just because

I love art, and my daughter, Zoe, has inherited this love. She is also extremely talented (what kind of mom would I be if I didn't think that?), and spends hours upon hours working on art projects and drawings. She'll be 7 years old next month, and to this day, any toys she gets are only played with for a small period of time before she goes back to the drawing board. Literally, the drawing board.

I found a few art classes at the Milwaukee Art Museum that are specifically for kids. Tomorrow is the her first class, it's a parent and kid class so I'll be there too. We'll be learning about Andy Warhol, then create a work of art using him as inspiration. I think it'll be fun, and Zoe is pretty excited too. Next month is my very most favorite artist of all time, Georgia O'Keeffe.

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Election 2008 - Forums Airing Now

With the upcoming elections for Menomonee Falls Village Trustee and SDMF School Board Member, voters can find a candidate forum for either election on Falls Cable Access.  The PTSA sponsored forum from March 5th at the Community Center is currently airing at least once each day.  The four candidates for board positions are Ron Bertieri, Michael Dillhyon Jr., Gina Palazzari and Blasé Paul.  There are 2 seats open on the board.

In the contest for Village Trustee, incumbent Sharon Ellis and Jefferson Davis are running for Seat 1 on the Village Board while incumbent Dennis Farrell and Ron Bertieri are seeking Seat 3.  Seat 2 has incumbent Jim Jeskewitz running unopposed.  The Chamber of Commerce and Falls Cable Access are sponsoring a Candidates Forum on March 11th at the Cable Studio.  The forum starts at 6:30 pm and is open to the public.  This forum will also air daily until election day.

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Justice is Served-Spitzer Style



Well, well, well, well. If Menomonee Falls ever had a public enemy #1 it would be the former NY Attorney General, current Governor, and full time power hungry jerk-Elliott Spitzer.

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the Bobblehead Judge

Spring Election

 Upfront, I must acknowledge that I do not have any feelings or knowledge of the candidates in the various judicial races.  But, I have to comment about one particularly negativre TV ad criticizing one of the challengers without mentioning the other's name.  I have no opinion about which of either is the best choice.

 Some 40 years ago when Lee Dreyfus taught  my media class at the University of Wisconsin, he challenged us to question any and all advertisements and ask for proof of  the "puff" or the "substance" of what was being proffered.

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Conservatives and Libertarinas

 For anyone interested in a twist on election politics, might I suggest trying this website.
It is run by an unabashed Libertarian radio personality. 

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March Madness

Spring Election

 For several decades, I daily traveled from my home to the Falls Cable Access broadcast studio during election season to make sure that the Chamber of Commerce Voters Form replay was set for broadcast. The goal was to make sure that Falls citizens could intelligently choose their next years representatives. I noticed that on those March days every year, little crocuses and daffodil shoots would be poking up an inch or so above aground near the broadcast facility just at that time.

This year  for me it is a bit different.  Automation and technology do not demand that immediate broadcast attention.  Electronic devices and other people are overseeing those playbacks.  But the issues are as important as ever. Even though we have had a horrendous winter, spring is at hand.  And at my house, the crocuses and daffs are again emerging with their springtime dance.

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Busy Week

family, neighborhood, wine

It's been a super busy week! And Daylight Savings hasn't exactly helped. My sleep is all off, my body clock is off, and I'm hungry for lunch at 11 a.m. -- sometimes 10:30! I don't know how I've managed to get out of bed early every morning so that I can run 3-4 miles before I get my daughter ready for school, and then go to work. Perhaps it's just because I know that I won't have the time in the evening to do it. And my pants were getting too tight. And those darn Thin Mints are so good!!!

So what is on my agenda for the weekend? Well first up is wine club on Friday night. This month we are tasting Super Tuscans. I don't have a lot of experience with these wines because they are rather pricey, but what I've had, I've loved!

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Now You See It - Now You Don't

Spring Election

 Strange things are happening along Pilgrim Road recently.

Political signs are going up everywhere.  It's election season.
But recent drives along Pilgrim Road have me wondering what's up.

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Super-Tuscan Recap


Last night was Super-Tuscan night at my monthly wine club. What are Super-Tuscans? I've got a bit more about them here, but most would say they are a cult wine.  I think they are delicious! If you ever find them on a wine list be forewarned that they’ll be very pricey, if you buy them at the store they run anywhere from $15 (hard to find at that price) to $75 a bottle.

Now, onto the wines from last night. We had six different wines, and they were all very good.

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Weight Watchers: Month 1

just because

March 22nd marks my one month anniversary of being a dedicated member of Weight Watchers. One whole month! And I did it! I took my crazy busy life (work, grad school, a 10 hour movie marathon, wine club, PIZZA!) and I managed to successfuly make it through my first month of Weight Watchers.

I think I've lost about 7 lbs so far, and I have to say that I've really worked hard for it. I've only got 20 points to use each day, and that's not a whole lot. I had to completely change all of my eating habits. Granola in my yogurt? Gone. A bowl of ice cream to reward myself for working out? Gone. Or how about a glass of wine most nights with dinner? Gone. Eating an entire sleeve of Thin Mints at once? Well, sadly that habit has been broken too.

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I'm so tired of the snow. Will it ever be spring? I can't believe Easter has come and gone and I haven't seen a single tulip sprouting out of the ground yet. I'm so over winter! Aren't you?

My New Favorite

just because

I love Macy's, don't you? And reason I love it is because it's a great place to park at Mayfair (it's my secret parking place, so don't tell anyone). I also love it because of the ladies shoe department. Every time I go to Mayfair, I park by Macy's, enter by the ladies shoes, and then browse through the shoe sale racks in the hopes of finding The Shoe of My Dreams -- which, by the way, has yet to happen. Oh, I've found The Shoe of My Dreams, but they weren't on the sale rack.

After I browse through the shoes, then I move over to the Coach and handbag department where I drool over the latest handbag that I'm not going to buy for myself because everyone else already has it -- the last thing I want is to be just like everyone else. It's the same story as the shoes, I'm also always on the lookout for The Handbag of My Dreams.

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MFSD School Board Candidate Mike Dillhyon


I have notified all candidates for MFSD School Board that I will post one page of their position. Mike happens to have responded first. 

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My Dilemma

Spring Election

 Those of you who know me understand that in the past I have had unresolved issues with Jefferson Davis, a candidate for a seat on the Menomonee Falls Village Board.  This year I have been biting my tongue to refrain from speaking out against him publicly, but I cannot do so any longer.

Mr. Davis has, year after year, submitted campaign finance reports that either show his inability to add a column of simple numbers
or, heaven forbid, deliberately being deceitful. 

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Falls Cable Access will once again provide up to the minute election returns for the Menomonee Falls Voters.  Incumbents Sharon Ellis and Dennis Farrell are running against Jeff Davis and Ron Bertieri respectively for trustee positions.  Jim Jeskewitz is running unopposed.  In the School Board race Ron Bertieri, Blaise Paul, Gina Palazzari and Michael Dillhyon are competing for 2 ADM Board positions. 

The polls are open from 7:00 am to 8:00 pm. on Tuesday April ST. Don't be an April Fool...VOTE!  Check the Village website for your polling location.   Tune to Channel 14 on Tuesday evening and the results will be posted as they arrive at village hall.

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School Board Candidates at a Glance


Well, I was hoping to have evey candidate have the ability to post their positions on my blog. Since we (me and the candidates) are all new at this and I have had a very busy March, that did not happen.

 Here is a link to information on all of the candidates provided by Amy Hetzner of the Journal Sentinel. Amy has covered our School District longer than I have been on the board and I believe she has, and continues to provide excellent and fair coverage of our district.

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