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Life is difficult. Anyone with a few voyages past their bow knows this to be true. Trouble comes unbidden. We've been at sea for a week now and what we believed to be an approaching mountain range is steadily taking on the character of a blustering tempest: a dark, menacing phantom with a belly full of hail and hellfire.

As a young man, I was trained for such peril at Mrs. O'Grady's Maritime Academy, but there's no learning like living. And sometimes living requires facing a scourge, being rent asunder by a seething maelstrom and expecting the end.

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"Go Mad" for HAWS this March

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This month at HAWS we have a full “bracket” of events and learning opportunities for our own brand of “March Madness.”

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center brings “happy tails” out to the community! Highlighted stops include the annual Milwaukee Admirals Dog Day on 3/27 – tickets to support HAWS are available by using the special HAWS link and the offer code “HAWS,” or by calling Brian Martens of the Admirals at 414-227-0567. The Mobile unit will also participate in Lake Country Community Fest on 3/19. Details for all visits – like stops at area Petco stores and more – are on the Mobile Adoptions page at

Solve Common K-9 Behavior Problems on 3/14, or learn how to Raise a Puppy and Keep Your Sanity on 3/20. Both seminars are FREE but require pre-registration via or 262-542-8851, x118. All levels of Dog Training Classes will begin their 6-week runs in March; contact 262-542-8851, x114 for details.

HAWS has several active partnerships in March! On 3/10 the Milwaukee Jewish Day School’s Dancing with a Star Experience will feature B93.3 morning DJ “CV” strutting her stuff to benefit HAWS. HAWS will once again hold a festive day at the Waukesha County Museum, to Honor Working Dogs on 3/26 from 11:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Also, interested businesses can sign up to host a ‘rest stop’ on “Subie & Freeway’s Spectacular Roadtrip” – an ongoing fundraiser for HAWS co-sponsored by Subaru City of Milwaukee. Contact or for availability and details.

HAWS continues to celebrate the Chinese Year of the Rabbit, hosting the annual Bunny Day on May 1st.  And now available: special Year of the Rabbit t-shirts!  Purchase yours for $15 at HAWS to support bunny care.

By the way - Here are more dates to save on your calendar!  HAWS hosts the Blood Center of Wisconsin for a community blood drive on April 4.  A grooming competition for HAWS, Extreme Makeover: HAWS Edition, will be held April 17. Of course, the Friends of HAWS are hard at work preparing for the 28th Annual Pet Walkathon on May 7, to be held this year at Sussex Village Park!

Losing Respect

Today I watched Governor Walker's budget address.  He had some good things to say.

Unfortunately,  he has succumbed to the easy-way-out of giving a political speech.  He was using the dreaded teleprompters!  One to the right side, one to the left side.  These aids help give the appearance of actual thought communication with an audience.  But, in reality, he is addressing only a few people near the direct line of sight to the prompters.  He is merely addressing reflective glass screens.

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School Board Idiot


“In the first place, God made idiots. That was for practice. Then he made school boards.”
Mark Twain

This quote was brought to my attention, by my 82 year old friend, when I sought his advice as to whether or not I should run for school board in 2004. He blithely quipped, “If you decide to run you will certainly have the qualifications Mark Twain expects.”

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DNR gives preliminary OK for removing concrete from bed of Menomonee River

Removing 1,100 feet of concrete from the bottom of the Menomonee River upstream of the W. Wisconsin Ave. bridge will not harm the environment, state Department of Natural Resources officials said in giving preliminary approval to the project.

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District has proposed spending $5 million in remaking the river between the Canadian Pacific Railway bridge and Wisconsin Ave.

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CE & Rec Community Blood Drive - Tuesday, March 29

Menomonee Falls Community Education & Recreation in partnership with the Blood Center of Wisconsin is hosting a Community Blood Drive Tuesday, March 29 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM in rooms 102A & 102B of the Community Center.  The Blood Center of Wisconsin needs donors to help with this worthy cause.  Appointments are recommended, but walk-ins are welcome.  Schedule an appointment online at or call (262) 255-8460.

The Blood Center of Wisconsin is the sole supplier of blood, blood products, research and diagnostic laboratory testing for 54 hospitals in our SE Wisconsin 28 counties.  The 4 Waukesha County hospitals alone use over 20,000 components annually to meet the needs of our friends and loved ones.   

When considering whether to donate blood or not, ask yourself the following question..."In the event my loved one/friend needs a life-saving transfusion, would I not expect a safe & adequate blood supply to be there for him or her?"  One in every five people each of us knows will need a blood transfusion in our lifetime!  Help us help them on March 29.  Schedule an appointment today!   

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Ahoy! I'm Up Here!

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There's an old saying that bears repeating. So the saying goes, but that's not what we're here for or why I'm writing. Welcome aboard.

Here's my point. I'm up in the crow's nest getting a bird's eye view as to where we are. The crew tends to get irritable and surly on long voyages. Eventually they retreat to their own little spaces on the ship. I like it up here, away from the limited perspective and the smells of ship life. The press and pull of the swells can work thoughts like salt water taffy. Mmm...taffy.

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Share the Love!

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Do you have a little extra love in your heart to share with an orphan or other at-risk child in Tanzania?

Sharing your simple words of friendship and encouragement on a postcard can make a greater impact that you could ever imagine. 

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Honoring 4 Paws Blood Drive at HAWS

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You Never Know When You'll Save a Life...How's Today?

You'll get a chance to save a life - a human life this time - at HAWS, on Monday, April 4th, from 2:30-7:30 pm when we host our 4/4 Honoring 4 Paws Blood Drive for the Blood Center of Wisconsin.

Just to clarify:  this is a drive for human blood, not for pet blood.  We feel it is important, because supporting the other life-saving organizations in our area just makes for a stronger community as a whole.

And who knows...the life you save might be that of another pet owner.  And that might mean another pet that doesn't end up homeless, looking for a second chance at HAWS or another shelter.

Wow.  Now THAT'S a way to make a difference!

Want to help?  Log onto to set up your account and reserve your appointment, or call us at 262-542-8851.  Then come to HAWS on April 4th - the mobile Blood Center will be waiting for you!

By the way - our Mobile Adoption Center is again participating in the Milwaukee Admirals Dog Day on Sunday, March 27th, the annual game where your dog is welcome to join you!  Buy your tickets to support HAWS, using our special link/code (instructions here) or call Brian at the Ads' office (414-227-0567) directly.  Be sure to mention HAWS and we get a donation!  We'll see and your pup at the game!

A Hybrid Pollution Test

Two years ago I bought my first hybrid vehicle.  It is a Toyota Highlander.  I love it.

Last year when it was time for license renewal I had no difficulties.  The car was still new and it didn't need an inspection.

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Governor Walker's Plan Will Save Falls Taxpayers an Average of $736 Over 2 Years

Walker $736 Falls taxpayer savings unions

Thank You Governor Walker and the Republican Legislature

Kudos to Governor Walker and the Republican Legislature for having the courage and fortitude to " the right thing" for the State of Wisconsin and for the taxpayers of Wisconsin.

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St Patty's Day


My favorite holiday is this week and I look forward in taking part.  St Patty's Day brings out the irish in everyone and this week will be no different.  What are your plans to celebrate?  Where will you enjoy the festivities and what food will you enjoy?  Let me know your favorite spots to celebrate and with whom you celebrate and I will put into a future post.

As for the beers to try, it is hard not to enjoy Guinness stout and their new to the US- Foreign Extra Stout.  This is the beer that is linked to Ireland and the Irish. Harp and Smithwicks are other irish beers to enjoy as well.  Murphys Stout is the only other imported stout that you may want to sample.  As for local craft beers to try take a look for Lakefront's Snake Chaser or New Glarus Coffee Stout.

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Could it be...Spring?!?!?!?!!!

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Everyone at HAWS is excited about the weather forecast for this week...and there is speculation that our snow cover will be gone by the weekend because of the mild temperatures!

Of course, that brings with it a "heads-up" (or 2) for pet owners.

1.  Along with the (brown) grass becoming visible, also becoming unburied are the little "treasures" that have accumulated over the past few months...the organic material (wink, wink), lost toys, spilled garbage, etc.  Honestly, this stuff can be downright dangerous to your pets.  Animal waste carries bacteria and germs that can still be active even after being out in the cold for some time.  The garbage that got spilled and then buried during our frequent snowfalls is now out there for your pets to "enjoy" - and you really never know what they'll find.  (Chicken bones?  Yikes!  Tossed-out anitfreeze containers?  Double Yikes.)  So the dog-owner-walker words to live by this spring:  Its a walk, not a buffet - eat at home.  Inside.

2.  Yes, it is great "dog" weather!  But please remember, if you let your dog off-leash anywhere - your yard, the park - keep an eye on them and be vigilant.  When we have a spike in temps we also have a spike in stray dogs reported and coming in to HAWS.  Make sure your best friend is safe and secure rather than wandering loose - and enjoy the weather together with an on-leash walk or a fenced-in game of fetch.

By the way - Have you bought your tickets yet?  You can take your dog to the Milwaukee Admirals game on Sunday, March 27th (no, really!) and HAWS can get a donation from your ticket purchase!  Go to the listing on our Upcoming Events website calendar for buying instructions, or call Brian at the Admirals office directly (414-227-0567) and tell him you want to help HAWS!  Pups and pucks - what fun.

Land Ho!

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 If you've been following the captain's blog, you know that we are tracking down one of our crew, Olde Zeke, who got himself hauled off to South America in a freight container of mannequins.

We recently made landfall in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It will do us good to take in new scenery, fresh food and better smells. The sights and sounds of Carnival are invigorating. Earl was entranced and swept away in the Sambadrome. We were finally able to apprehend him when he became entangled in a discarded bikini. After some apologies and deep breathing we resumed our mission.

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Obituary - Mary Leach Klumb

Mary left this life the same way she lived it, surrounded by her loving family.

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Sao Paulo

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 Well, here we are in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Carnival was exhausting, but we managed to retrieve Olde Zeke and his befriended mannequin. Zeke has taken to calling her Mary Jane, which I suspect has to do with Zeke not having his glasses on when he found the Made In Japan stamp somewhere on her person, as it were.

As it turns out, she's a real asset to the crew. Zeke always has an audience for his long-winded meanderings which are far beyond the tolerance of real people. Earl has found a dance partner and...she floats. I was concerned this type of objectification might be misogynistic, but then again, she floats.

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It's for the Children?

Today I learned of an activity in Menomonee Falls Schools that has me a bit wrankled.

Representatives of Time Magazine are allowed into classrooms to urge children to submit names and addresses of their friends and relatives and hand them over to the magazine.

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It's that time of year again!  Falls Cable Access and the Menomonee Falls Scholarship Foundation are hosting the "INCREDIBLE TRIVIA CONTEST" live on Channel 14, Time Warner Cable in Menomonee Falls.  The contest starts promptly at 4:00 PM Saturday April 2nd, and will originate from the high school TV Studio.

Teams that have pre-registered will compete by answering the questions on the screen. They will have about 6 minutes per question and will call their answers into a special phone line at the high school.  The point values for each question are determined by the number of teams that answer correctly.

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All This And Rabbit Stew

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We’re under sail for Patagonia and parts elsewhere. Zeke made a fine meal last night. I believe it was rabbit stew. We’re satisfied, well rested and in good spirits.

It would’ve been tempting to stay in port a while longer but I get restless for adventure on the open sea. Eventually, we’ll be sailing into a new episode of The Show,  but we can’t proceed until we acquire fresh material: new experiences to draw on, a cornucopia of salient drama and entertainment for you - the viewer.

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Vote for Justice Prosser for Supreme Court April 5th


I encourage everyone to vote this coming Tuesday April 5th and to vote for Wisconsin Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

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