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Watch the baby eagles hatch and grow

It's spring and the season is upon us.

Copy this url and watch a miracle.

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It IS election day, after all...

HAWS (or as we're listed at their website "Human Animal Welfare Society (HAWS)") is one of the dozens of charities vying for donations in Waterstone Bank's Celebrating 90 Years with a $90,000 Donation contest.

Help HAWS win part of this great donation from WSB!

All during the month of April, click on this voting page:
Simply select HAWS from the drop-down menu, correctly enter the validation code...and do it all over again!  You can vote all day, every day if you like - there is no limit to the number of an individual's votes.  Go ahead, pretend you live in Chicago - vote early and often!  And while you're at it, spread the word to family and friends - you can even "like" it on Facebook and mention you're voting for HAWS!

HAWS thanks you for your help.  Get out and vote all month!

By the way - save the date for April 17th and "Extreme Makeover: HAWS Edition."  This grooming competition, to be held at HAWS from noon - 4pm, will feature groomers from all over Wisconsin spiffing up HAWS own adoptable dogs and vying for the Best in Show title.  Watch HAWS dogs as they're transformed into stars!

By the way, part 2 - Have we mentioned our 28th Annual Pet Walkathon is coming?!?!!

Adoption Discounts at new Ozaukee Campus - 20% through April 30!

Expect a rise in 'phishing' attacks after largest data breach in U.S. history

Epsilon, BBB, Better_Business_Bureau, data_breach, phishing

It's been only a few days since millions of customers' email addresses were stolen in one of the largest data breaches in U.S. history (If you don't know what we're talking about, click here).  However, here at the BBB, we've already seen the first Epsilon data breach phishing scam.

Phishing, a popular emailing scam, is a term coined by computer hackers who use email to fish the Internet hoping to hook you into giving them your logins, passwords and/or credit card information. If you are a customer of one of the companies that had email data stolen, be on the lookout for phishing emails.

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Community Partners Collaborate to Support Autism Awareness Month

Community Partners, Biz Times Media, CBS 58, The Milwaukee Admirals, Cousin’s Subs, Blu at the Pfister, Rock Bottom Brewery, Children’s Play Gallery, CVS Pharmacy and National Bakery, Autism Awareness Month, Birth to Three

It’s no surprise that the topic of autism is continually in the media.  Autism Spectrum Disorder is the fastest growing developmental disability in the nation and is now more prevalent than Down syndrome, childhood diabetes and childhood cancer combined. 

Autism can be regarded as the “pandemic of our time”.  Today, as many as one in every 110 children is diagnosed with autism - that's one every 20 minutes.  Boys have a higher risk, with one in every 70 boys being diagnosed.  Easter Seals Southeast Wisconsin supports individuals, of all ages, living with autism. 

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Going to the "Extreme" at HAWS

makeover, adopt, dog, dogs, fundraiser, Walkathon, walk, groomers, grooming

HAWS proudly announces “Extreme Makeover: HAWS Edition,” a special grooming competition to benefit the shelter. The competition, featuring HAWS’ adoptable dogs as models/muses, is Sunday, April 17th from noon - 4:00 p.m. at the shelter, 701 Northview Road, Waukesha.

This unique fundraising and awareness event will showcase 11 talented pet groomers who will transform HAWS resident dogs into stars. Competitors are from throughout the state of Wisconsin including Waukesha County, Wausau, Racine, Greenleaf and Saukville. Collectively the 11 groomers have 144 years of experience.  Judging the event is Christein Sertzal, a certified Master Pet Stylist who shows Cavalier King Charles Spaniels as well as fostering rescue dogs.  She owns and operates Finer Details Pet Spa in Mazomanie, is the author of The Competition Grooming Guidebook, and has her own canine beauty line called Canine Spa Therapies.

Groomers will begin with a “blank canvas” – the dogs will have only been given baths and nail trims. The groomers will be allotted 2 hours to complete their work on the dog chosen for them at random. Decorative objects such as bows and coloring sprays will not be permitted.

“All of the dogs participating in our Makeover competition are available for adoption at HAWS, and will be placed into their new homes after the event,” notes event coordinator/HAWS employee Angela Ng, who is herself a groomer. “This is a great opportunity for groomers to show their talent, and for the adopters to have their new family member professionally groomed – all in support of HAWS!”

The event is FREE for spectators and will include raffle prizes and a doggie treat bake sale.

By the way - HAWS 28th Annual Pet Walkathon is coming soon - Saturday, May 7th!  Raise money on foot...or online with a personal fundraising webpage!  Best of all:  ALL donations raised go directly to the animals at HAWS.  Come for a day of fun for pets and their people - play, eat, shop, the HAWS cause.

 See you on the 7th at our
NEW LOCATION, Sussex Village Park!

Where Have All the Dachshunds Gone?

sailing, victory at sea, Travel, The Show, the show, the poop deck, squid, ship, sea, Music, Mission, mannequins, Gordon Kirchoff, giant squid, Falls Cable Access, Cooking, Captain Bud Carpington, captain bud, CapnBud

There seems to have been some concern over the whereabouts of the ship's trusty dachshund. Iggy, as she is known, disappeared shortly after our cook made a rabbit stew. The whole crew was worried. Earl was so upset he wrote a new song for his band, Earl Starlite and the Sunspots, called Where Have All the Dachshunds Gone?.

I don't Particularly care for sad songs unless they move at a snappy pace and have a ship involved. That Lightfoot fella' had one and that Gilligan ditty was nice and bouncy. By the way, I would've made a fine Skipper, but was passed over on a matter of principle. I refused to shave my mustache. Sometimes you need to take a stand. Gilligan! Yep, I could've done that.

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One Identity Theft Victim's Tale

identity_theft, free_shredding, ShredFest, Secure_Your_ID_Day, warning_signs_of_identity_theft

We knew as soon as we read it that this was not a typical complaint to the BBB. The complainant, an elderly woman from Ohio, was filing a complaint against a collection agency located in Wisconsin. Since we process all complaints to the BBB against Wisconsin companies (regardless of where the consumer lives), it came to us.

She was complaining that the collection agency was calling her to collect on a debt she didn’t owe. Actually, that type of consumer complaint is fairly common against collection agencies. However, it was pretty clear that she was receiving lots of calls, from many different collection agencies, about numerous debts she didn’t owe. Why? She was the victim of identity theft.

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Red White and Blades - Premier Ice Skating Event

Milwaukee’s Premier Ice Skating Showcase featuring local skaters and Olympic hopefuls. Bring mom to see a great show.

Friday May 6th at 7:00am

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Delayed Menomonee Falls Radisson Hotel to open May 2

Menomonee Falls, Hotels

The 135-room Radisson Hotel under construction in Menomonee Falls, which was originally to be open by New Year's Eve, is now set for a May 2 opening.

That's according to Matt Carran, village director of community development. He told me the project, financed with a village loan, has had some construction-related delays.

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2 of 3 Falls superintendent finalists from Milwaukee area districts

Menomonee Falls School District, superintendent, West Bend School District, Greenfield School District

Two of the three finalists to become the Menomonee Falls School District's next superintendent come from school systems in the metro Milwaukee area.

West Bend School District Superintendent Patricia Herdrich and Greenfield School District Superintendent Conrad Farner were both named finalists for the position, which is being vacated by Keith Marty at the end of the school year in June.

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Have a Hoppy Easter...with a CHOCOLATE Rabbit, Please!

Rabbits, adopt, rescue, walkathon, walk, fundraise, HAWS

Each year around this time we get inquiries at HAWS about adoption of rabbits as gifts for Easter.  Advertising campaigns have painted the adorable picture of a lop-eared bunny hopping around the Easter basket of goodies, or a child in their Sunday best outfit cuddling with a new fluffy rabbit friend.

And each year around this time our mantra is:  BAD IDEA.  (Better idea:  go with the chocolate or plush toy version!)

The created vision is all warm and fuzzy, but the realities are stark and cold.

- Dozens of rabbits are surrendered to HAWS each year because the owner had no idea of the type of care involved with a house rabbit (they are NOT a carefree pet - far from it, actually).  Often they were given the rabbit as a gift and really didn't want it to begin with.

- "Cuddly bunny" can actually be a misnomer - many rabbits aren't all that thrilled with being held...and they may bite to show their disapproval!  Rabbits have needs, likes, dislikes...just like you.

- Just like other domesticated animals, rabbits are part of the pet-overpopulation problem.  There is much truth to the "multiply like rabbits" saying! Spaying or neutering also helps with spraying and behavioral issues.

Rabbits CAN make wonderful pets...if the owner does their research and is fully prepared.  To help, HAWS is hosting our annual Bunny Day on Sunday, May 1st, from 12:00-4:30pm.  Come learn from rabbit experts from the WIsconsin House Rabbit Society and a bunny veterinarian.  Ask your questions, find out helpful hints from other rabbit fans, and get all you need to know to make the decision as to whether or not a pet house rabbit is right for you.  Admission is $5, free for children under 12 who are accompanied by an adult.

We'll see you Sunday, May 1st.  And enjoy nibbling on your chocolate rabbit this weekend...

By the way - Have you voted?  HAWS is one of the charities in the running for Waterstone Bank's 90 years, $90K donations contest, running throughout April.  Log on to their voting page and choose Humane Animal Welfare Society.  Vote often!!

By the way, part 2 - HAWS 28th Annual Pet Walkathon is coming on Saturday, May 7th.  Support the HAWS cause on foot...or online with a personal fundraising webpage!  Get all the details and start raising money for HAWS today!

Spring Cleaning

gordon kirchoff, giant squid, Falls Cable Access, falls cable access, Captain Bud Carpington, captain bud, CapnBud, life is difficult, mannequins, mission, public education, sailing, school bags, sea, ship, stormy weather, the show, The Show, victory at sea

Rough day. The crew is settling in for the night, exhausted. A lot of running about above and below decks today. It's time for spring cleaning and taking inventory.

When you go through your personal belongings, every object has an event or memory attached. It's not just an old picture, scimitar or navel piercing. These objects have certain emotional value. Each one is an adventure and a tale to tell. Mementos of mermaids I've known, battles in exotic locales and of course, my dear school days at Mrs. O'Grady's Maritime Academy. I learned boatloads, to be sure, but mostly seamanship and common sense.

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Pet pics with Easter Bunny!

This is just too cute. We're having pictures with the Easter Bunny tomorrow - Saturday - at the new Ozaukee Campus in Saukville.

From 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday, April 23, the public is invited to have pictures taken with the Easter bunny. Kid, rabbits, cats and dogs are all welcome to come! A minimum $5 donation per picture is requested, and all funds will go back to the Ozaukee Campus to help shelter animals. Adopters between 11:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. will get a picture of their newly adopted animal with the Easter bunny for FREE!

Support the HAWS Cause...on foot OR online!

HAWS, shelter, rescue, animals, adopt, fundraise, walk, walkathon, dogs

HAWS' 28th Annual Pet Walkathon is coming up quickly!

On Saturday, May 7th, from 9am - 3pm, family and friends of HAWS will take over Sussex Village Park (our NEW LOCATION!) for a day of fun and fundraising, for pets and their people...all in support of the HAWS cause.  (Just announced:  the Win at the Walk raffle prizes include tickets to Josh Groban, the Brewers, Summerfest, the Admirals...and lots more great items!)

We'll be joined by some very special guests, friends who always help us out and we love them for it!  Come visit with Marilynn Mee of WKLH, Roscoe from the Milwaukee Admirals, Brad Beach of the Milwaukee Wave, Friendly the Eagle from Waukesha State Bank...just a few of our extended family we'll be welcoming on Saturday!

For almost 3 decades, the Friends of HAWS have made the Walk a tremendous event for our shelter, raising upwards of $40,000 in recent years to help HAWS will animal care, services and programs.

We can't do this alone - we need our community's help...and we've made it easier than ever!  You can do the old-fashioned door-to-door collecting, or you can support HAWS in cyberspace with a personal online fundraising page.

(Online fundraising pages are fun, easy, and VERY effective!  Almost 20% of recent Walk donations have been from online donors thru these pages.  So click here...and get started!)

Join us at Sussex Village Park on Saturday, May 7th.  And in the meantime, tap family and friends for their support, via email, Facebook posts and so on....

By the way - HAWS Annual Bunny Day is this Sunday, May 1st at HAWS.  Come learn, socialize, shop and become immersed in all things House Rabbit!  We'll see you THIS SUNDAY.

Ode To The Sea

wisconsin, victory at sea, The Show, the show, the poop deck, stormy weather, squid, ship, sea, sao paulo, sailing, Postcards, Music, Mission, Letters, life is difficult, mannequins, groceries, Gordon Kirchoff, gordon kirchoff, giant squid, Falls Cable Access, falls cable access, courage, Captain Bud Carpington, captain bud, CapnBud

Hi. How are ya’? Captain Bud here.

Out on the open sea sometimes the only words that suffice are those that wax poetical. In fact, there’s a longstanding tradition of poetry and seamen: Aiken, Sandburg, Whitman, Dickinson. I’ve written some poetry of my own, freshly penned this morning. Enjoy!

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Still Time to Register for Tanzanian Cooking Classes

Hearts in Unity, Cooking, Children, Food, Seela

There is space still available in the next "Tanzania Cooking" classes offered by Hearts in Unity through the Germantown and Menomonee Falls Recreation Departments on May 7th and 14th.

Join us on a journey of the senses! Learn about life in the small village of Seela in Tanzania, Africa, while helping to prepare a traditional Tanzanian meal.

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Falls Village Board to meet again on proposed Kohl's headquarters

Menomonee Falls

The Menomonee Falls Village Board is to meet Friday in a closed session, apparently to discuss the village's possible role in helping finance the proposed sale of North Hills Country Club to accommodate a new headquarters for Kohl's Corp. and other future office developments.

This will be the fifth time since February the board has gone into closed session to discuss negotiations "with one or more owners or developers of lands within or adjacent to Tax Increment District #4," according to the meeting notices.

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Milwaukee Beer Week


Welcome to Milwaukee Beer Week.  The good people at Beechwood Distributing and TAP Milwaukee have put together along with their great suppliers a great week of craft and import beer throughout the area.  There are events from Thursday April 28th thru May 8th at various stores and bars/restaurants sampling out some of the great beers from around the world.  If you are a beer nut or just plain want to try some new beers, this is the week for you.  Check TAP Milwaukee for more information and do not miss your chance to sample some new brews.

I am excited for the Friday night event down at the Harley museum.  They will have over 45 different suppliers and who knows how many new and unique beers to sample.  I mean with beer names like Hop Stoopid, Hairy Eyeball, Sophia and Matilda one should be inquisitive.  Let me know some of the beers you discovered during this extended week and I will post a list on a future post.

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tanzania, vivanista, hearts in unity, children, mission

"Hearts in Unity" is featured on Vivanista.... 

Click HERE to read more about the early years and history of our mission to help feed, clothe and educate the orphan and at risk children in Tanzania.... as well as our latest updates and program success stories!

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