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This "MAY" be the Best Month at HAWS

HAWS, fundraise, Walk, Walkathon, adopt, MargaritaFest, events

HAWS declares this “may” be the best month of the year for the shelter!

The Friends of HAWS present the 29th Annual Pet Walkathon on May 5th from 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. at Sussex Village Park. Collect pledges or set up a personalized webpage – 100% of donations raised at the Walk are used for animal care and programs at HAWS. Details at the Walkathon webpage of

Kids ‘N Critters Summer Camps start soon – send your child to this fully interactive experience! Sessions for ages 7-14 run from 2 to 5 days and include animal interaction, training, games, field trips and more. Detailed information and registration available at or by calling 262-542-8851, x118.

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center “brings happy tails to you!”  Join the crew at New Berlin Safety Saturday on May 19th and at Pugfest on May 20th. And, again this year, HAWS is the special beneficiary of Casa del Rio’s annual MargaritaFest the weekend of May 18 - 19! Check out all the Mobile stops at

Highlights from HAWS’ May Calendar:
- “Tame the Tiger in Your House” on May 14 – at this FREE seminar featuring Victoria Papa from Cats International. Call Khris at 262-542-8851, x118 to register.
- The Friends of HAWS monthly meeting is May 9 at 7:00 p.m. at the shelter.
Pedicures for both Cats and Small Animal are available, both at HAWS’ shelter and offsite.  Check HAWS’ Events calendar for dates/locations.
- The First Aid for Pets session will be offered on May 19.  Register at 262-879-0165.
- GPA’s monthly Greyhound Meet’n’Greet at HAWS is May 26. Learn about adoption of this “greyt” breed!

All the details, times and registration for all HAWS events are available at

By the way - Be prepared for seasonal weather and outdoor emergencies. Have an emergency kit stocked with basic pet needs including medications, food and water. Also research emergency housing options for your pet; have a back-up person ready if you are unable to take care of your pet. Do a quick survey of landscaping, fences, patios, decks and garage areas for hazards like toxic plants/bedding; easy-to-find fertilizers; sharp tools, edges and splintering wood. Make sure outside play time is safe time!

2-week dog foster homes needed

Foster a PAL Dog

Foster families are needed for this summer’s PAL program, which pairs shelter dogs with at-risk kids in the Milwaukee area.
Help out dogs and kids by becoming a foster parent today! Learn more.

St. Mary Alumni Kaitlin Horne Receives Outstanding Servant Leadership Award!

Last week, we received some wonderful news regarding one of our alumni, Kaitlin Horne.  Kaitlin is a sophomore at UW-Whitewater.  Her major is education...a major she picked back in 7th grade when she did an assignment at St. Mary's for "what do you want to be when you grow up".  She picked education due to a number of teachers she had at St. Mary's that she both loved and who inspired her so much that she knew then, that teaching was the career for her!!

Kaitlin received a campus award yesterday at a ceremony held at the University.  She received the "Outstanding Servant Leadership" award.  She was chosen for all her philanthropic work for the American Cancer Society, including over 100 hours of volunteer work.  She is the Philanthropic co-chair for her sorority Alpha Sigma and the American Cancer Society with an emphasis on breast cancer.  She has organized several fund raising events throughout the year for the sorority to be involved in, as well as  volunteer work at the local high school and grade schools and community.  Her work also helped  her sorority win the "Outstanding Chapter Excellence Award".

We are very proud of her.  The faculty should also take pride in the education she received during her            8 years at St. Mary’s as well as the Christian Formation work camps she participated in.  Helping others is a wonderful part of her life.

Adopt 4 Little Paws from HAWS...this Saturday at our R

Adopt 4 Little Paws from HAWS!

HAWS, adopt, hamsters, gerbils, rats, rodents, rally, margarita, margaritafest, Casa del Rio

The Roborovski Dwarf Hamster sisters.HAWS has so many adorable little pets available for adoption that we're having a "RODENT RALLY" this Saturday, 5/12,  from 11am - 4pm.

Come meet the Roborovski Hamster Sisters, pictured at top, or mingle with Sprite the Mouse, or get rowdy with the Yanet Rat Family (also pictured)!  Check them out, along with all the other great adoptable HAWS' pets at our Pet Showcase.

As a Rally special, aThe Yanet rat familyll little pets will go home with a bonus gift.  HAWS' Small Animal Ward Volunteers will be on hand to answer all your questions and make sure you're set for life with your new little best friend.

And don't forget:  you can visit all the adoptables at
HAWS - 7 days a week at our shelter at 701 Northview Road, Waukesha, or 24/7/365 at our website,

By the way – don’t miss Casa del Rio’s annual MargaritaFest weekend – next Friday and Saturday, May 18-19.  Again this year, HAWS is the beneficiary for this fabulous community event…talk about FUN-draising!!!  We’ll see you there.

An Ounce of Prevention for Crabapples and Pines

Fungal diseases of trees can be sneaky. Infection of leaves or needles takes place in the spring and early summer as new growth emerges and expands. This new growth is softer, more delicate, and more susceptible to infections.

Symptoms of infection may not be obvious until later in the growing season. An example is crabapple leaves that are turning olive brown and falling prematurely. Another example is pine needles that have failed to reach full size and begin to brown in their first season, leaving dead tips. The culprits in these cases are often apple scab on the crabapples or sphaeropsis/diplodia shoot blight on the pines.

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Ice Skating Show This Weekend-Pettit-Red White and Blades

“Twister” the dog survives devastating tornado

 “Twister” the dog survives devastating tornado in Kentucky

One-eyed, three-legged Corgi mix now looking for new home in Wisconsin

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Where Do We Find Our Employees?

We love our employees too!

After we are finished working on a property we often get asked “Where do you get your staff from” or “where did you learn all that tree stuff”, and we also have a few parents ask “are you hiring? My son or daughter needs a job!” 

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Fest for the Pets!

HAWS, adopt, fundraise, Pet First Aid, MargaritaFest 2012, Casa del Rio

HAWS is excited to announce that we have again been chosen as the beneficiary of Casa del Rio’s annual Margaritafest, the weekend fundraising party at the popular Waukesha restaurant!

The event runs this Friday, May 18 and Saturday, May 19 at 408 E. Main Street, Waukesha.  Friday’s festivities run from 4 - 11pm and feature FREE admission with a donated item from HAWS' Wish List.  The cookout will include a trivia contest at 6:30pm, raffle prizes, giveaways and music by Los Guys from 7 - 11pm.  The Bacardi Girls will keep things hopping at the outside bar area.

On Saturday, the action happens between 2 - 11pm, with a Zumba Dance Workout kicking things off from 2-4pm.  The evening will again include a cookout, outside bar, more trivia (6:30pm) and raffle prizes, music by Sound Therapy from 7-11pm and a visit from the Jose Cuervo Girls.

Proceeds from the weekend and sales from raffle tickets will be donated to HAWS. HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center will have pictures of adoptable pets at HAWS on display, and volunteers will be on hand to answer questions about the shelter and it’s programs for the community.

Cover charge for Margaritafest 2012 is $3.  Join us and "Fest for the pets!!!"

By the way - Also this weekend, at the HAWS' shelter at 701 Northview Road, we'll be hosting our usual Pet First Aid class (1-4pm) and our Small Pet Pedicures (9:30-10:30am).  All the details for these and other HAWS' programs are available on our Upcoming Events calendar on our website!

Party with the animals June 2! Beer, wine, food, music...

Hounds & Sounds: An Anniversary Celebration

 Come celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus at Hounds & Sounds: An Anniversary Celebration, on Saturday, June 2 from 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at 630 W. Dekora St. in Saukville. 
Enjoy animal greeters, food, and live music by String-a-Long. Children are welcome to attend, but please leave your four-legged friends at home. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the door, and $10 for kids under 12 years old. All adult tickets include a chance to win free Brewers tickets! All proceeds go right back to help the shelter’s animals.  More info – and tickets – can be found here

Menomonee Falls Optimist Club Sponsors St. Mary 8th Grader

 Each year, the Menomonee Falls Optimist Club participates in the Optimist International Oratorical Contest, offering youth ages 9 through 18 the opportunity to present a speech with a common theme.  This year’s theme, “How Optimism Helps Me Overcome Obstacles”, was elaborated on by 19 Menomonee Falls area youth, including four students from our St. Mary Parish day school.  All the students presented heartfelt, passionate speeches describing how the use of optimism can assist anyone in overcoming even the most difficult challenges.  From this local competition, two speakers were selected to move on to the District level and from there, two were selected to move on to the State level.  Isabella Klotz, daughter of Andreas and Michelle Klotz, and member of the St. Mary Parish School Class of 2012 was one of those candidates.  She and her family were treated to a night at the Wilderness Resort in Wisconsin Dells as Bella prepared to share her speech at the State level along with 14 other youth from around Wisconsin.  It was an energizing experience to hear each of these young leaders speak of their challenges and inspire us with their speeches.  Three top winners were selected and received scholarships for $1000, $1500, and $2500 respectively.  Isabella would like to encourage more students to participate in this competition next year because it is a great opportunity to work on your public speaking skills.  While Bella did not place in the top three this year, she is inspired to try again next year.  Bella called the experience “life changing” and is very grateful for the support and sponsorship of her teachers here at St. Mary as well as the Menomonee Falls Optimist Club.  Many members of St. Mary Parish are also members of the Falls Optimist Club, whose service motto is “Friend of Youth”.  

Tree Doctors Still Make House Calls

When you call Wachtel Tree Science and Service to look at your tree, a Certified Arborist will come to provide a thorough assessment of it. You may have some idea regarding how your doctor assesses your health, but what does a Certified Arborist look at when determining your tree’s health or condition?

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Memorial Day Scams Target Military, Families & Supporters

BBB, Better_Business_Bureau, military, scams, Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to honor those who serve and remember those who have died in war. But sadly, it has also become a key opportunity for scammers to target those who are serving or have served their nation, especially elderly veterans. BBB is urging consumers and donors to be on the lookout for deals that seem too good to be true, and for disreputable charities.

The unique lifestyle of our service members makes them prime targets for scammers. It’s imperative that we educate our service members and ensure that the support we give to them equals the effort they make every day on behalf of us. Scams can include those that target service personnel and their families directly, but also those that appear to be helping military members via charities.

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Happy Dog Bite Prevention Week!

HAWS, Dog Bite Prevention Week, adopt, dog training, kittens

Initially created years ago by a partnership through the American Veterinary Medical Association and letter carriers from the Postal Service, at HAWS we think Dog Bite Prevention Week is a great time to remind us all how to interact safely with our canine friends!

Most dog bites occur during what seem to be "harmless" everyday interactions - a child meeting a dog out on a walk, a family member playing with their pet and so on.

There are a number of very simple things we can do to avoid dog bites, from proper training and socialization of our pets to educating children AND adults on how to properly approach a dog...or when they should just leave the dog be.

Carefully select the right pet for your family:  Don't get your pet on impulse, but rather research the breed that will best fit with your lifestyle.  Is your family active?  Don't get a couch potato dog that will feel overwhelmed.  Are your kids shy?  Don't get a big, rambunctious dog that will intimidate them just by being his goofy self.

Training is key...for everyone!  Properly socialize your pup from day one - go to puppy playtimes, enroll in dog training classes as a family, expose your pet to many different situations so everyone gains an understanding of what is going on - and is more comfortable during new experiences.

Be healthy, be happy:  Exercise your pet regularly - the walks and games of fetch are great for people and pets alike!  Create a good rapport with your vet so you both can spot health issues right away that may affect your pet's demeanor.  Ensure a long, happy life together.

Be mindful of others:  Always maintain control of your pet - keep dogs on a leash while in public and make sure your backyard fence and gate are secure.  While you know your dog, others don't - and no one can predict how a dog will act at all times.

R-E-S-P-E-C-T:  Use caution around dogs you don't know.  Never leave kids and dogs unattended - dogs and kids don't speak the same language and rarely understand what the other is doing.  Teach children how to act around dogs, and remind them dogs are living beings with feelings just like them!  (Dogs don't "get" hugs - and running up to a dog is an aggressive move in their world!)

By the way - HAWS is having a "Kitten Shower" on Saturday, June 9th.  Help us care for the hundreds of new little babies with monetary donations or kitten food/formula donations.  Learn how YOU can become a foster caregiver, or, if its the right time for you, adopt a kitten or mother cat.  HAWS is "expecting" - share our joy!

"Life Below Ground"

When thinking about trees and tree health, we should be more aware of what is below ground. Healthy root systems are vital to the health and longevity of trees. A vigorous expanding root system is supported by healthy soils. Often times when the trees crown appears stressed - thin canopy, small or chlorotic leaves, branch dieback - it is the root system and corresponding soils that are the real issue.

Roots obtain water, and essential elements from the soil. Abundant oxygen in the soil is critical for respiration. A good root system anchors the tree in place. Roots also store carbohydrates for growth and tree defense.

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HAWS is "Expecting" a Great June!

HAWS, kittens, shower, adopt, foster, Date Night, summer camp, puppies

HAWS kicks off the warm summer months with a hot June at the shelter!

Hundreds of cute kittens will RAIN on HAWS this we're having a Kitten Shower for them!  Join in the fun on Saturday, June 9, from 11am-4pm.  Help care for the too-young-to-adopt-yet babies with formula and food donations. Learn how to be a Foster Family, giving a litter a strong start to life.  Bring home your new best friend – adopt a kitten or 2, or find out the joys of adopting a MOTHER CAT. Enjoy cake and prizes and adoption specials all day.

Come to The Barkin’ Lounge in Pewaukee for doggy daycare during “The Date Night Special. On Friday, June 1st and Saturday, June 2nd, from 6–11pm, drop off your dog while you go out, host a party or just take a break. Admission “fee” is a Wish List supply donation or a monetary donation to HAWS!  Space is limited and reservations required, so contact The Barkin’ Lounge at (262) 691-2010.

Kids ‘N Critters Summer Camps start June 11th:  Send your child to this fully interactive experience! Sessions for ages 7-14 run from 2 to 5 days and include animal playtime, training, games, field trips and more. Detailed information and registration available at or by calling Khris at 262-542-8851, x118.

HAWS’ Behavior Department wants you to have a great life with your best canine friend!  Get training advice every third Thursday at the “Behavior Chats with Dr. Claudeen,” hosted by End of the Leash in Mukwonago. Coming July 1st:  Puppy Parties!  The first few months of a puppy’s life are crucial for establishing good socialization habits that will last a lifetime – help your puppy develop crucial interactive skills that will help him into adulthood…and interactive play is a great way for your puppy to burn energy! Details and registration are available by calling 262-542-8851, x114.

HAWS’ Mobile Adoption Center “brings happy tails to you!”  Join the crew at West Allis Ala Carte on June 3rd, Take Your Dog to Work Day at First Weber-Lake Country on June 22nd and VICI Capilli at Brookfield Square on June 30th.  Check out these and all the regular monthly Mobile stops at

By the way - Thinking of bringing your pet along on vacation?  Call ahead to ensure it is welcome wherever you go! Take vaccination records and your vet’s phone number – and don’t forget ample supplies of any medications for your pet. Always have an I.D. tag on your pet and have a microchip implanted. I.D. tags and microchips are available at HAWS for a nominal fee.

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