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"LIVE" Fireworks on Channel 14

Well it looks like Menomonee Falls is going to enjoy a beautiful Holiday weekend.  After some needed rain on Wednesday, Thursday should be beautiful for the parade and fireworks.  The Cable Access mobile trailer will once again be on the parade route to record all the festivities and then will proceed to the high school to bring live coverage of the fireworks.  Now I know sometimes it makes sense to avoid the crowd in downtown Milwaukee and watch the lakefront fireworks on TV, but Menomonee Falls fireworks?  It is a little hectic leaving the area after the show, but the real reason to bring them live is for the shut-ins.  Not only those residents who won't venture out late ( can't go to bed with the sound of fireworks going on) but those who find themselves in the hospitals or local care giving facilities.  The fireworks all look the same on TV, but they seem bigger and brighter when you share them with your neighbors and friends who are there.  So if you can, join us on the parade route, stop in and say hi if you see the black Channel 14 trailer on Appleton Ave, or if you can't tune us in and turn up the sound.  Maybe by next year we can bring the parade to you live.

On a sour note, REEL MOVIE TALK with MATT & PAUL taped their show last week from John Harbors Main St. Café in front of a LIVE audience of fans and well wishers.  I use the term taped loosely as there was no tape backup, due to the configuration, and when the computer crashed at the end of the show, 3 hours of work went bye bye.  My main fear of using digital media and hard drives to capture live footage was realized just when I started to trust it.  The boys are bouncing back with a new live version that will hit the air ways next week.

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July is Recreation and Parks Month

The following appeared on the National Recreation and Park website:

Public parks and recreation are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for millions of residents in communities around the world through recreation programming, leisure activities and conservation efforts.  Parks, recreation activities and leisure experiences provide opportunities for young people to live, grow and develop into contributing members of society; create lifelines and continuous life experiences for older members of the community; generate opportunities for people to come together and experience a sense of community; and, pay dividends to communities by attracting business and jobs and increasing housing values.

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State Agency Cites Falls Clerk's Office on Election Law

Village Clerk 's Office

The Vanguard

Welcome to The Vanguard.  We are a group of novice citizens offering a fresh, new and insightful perspective of village politics to this blog.  We will have a number of researchers and contributors with fresh eyes and open ears without the fear of retribution that will provide a very frank and candid view of what really has been going on in Menomonee Falls’ politics for years and will continue to go on unless transparency and openness prevail.

Webster’s definition of vanguard refers to, “…the forefront of an action or movement”.  This blog will always attempt to abide by the guiding principles and ethics of The Journalist’s Creed from The Missouri School of Journalism written by Walter Williams around 1906 (  We will always be open, honest, fair, truthful and balanced giving the reader the choice to decide as to what they will believe without any prejudice or twisting of the facts.  We will humble ourselves when necessary and make adjustments. This blog is the result of so many observations of false and selective reporting, the deliberate and unfortunate persecution of so many innocent people by the press and media as well as the total lack of coverage of issues that are truly “newsworthy” that for whatever reason are never covered at all.  As avid listeners of talk radio and viewers of Fox News, we have often times found ourselves saying, “…hmmm, I didn’t know that”, when talk radio or cable tv has uncovered numerous stories that the mainstream media deliberately chooses to ignore or misrepresent to fit a certain agenda or bias.  The Vanguard will not do that.  To coin the phrase from Fox News, “We report, you decide”, The Vanguard will report and let you decide.  After so many personal experiences by members of The Vanguard with the press and media over the years, the genesis of the idea to have our “own” blog was born.

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My Cable TV Bill is Tumbling - Not

Fooled Again

 After a year's hype cable television now has serious competition.  All last year the phone company ran ads claiming that once a new law was passed the Citizens of Wisconsin would be on easy street.  A bill was in the works that would allow phone companies to provide television without paying a franchise fee to local governments. The claim was that new competition would force the cable operators to quit gouging us and lower prices. It was implied that the phone company would enter the market with significantly cheaper rates for equal service.  Every day the broadcast commercials told us to contact our legislators and demand that the new law be passed.  How nice it would be to actually pay fair prices for video service.

The law was passed.  Anyone (in the Milwaukee area)  can now sign up with AT&T and bring in video programs over the phone lines.  But guess what.  Their rates are basically the same as the cable operator. Poof....suddenly the commercials no longer talk about lower rates but instead focus on an old woman watching TV in an odd-shaped bed.

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Waiting for the Parade

holiday, neighborhood

I must confess, I don't care about parades. At all. Maybe it's because I spent a great deal of my childhood marching in parades, both for the Robinette's (I was a baton twirler) and for the Templeton Middle School marching band (I played the clarinet and the flute). Once I got to high school, I quit the band because it was mandatory that we had to march, and I'd had enough marching.

On the way home from work yesterday I took note of all the people along the Menomonee Falls parade route who were scouting out their spot for tonights parade. It almost made me wonder if the parade was last night, instead of tonight. This morning all the stakes and string and caution tape and lawn chairs, and other marking devices were there. My daughter, who is seven, asked me: What is going on? Why are all these people in areas that are marked off with caution tape?? And I had to explain to her that it wasn't police tape in this instance, it was areas that people were marking as their own for the parade which is later tonight.

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Happy 4th of July Menomonee Falls

Happy 4th of July

Our Creator Has Given us Many Blessings on the 4th of July

The Vanguard would like to wish everyone a very Happy 4th of July as time is spent with family, friends and neighbors in the Falls and surronding areas.

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Stupidity Disguised as Compassion Makes Taxes High

mortgage crisis responsibility bailout compassion

The dreaded “Mortgage Crisis” is in full bloom and the woe lemmings are dutifully following the doomsayers over the cliff of common sense.


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Running Partner

family, neighborhood, running

Over the past few weeks I've been running outside, rather than running on my treadmill. My dog, Maisy, has been my running partner. She does pretty good actually, and I'll bet we ran close to 15 miles last week, only taking Wednesday and Sunday off. Perhaps you've seen us running through the subdivisions off of Lilly and Hampton?

The only problem with running with my dog is that I don't want to push her, and in order to make sure she stays properly hydrated, I bought one of those Camelbak packs from REI. It's not the big one that goes on like a backpack, but rather a smaller one that actually I wear like a fanny pack and the water bladder rests on the small of my back. Surprisingly, it holds 48 oz of water, and Maisy is pretty good at drinking it straight from the hose like it's a bubbler.

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The Great Garbage Debate

garbage debate

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!!!!!!! 

Just a short note of thanks for visiting The Vanguard over the last week.  The blog was started about a week ago and by the time this new blog is posted around 1,000 visits will have been made to The Vanguard.  We’re off to a really good start thanks to you.  Let’s keep it going.  We have heard many positive comments about the blog so far and  promise to keep it interesting and informative so our community has somewhat of an idea of what is really going on with our local politics that will affect us for years to come.

 The Great Garbage Debate

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Falls Fest Right Around The Corner

Around Town

 My hat's off once again to Bob Steliga and his family for organizing a great party.  Falls Fest has become a tradition in midsummer thanks to weeks and weeks of planning on Steliga's part and recruiting dozens of volunteers to help out.  To boot, the fest makes a couple of bucks profit every year - all of which goes back to the community as funding for local projects.

Having a safe street party with lots of fun for the whole family makes the Falls stand out and show surrounding communities our best side.  And, it is truly enjoyable to run into old friends and chat about old times.

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That's How You Know

family, just because

In May I got a brand new Kenmore Elite He5t washing machine with the Quietpak 9 and a matching He5 Steam dryer - also with the Quietpak 9. I didn’t know that I could love a washer and dryer this much. The very second that Sears drove away after delivering and installing them I had a load of wash going — and all the laundry baskets were neatly lined up so that I could wash clear into the middle of the night if I chose to.

I’ve kept those machines running on a fairly regular basis ever since. If something needs to be washed I scope out all the dirty laundry until I’ve got enough to fill a load.

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Village President...Not a bad gig if you can get it

village president

The Hits Just Keep Coming

A huge thank you for reading The Vanguard over the last two weeks.  Like Oldies 95.7, the hits just keep coming.  By the time this posting is logged, we will have received over 2,400 hits in less than two weeks on our way to 3,000 and beyond.  We promise to keep the blog interesting, informative and insightful.  Thank you.

Citizens Approach The Vanguard for Follow up on Village President 

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Something Different

 Recently one of my sons noticed that another blogger on these pages often uses the 'royal we' in his posts.
He sent me the following snippet from an internet site he belongs to.

royal we

(ROI-uhl wee)

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The Dark Knight


The last Batman movie I saw starred Michael Keaton, or possibly George Clooney, I’m not entirely sure. But I think I had mono, and I swore I was dying, and someone had to DRIVE to Blockbuster to rent a movie. Yes, it was a very, very, very long time since I’ve watched a Batman movie. I love the roller coaster ride a Six Flags though, LOVE IT!

Zoe went to my parents for the night, and that means one thing: MOVIES!  NON-G-RATED MOVIES!!! And well, in order to see Mamma Mia!, I promised we could see The Dark Knight first. I ordered tickets online, and even though we got to the theater 25 minutes early, we still had to sit in the second row. FROM THE SCREEN. It was 4:50 in the afternoon, and for as much as I love movies, I have this problem where I fall asleep during them. It’s something to do with the dark lights, and the fact that my eyelids get really really REALLY heavy. I crossed my fingers that I wouldn’t fall asleep, just so that I could SAY that I DID NOT FALL ASLEEP.

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Pay Elected Officials More Money


That’s right, your eyes are not deceiving you. Future elected officials should be paid more-much more.

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Falls Fest...How did it come to this?

falls fest

Reader asks about Falls Fest 

A Vanguard reader asked if we could look into the Falls Fest matter from a historical perspective as well as some of the "deals" that Falls Fest seems to get that no other non-profit organization(s) seem to get in Menomonee Falls from the Village Board.  We will attempt to cover this issue the best we can when the local press seems to under report or not report on at all over the last few years.  Thanks for the idea.  We apologize ahead of time for the length of this posting, but it is necessary to fully appreciate the scope of all of these dealings with Falls Fest and the taxpayers over the last 13-15 years. 

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You will read elsewhere that a group of malcontents is now attacking Falls Fest as well as the people who operate it and the things they do with the profits.

 Year after year dozens of our neighbors donate their time and effort to put on this four-day event.  They volunteer themselves unselfishly for the good of the community. Sadly, their thanks is being accused of crookedness and are held up to ridicule by this small group of people whose main goal is to foment dissension.

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Subdivision Rummage Sale


This Saturday, July 26th, from 9-4 my subdivision, Brook Falls, will be having their annual rummage sale. It's located off of Lilly Rd, right across from Lamplight Farms, just north of Hampton Avenue. You can enter on Camelot or Brook Falls.

I'll be participating in the sale, and I hope to have all my stuff together tonight, in the garage, and properly labeled. Most of what I have to sell is clothing, toys, and books that my seven year old daughter has outgrown. Due to favorites, and of course, growth spurts, there are some that she's never even worn.

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Taking Advantage Of Our Liberty

Enough Is Enough

 Recently, on some blogs, there have been assertions and supposedly factual descriptions of actions regarding individuals and groups that suggest inappropriate or illegal activity on their part.

Remember that whatever one says or publishes in public may result in years of unhappiness if, in fact, what is said is not at all true.

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Starbucks and Boeing

Business Development

I just returned from Seattle, Washington and when I landed, the city was abuzz with the news that the United Arab Emirates had just ordered 200 planes from Boeing. When I left, the news was about Starbucks loosing about 1,000 executive positions. When a city has such diverse corporations, it is easy to see how bad news in one industry can be tempered by great news in another. Love Starbucks or hate them, it would be great to have a company like them headquartered in Milwaukee. There are still lots of good jobs at their headquarters and their building is beautiful site to see in a not so great part of Seattle.

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