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St Mary's class of 2006 alum wins scholarship

Kelly Frings, St. Mary’s 2006 alum and an incoming Senior at Pius XI High School has made a verbal commitment to accept a full-ride basketball scholarship to Bradley University. She informed Lady Braves head coach Paula Buscher of her decision to attend the Missouri Valley school during a recent phone conversation.

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Trustee McDonald Cited Again by Menomonee Falls Police for Alcohol Related Offenses and Obstructing an Officer

Happy 4th of July

In spite of what some are saying about our great country while constantly trying to tear America down under the guise of apologizing, environmentalism, fairness, equality and redistribution, America is without question the greatest, most caring and most giving country in the world in spite of those in the political and media circles who try to convince us on a daily basis that America isn't the greatest country in the world.

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Youth Demonstrate Artistic Talents

Approximately 35 youth demonstrated their artistic talents during the Menomonee Falls CE & Rec annual Chalk it Up Contest held at North Middle School on Wednesday, July 1.  While the weather scared some away, those that participated had a great time!  Participants competed in 6 different categories:
  • Best Design
  • Most Abstract
  • Field of Dreams
  • Best Use of Color
  • Super Hero's Save the Day
  • Most Patriotic

Check out the Chalk it Up Pictures at

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St. Mary's - Instilling Values

Our school principal Linda Joyner received this note from a 7th grade parent. We removed the names to share it with you.

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Surfin' Safari at the North Middle School Pool

Join your friends and family at the North Middle School Pool for Open/Family Swim on Friday, July 17 from 7:00 to 9:00 PM.  Rock on with a D.J. providing a mix of music from classic Beach Boys to today's Top 40.

$2 Children, $3 Adults or Current Season Swim Pass

Showing motion in a still photograph

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The 2nd Annual Best Young Catholic Poets' Workshop Ever

Catholic Schools, poetry

The 2nd Annual Best Young Catholic Poets' Workshop Ever

Date: Saturday, August 15th 

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SANDY'S STORIES: Those Really Rare Kittens

Periodically we feature a story from Sandy H., one of HAWS’ long-time supporters and friends.  Sandy is also a volunteer at HAWS, devoting much of her time to our Spay-Neuter Initiative Program (SNIP) clinic.  Working and living with animals for many, many years, Sandy often has remarked “Every animal has a story.”  We share her favorites.


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National Debt Road Trip


This golden nugget of video was sent to me from a reader in Washington D.C.

Whatever political party you support this video may change your perception about the last 5 U.S. Presidents.

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The Inmates Are Running The Asylum

My impression of the United States Federal Government.

Wisconsin's, too.

August Sports Camps - Register Today!

The Menomonee Falls Community Education & Recreation Department is running several sport camps throughout August.

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Red White and Brew

I am presently reading Red, White and Brew which is an interesting story of one man's journey to a number of craft breweries around the US.  This leads me to an idea that all readers should send in their best brewery tours that they have been on whether it is a local one, American one or perhaps an international tour.  I will compile a list and post the results on upcoming post.

There are some outstanding local tours and some great ones within a short driving distance.  Some of my personal ones are Lakefront brewery in Madison and the beer garden at Capital Brewery in Madison.

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Walking on the Moon

Today marks the 40th anniversary of mankind, and especially the U.S. achieving the miraculous dream of walking on the moon. Since human beings were able to tilt their heads skyward, there were dreams of exploring the moon.

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Our Neighborhood's Gone to the Dogs

For the next few weekends, HAWS' neighbor across the street on Northview - the Waukesha County Expo Center - is hosting several dog-centered events.  Be sure to check them out - and stop by our shelter while you're in the area.  HAWS is open all during construction and we would love to see you!  (As would our adoptable pets...!)

This weekend is the Waukesha Kennel Club's all breed show.  Shows like this are a great way to research the dog breed you're interested in bringing home with you.  You'll have an entire room full of breed-knowledgeable people, who will love to tell you about their breed and what kind of care/lifestyle it needs.  You can also see some great demonstrations like obedience and rally trials.

Sunday, August 2nd is Dog Day Afternoon at the Expo, brought to us by our friends at 'KLH, the Hog and more!  We'll be at the fest with many of our adoptable animals, and they'll be featured in adoptables parades at 11:15am and 1:45pm.  When you're done hangin' at the expo, stop by HAWS for our "companion" event - including snacks (yum!) and tours of our construction project

Have a good weekend!

By the way - it is very easy to get to our building right now - take the driveway to the west, and follow the very-well-marked walkways, go through the tunnel and right on in our front door.  Take a moment to marvel at the building project (and the construction workers - they love it!).  We'll see YOU soon - all the paws and claws at HAWS are looking forward to your visit!

Never To Return Again

Yesterday an old grade school pal sent me an e-mail of a clipping from the Milwaukee Journal.  Reading it set me back on my heels.  The clipping was a photograph published in April 1950 and showed a group of children flying kites in springtime.

The picture was taken across the alley from my house in Milwaukee and included me and seven of my neighborhood buddies. We all lived within a four block radius.   We were there, having fun, totally unsupervised.

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I sold My Cabbage Patch Kid (For 50 Cents)

just because

Don’t hate me, but I sold my Cabbage Patch Kid for 50 cents.

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Hughes and Other Familiar Faces will Make for a Fun State Summer Baseball Tournament

To Homestead baseball coach Ernie Millard, Franklin's Jim Hughes is the "silver-haired fox", a talented, genial and driven individual who has had the Sabers' among the state's elite for many years now.

His 700-plus wins are testament to his success, his longeviety and maybe to a sturdy set of combs as Hughes appears still to have every hair on his head that he was born with.

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The Temperatures Cool Down, but the Action is Heating Up!

If your team is looking for a fall home, the CE & Rec Department has you covered.  Join our Fall Adult Sports Leagues today!  This year's offerings will include Men's and Coed Softball; Men's, Women's and Coed Volleyball; and Men's Basketball.  There are a variety of league options and days of the week to choose from but openings are filling fast, so don't delay!

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Breaking News: U.S. Wins War In Iraq

Iraq War

Perhaps I missed it, due to the obsessive coverage of the death of Michael Jackson, but it appears we won the Iraq War.

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