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The Founding Fathers and The Price They Paid

The following is from a mass circulated email received over 10 years ago. It is fascinating and much of it true, some of it not. The urban legend web site Snopes has some clarification on part of this document. For further fact checking click here.

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Patriotic Prizes for Kitten Adopters!

This holiday weekend, cats in adoption will be showing off their patriotic paws as they flash their red, white or blue Soft Claws. Now is a great time to adopt, as the Wisconsin Humane Society has an unusually large population of adoptable cats.

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Blue Stars - A spectacular group of kids

Early this morning a group of young people between 14 and 21 assembled at the school across from my house.  They brought with them drums and all of the percussion trappings needed for a drum and bugle corps.

They used the school as a rehearsal site for the holiday parade.  At about 9 a.m. they began to practice their routines.  They practiced and practiced all day until midafternoon.

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July Notes

I hope that everyone had a great 4th of July Holiday enjoying the great weather and events in the area.  I enjoyed Summerfest, the Waukesha 4th of July parade, and the World Cup 2010 coverage.  I mentioned in my last post about matching beers to the countries and to do a sampling with friends of all the different beers.  ESPN did a World of Beers segment on their webite which I found very entertaining.  The semi finals begin today and it finishes up with the final match on Sunday the 11th.

The smoking ban went into effect on the 5th of July.  This being a statewide ban I believe will have an overall positive effect on the restaurant and bar industry.  Being smoke free will hopefully bring out new or bring back old customers to a lot of these establishments.  Let me know your opinions in the comment section about your feelings with the statewide smoking ban.

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Staying Happy & Healthy

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Meet Brewser, currently in residence at HAWS and available for adoption.

Brewzer is a 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier.  He’s wire-haired…and “wired”!  This active boy is ready to go, go, GO!  Like many members of his breed group, Brewzer is a high-energy dog and quite smart.  When properly channeled, his energy could make him a great running partner - or agility or flyball dog.  If you’re looking for a playmate to keep you active, Brewzer is your boy!  If you know and love your terriers, have we got the terrier for you!

(Funny how write-ups on Jack Russells and others of his ilk require the use of many "!!!!!"s.)

A dog like Brewzer illustrates perfectly why HAWS has our Behavior Department, Mod Squad and many volunteer dog walkers.  On any given day, our kennel is filled with dogs that don't quite fit the terms "average" or "typical."  These dogs may need special attention to keep them in the right state of mind...and to get them ready for their new adoptive homes.

In truth, there may not be such a thing as "average" anymore when it comes to shelter dogs.  We see all sizes, breeds, ages and energy levels.  Some are comfortable in a kennel environment, some are not so sure.  Some have good doggy manners, others need a little work on the basics.  And some, like Brewzer, just need more stimulation or enrichment to keep them on an even keel.

Our Mod Squad works with the more challenging adoptables.  Our dog-walking volunteers make sure all the animals in our care get out-and-about for exercise.  And our staff keeps an ever-close eye to make sure our residents are happy, healthy and ready to go home.

By the way - First Weber Realtors of Lake Country recently held a "Take Your Dog to Work Day" for their employees, raising over $800 for the HAWS cause!  A great day was had by all - both human and canine.

Did you know that ANY individual, business or group can do an event for HAWS?  Learn how at our website.

Gerbil Depardieu Wins Bastille Race at WHS

Meet the Winner of the Storming of the Bastille, Gerbil Depardieu!

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Last Chance for FIDO!

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Surfin' Safari Pool Party

Enjoy open swim at the NMS Pool while listening to some of your favorite music!  Rock on with a D.J. providing a mix of music from classic Beach Boys to today's Top 40.  Regular open swim admission or swim pass apply.  $3 Adults, $2 Children

This is a great family event, or an opportunity for students to reconnect with their friends from school!

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A message from the 2010 Salutatorian

This message was provided to the Class of 2010 at their graduation ceremony.

Dear St. Mary Community,

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TWICE the Fun!

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At HAWS we often hear a saying that is popular with cat fans, including many of our cat "cuddlers" volunteers:  Cats are like potato chips, you can't have just one.

Sure it is fodder for t-shirts and needlepoint pillows, but there is also much truth to the concept.  And most folks who have had cats will agree, 2 is better than 1!

While dogs are more "pack-oriented" by nature and will adopt their humans as their pack, cats are often more independent.  (Admit it, if you've ever been near a cat, you've been "dissed" by one...)  Cats do, however, enjoy the company of another one of their own kind, and this can make YOUR life better, and easier, as a cat guardian.

One of the plusses of cats:  they are great companions for busy people.  They sleep alot, so when you aren't home they're not missing you.  During your few precious hours at home, though, ANY pet - including a cat - requires attention, exercise and playtime.  If you have more than 1 cat, guess who they can play with and cuddle with?  Each other!  No, this doesn't let you off the hook completely, but it sure helps when you've had a particularly exhausting day.

(Sure, more than 1 cat means more than one litter box, and probably a bigger food dish, but you were cleaning and feeding anyway...)

We have lots of cats and kittens at HAWS, along with a program called "The Buddy System" - adopt 2 for the price of 1 with bonded pairs of adult cats (like Joey and Oliver, pictured at left).  Or, if you're ready for some real crazy fun, adopt 1 kitten and get the second at half price!

As long as you're looking for one cat, why not take two?!

By the way - coming up on July 25th, from 11am to 3pm, is the annual HAWS Mini-Golf Outing.  Join us at National Golf Center in Big Bend for 18 holes of putting for paws!  $12 per person, or $10 + an item from our Wish List.  Sponsored by the Friends of HAWS!

Music Education Benefits Society

As the summer concert season is upon us, it has given me an opportunity to reflect on how much music is a part of our lives.  Not just pricey concerts at Summerfest or the Bradley Center but all the smaller Concert in the Park venues, parades and even backyards.  Think about an average day and how much you listen to music.  Its on in the car, its on at home, its on your Ipod or your MP3 player, its on in the gym, the elevator (OK we can argue about Muzak later), etc.

Now think about the benefits of  music education for our children.  Studies have shown that children who participate in playing a musical instrument :

  • perform better in math , science and communication skills and score higher on the SAT and ACT
  • are more self disciplined which leads to better study and work habits
  • are less likely to become involved with drugs or alcohol
  • are better problem solvers and creative thinkers
  • are better "team" players

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Shamrock needs a little luck

At 7 years old, Shamrock enjoys long naps and snuggle sessions. She is a gentle and friendly American Pitbull Terrier/Labrador Retriever mix who is always ready for an adventure.

Shamrock loves playing fetch and exploring the world on a nice, long walk.

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Meet Siska!

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Since it is the Dog Days of Summer, we'd like you to meet one of our many adoptable dogs at HAWS!

This is Siska.  She is a German Shepherd mix who celebrated her 7th birthday in May.  This beautiful gal has a long coat which gives her a more shaggy appearance the most of the German Shepherds we're used to seeing.

Siska's story is a bit sad:  She was brought to HAWS after her owner died.  Other family members were simply unable to care for her, so she found safe haven with us.  We were happy to welcome her!

This loyal dog is working with our Mod Squad - the volunteers from our Behavior Department who do special things like Tellington TTouch to help the HAWS residents who need a little extra TLC.  Probably because of her age, a shelter environment is a little more disconcerting for Siska, so the Mod Squad daily spends time giving her the reassurance she needs to stay comfortable here while waiting for her new home.

Siska is looking for companionship and love, leisurely walks (when it isn't too warm out!) and a nice quiet place to relax.  Stop by any day to meet her!

By the way - this weekend is a BUSY one for HAWS!  Our annual Mini-Golf outing is Sunday, July 25th (sponsored by the Friends of HAWS group.)  Also, our Mobile Adoption unit will be all over the county, even in the Dousman Derby Days Parade on Sunday.  Check us out!

Sorry, Im Going To Miss Falls Fest

For the first time since it's beginning, I'm going to be out of town for Falls Fest.  It is always such a pleasure to meet old friends and acquaintances while volunteering in the ticket booth.

Meg and I are instead motoring down to the Atlanta area to visit one of my sons and his family.  It is fixin' to be the hottest weekend of the summer, but I hope to be riding in air conditioned comfort in my car.

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Broken Leg, Awesome Spirit

When our veterinarians approach this funny fellow in the WHS veterinary clinic, they are welcomed by a goofy grin and wagging tail.  Despite suffering a traumatic injury, Rockefeller is optimistic and eager to trust.

He wasn’t always so happy. The 1-year-old Bassett Hound mix arrived at WHS from another shelter with a bad limp in his rear leg. We don't know whether he was hit by a car, fell from a porch, or suffered abuse, but Rockefeller had fractured his femur and was living with an undiagnosed broken bone for months...

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Go To Falls Fest, Fireworks Tonight and Flood Pix

Community Event

Just called Jeff Steliga. Falls Fest is cancelled for this evening for the first time in 18 years.

Let's all give them a record night for Friday

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Doggie Games at WHS for Adoptathon Weekend

ASPCA Kickoff Adopt-a-thon: August 1 & 2!!!
Bring your dogs for some fun at our ASPCA Kickoff Adopt-a-thon on Sunday and Monday, August 1 and 2. A bone dig, agility course, bobbing for hot dogs and Pupcasso Paw Paintings will keep your pooch entertained, and the kids will love the crafts, face painting and scavenger hunt. Activities will run from 10-4 and adoption hours can be found here. A TweetUp will be held from 1-3. Register here.

OHS will be at PetSmart in Grafton on August 1!
Join the Ozaukee Humane Society on August 1 at the PetSmart in Grafton to meet and adopt wonderful companion animals and help raise awareness for the 100K Challenge! Check out for more details.

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Homecoming - Celebrating our Alumni

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Rah!With temps flirting with the 90s and the humidity in "very damp" range, it is hard to focus on fall.  But that's exactly what we're doing at HAWS:

Our annual fall fundraiser is October 16th.  This year, we're having our very own HOMECOMING!  Rah!

Tickets will go on sale September 1st, but we need you to get involved already, right now:

Our Homecoming Committee is looking for sponsors for this fun event.  Sponsorships include special VIP tickets to the event with early entry and reserved seating, advertising for your company or group, and the great feeling you get when you've helped HAWS help the animals and their people in our community!  Get in touch with us by August 4th and you'll be part of our really neat (really, really neat), personalized event invitations that are sent out to 12,500+ friends of the HAWS cause.

It's very easy to get involved:  Head on over to our HAWS Homecoming webpage and download the sponsorship info, then send your sponsorship commitment form back to us via fax, snail mail, carrier pigeon (really, we do get plenty of those stopping by our shelter, so why not?!)...or email Jen or Nichole at and we'll get you all set.  Sponsorships range from $250 - $5000.  You can call us for more info, too - 262-542-8851, x107.

HAWS Homecoming will feature the usual great food, auction items, raffle and casino games, but this year we have a few special twists!  We'll kick off the evening with our very own Homecoming Parade (you can sponsor a float in that, too, by the way, for $100) and a Homecoming Court of Adoptable Pets from our shelter.  You might even be able to take home the King or Queen...

So Join our Team!  Show Your Spirit!  Become a Sponsor!  Rah!

By the way - HAWS fall fundraiser is one of the 2 main events our shelter does annually in support of our animals, services and programs.  Your support means the world to us and the animals and people we serve each day.  Thank you!

Immigration Law

Our government has been unable to stop waves of people crossing our borders without going through checkpoints that they created.  Even though one after another law pertaining to immigration and visas for visitors have been enacted, enforcement has been elusive at best.

Our government has passed these regulations, but neglects to act when lawbreakers openly defy the rules. One of our united states wishes to enforce the law.  Our government disagrees and has stopped the Arizona law.  Now there are several other states wishing to enact a similar bit of legislation.

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Summertime magic

It is a great time for beer drinkers in Wisconsin to get out and sample new beers.  This week there is a new Beer festival that will be in Milwaukee on Saturday.  They are having over 40 breweries having their products sampled.  It looks to be a great event so check it out if you are at all interested in beer.

Next week the Wisconsin State Fair kicks off and there will be numerous opportunities to sample State and regional beers at various stands throughout the grounds. I encourage everyone to try some of the new beers that will be availible this year.

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