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Sociale’ No More?


I wanted to write a post about a neat new way to have gourmet meals at home at a very reasonable price but I am not sure they are open anymore. They are located at Good Hope and Appleton Ave. in the beautiful new retail and condo development called Woodlands Market Place.

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Sprinklers and Rain

just because

I remember getting up at 3 o'clock in the morning to let the dog out, and the sprinklers were busy watering my lawn. Of course, now it's raining.  

Protecting Against Voter Fraud in Menomonee Falls

voter fraud

Vanguard Updates

We promised to bring you updates on various issues until they get resolved to our satisfaction.  Our posting this week will be on voter fraud in Menomonee Falls and what can be done to protect us against these vicious and illegal tactics by some that severely compromise what our forefathers bled and died for giving us the privilege to vote for the candidate of our choice.

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Tom, Tom the piper's son...

Nasty People

 ...stole a pig and away he ran.

Shame on some of our citizens. It seems that some people are out to ruin everyone's fun.  Stealing pigs meant for people to visit on a scavenger hunt is about as poor citizenship as a malcontent always stirring up issues to divide the peace and quiet of a community.

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OBITUARY: Feminism

Feminism Politics



"To be hoist with Ms. own petard"    Shakespear – from Hamlet*

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Dan Knodl's Dirty Tricks


 I chuckled at first this morning when the first of many e-mails arrived at my desk.  Each one referenced  a particular well known member of the community who was "endorsing" the candidacy of Dan Knodl for State Assembly.

The problem is that each of these community leaders is disavowing that endorsement and claiming that no permission was given to Dan for using their name.

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Breaking News! State Rep Race

Local Politics

I have received several e-mails regarding candidate Dan Knodl. His literature has several people listed as endorsements that clearly are not endorsing Knodl.


My name is on that list. There are many more, including two sitting members of the MF School Board.


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Children's Tumor Foundation-Please Support

This came to me from some friends and great people 

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911 - Never Forget

Solumn Memory

 We all bow our heads today in memory of those who lost their lives in that tragety - and later, for our troops unselfishly giving their lives on our behalf.

Hidden Mickeys


That's right, I'm up to my eyeballs searching for the Hidden Mickeys, down here in Disney World, specifically the Animal Kingdom Lodge. Now, before you go and get all jealous that I'm down here, and you are up there, I've got to tell you that it's raining. RAINING!

Raining. On. My. Vacation.

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Feds Bail Out Teddy MAC

Capitalism, mortgage crisis responsibility bailout compassion, personal responsibility, Politics

In a move with way too much precedent, the Federal Government came to the rescue of Teddy Mac, or “T-Mac” as he is known to his creditors, to help him make his Lamborghini, Italian sports car payments.        


Sadly, Teddy Mac is a victim, as is a growing number of people, who bought massive or expensive vehicles and are getting caught by high gas prices and other realities that existed long before he actually bought the car.         

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Double Dipping Public Employee Contracts...Is the end near? For the taxpayer's sake, let's hope so.

double dipping

Vanguard Updates and Follow ups

This has been a full week and there's a lot to get caught up on.  Let's get started.

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What More Could Be Fairer?

Random thoughts

 Yes, I know the grammar is far from acceptable. But, that phrase was used over and over again many years ago by Roundy Coughlin.  Roundy - known as The Sage of Mendota was an elderly Madison sports reporter in the 60's. He used that phrase at least once in every broadcast sports report - often if there was a bit of irony associated with the story.

So after 42 years  of marriage, Meg and I often use that phrase - often totally out of context in our daily lives.

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Wine Odyssey: ABC


I love to shop for wine, and I was looking for a way to make choosing a wine more fun, and somewhat challenging. What did I come up with? It may sound rather silly, but I decided that I was going to go straight through the alphabet, starting with A and ending with Z.

I'll be sharing my wine choices with you as I go, and I'm going to begin with A, B, and C. All three wines were purchased from Sendik's in Brookfield.

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Thank You Jenny Jennings

Business Development

The Big Pig Gig has come and gone for 2008. Thanks are in order for the organizer Jenny Jennings. Whether the event was a financial success remains to be seen, but the buzz it generated for Menomonee Falls around SE Wisconsin was tremendous.


Many people helped make this event possible but (as I am fond of saying, because it is true) leadership makes things happen, not committees. Leaders take risks.


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I Have Learned A Couple Of Things

Never Put It Off

 This weekend Meg and I helped one of our sons move his family into a new apartment near the high school.  We carried stuff up the stairs, down the stairs, up again, down again.  Repeat a couple of hundred times.  And that was just at the old apartment.  Similar actions also happened at the new place.
I learned a couple of things:

First:  While my brain tells me that I am in my early twenties, the rest of me tells me otherwise.  No matter which way I move today, some muscle or another is tweaked into the it's attention mode.  Attention comes in two ways: soreness or pain.  Sometimes both.

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I Believe In Signs


I believe in signs.

For instance, whenever I see someone make a Florida U-turn I know that it’s a sign from my grandpa, who died in 2003, he taught me what a Florida U-turn was. Another sign was when I was at the grocery store on the anniversary of the day that he died and I was paying for my groceries with my debit card when a penny shot out of the change machine right in front of me. It took me a whole day to figure it out, but the coincidence that a penny dropped out of nowhere on the death anniversary of a grandpa who collected his pennies for me (and my brother) was, to me, definitely a sign.

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A Burning Issue

Hot Issue

 What can divide a community more than loss of or intrusion upon personal freedom?

In the Falls the current issue is centered around who can or cannot burn combustible materials on their property.  Each side in the controversy has a valid argument.  One side says 'my health and pursuit of happiness is violated due to the smoke' , and the other says ' we enjoy the smell of burning leaves and barbecued meat'.

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Saint Zilber’s Gift

Community Service

What can be done regarding the "Central City" these days?

Children are killed, reading on their porch, from errant gunfire directed at rival gang members. Dropout rates are close to a shocking 50% leaving few kids with a hope of elevating themselves beyond street urchin. Teen and unwed pregnancy rates are the highest in the nation ensuring the cycle will continue for another generation.

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Teavana vs. Sunflower Seed Cookies

family, neighborhood

Okay, so I went a little bit overboard on Saturday at Teavana. I was out of my beloved Honeybush Vanilla tea, and was getting dangerously low on the Mate Vana/Rooibos Chai blend. How would I begin my day without it? And that German Rock Sugar, well I needed a refill on that too. I resisted the urge to buy a Perfect Tea maker to keep at work, because I thought my husband would have a cow, but I splurged and bought three tin canisters in order to keep my tea fresh. Oh, and I then I bought a cup of Spice Nut Mate tea, because well, I really needed some caffeine.

I brought all my tea (and canisters) home, lined them up on the counter, and watched my husband do an eye roll. He knew this day was coming, the day that I needed the tin canisters. They really do keep the tea fresher than the bags. Honestly.

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