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The Best 8 Bucks You Ever Spent

Don't Miss This

 For all you snowbound people on Saturday:
Once you are shoveled out and the salt is applied, get yourselves over to North Middle School on Sunday.

Falls Patio Players is performing "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" .  I saw the Friday night performance and left with tears in my eye.

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just because

This is highly unusual for me, but I seem to have spent the entire weekend watching the Showtime series Weeds. It all started out rather innocently last weekend when the season 1, disk 1 arrived from Netflix. My husband wasn't even interested in watching the show. By the second episode we were both hooked. I don't even want to count how many episodes I've watched since I popped disk 2 in my DVD player on Friday night, but let's just say that this morning we finished season 2 and at 10:00 a.m. I was on the phone to Time Warner Cable impulse-subscribing to Showtime. I cleaned the family room while I watched Nancy fish her weed out of her suburban swimming pool --- hey, it made me feel like I was doing something productive. The last time I watched a tv series in a marathon-like manner Puck was living in the Real World house in San Francisco.

We are on episode 29, I think, and from what I can tell we need to pace ourselves, because I have no clue when season 4 begins. Do you?

Traveling This Season

Basketball season has arrived! 

Attending the first games of the season this past weekend was a lot of fun – win or lose. The time spent in the gyms reminds us parents of the enthusiasm that comes with youth. 

Watching the 5th grade games is often the most entertaining. If it has been a few years since you’ve watched this level of play, you can forget how many times traveling is called early in the 5th grade season. It’s also great to watch them learn how to in-bound the ball (you can’t just walk it in!) and how to properly substitute players (no running onto the court without the ref knowing!) 

These inexperienced young players are learning the fundamentals of the game from their very patient coaches and the very understanding referees. They’re also learning some of the benefits that come from a team sport….fair play, hard work and supporting each other.

Thanks to all the basketball coaches who give their time and talent to help turn these traveling youngsters into sound basketball players!


The December McDonalds night will be Tuesday Dec. 4th.

The December McDonalds night will be Tuesday Dec. 4th. It will once again be held at the McDonalds on County Line Road from 4:00-8:00. The address is N96 W17512 Countyline Road

Any sales of food, soda or gift certificates are included in our totals so please stop by for some great food and camaraderie. Consider buying gift certificates for stocking stuffers, Christmas gifts, etc.

Thanks for your support!


Politics With A Twist

Something Different

 Disclaimer:  I lean toward the Libertarian philosophy - conservative with a buck, and liberal with your personal freedoms.

Today Don Imus returned to the airwaves around the country on several venues.  No matter how you might feel about his on-air remarks a few months ago, this maverick of the airways has a way of interviewing political candidates and pundits that is not regulated by a "party line" or sponsor/network influences.

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St. Mary Parish To Send 300 Stuffed Bears With Prayers to Honduras

Families from St. Mary Parish in Menomonee Falls will be sending stuffed toy bears and prayers to families in Honduras this December as they participate in a service project sponsored by the Child Ministry program at the parish.

300 toy-sized “Prayer Bears” will be hand-stuffed by over 200 parents, grandparents and children on Sunday, December 9th, as part of a Fiesta themed service day at the church.  Parish members will connect with the culture of their sister parish, Puerto Cortes, in Honduras by attending mass together, then making the prayer bears during a gathering which will feature a Fiesta including lunch and music, with piñatas for the children.  Afterwards, the bears will be sent to Honduras, as an expression of the prayers and support St. Mary parishioners have for the people of their sister parish.

Each bear has a pocket, in which a two-sided prayerful message card will be inserted, one side with a prayer in Spanish and the other an expression of hope and joy, chosen by the family working on each bear.  Harcourt Religion Publishers in Orlando, Florida, has generously donated the bear kits.  Parish members have responded to a request for donations of enough polyester fiberfill to fill all 300 bears.

As part of the Christian Formation program at St. Mary in Menomonee Falls, the Child Ministry program provides religious education for children in kindergarten through fifth grade.  Barbara Searing, Director of Child Ministry, creates and organizes family service days at the parish.  

For more information, please contact Barbara Searing at 262-251-1154, or via email at 


Photo Hunt: Weather Vane

photo hunt

Here is the next photo hunt! Do you know the location in Menomonee Falls where this photo was taken?

To play either leave a comment with your guess (note: I'll hold all correct comments in moderation as to not spoil the fun), send me an email to, or just play along at home. I'll reveal the location on Friday Saturday (since I have no idea what happened to my picture and I had to insert it again).

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The Cost Of Running For Political Office

Local Elections

 Nothing in this life is free. That said, becoming a candidate for election is a costly matter both for you and the taxpayers of Menomonee Falls.

If you choose to enter the fray, I hope you will understand the costs to you of time and effort that come with the job.  Whether for the Village Board or School Board, the pay is modest and meetings can become long and tedious.  You will probably not see as much of your family as you would like.

There are governmental costs as well.  For each candidate taking out nomination papers there are reams of paperwork and staff time necessary to fulfill the requirements of state election laws.

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Photo Hunt: Revealed!

just because, photo hunt

The latest photo hunt picture is from the top of the building that the US Post Office is in on the corner of Shady Lane and Appleton Avenue, or St. Francis and Appleton Ave, depending on where you turn. A few of you emailed in that it's located at Colonial Plaza, which is further down Appleton Avenue towards Main Street. I have to admit, all the replies that it was Colonial Plaza really stumped me, which is why this reveal is so late. Congratulations to Debbie for finding it!

So it's a snow day today, and the timing could not be be more perfect! Yesterday, Home Depot delivered to my house a brand new snowthrower! It's a two stage, and has 208cc engine -- which I guess can be converted to horsepower, but I try my best to not do any extra math, so I'm just going to say it's got Super Hero Power. AND, this is the best part, TODAY is my husband's birthday! What more could a guy ask for? First, a snowthrower, then a snow storm in which to use his brand new snowthrower! Although, I did have to use it this morning already. He left for work before there was enough snow to clear, so I took care of it before I left for work. It was awesome!!

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Whazzamatter with Channel 4 HD?

Broadcast Television

Watching the 6 o'clock news tonight, I was again annoyed by the picture being out of sync with the sound. The faces lips moved a fully a quarter second before the accompanying sound was broadcast.
Technology is wonderful when applied properly.  But, why cannot the broadcast engineers make the sound come out at the same time the lips move?

High definition TV is beautiful.  The audio going along with it stinks.  And, it's not only WTMJ.  Each of the others have the same problems now and then but it gets my ire most on channel 4. (Perhaps that's because I watch their local stuff more than the others.)

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The Classic "Christmas Song"


One of the great Christmas CD’s is The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. The CD is named after Nat’s signature The Christmas Song written by an aspiring songwriter named Mel Torme’ (with words by Bob Wells) who played it after one of Nat’s gigs. Nat immediately loved it and began working on it late into the night.


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Jazz - The American Artform


 Sadly, mainstream jazz seem to be declining right now.  This artform has been widely appreciated by decades of Americans as our contribution to a unique music genre.

This is my favorite music. Freeform, expressive, plus a host of other unique descriptive adjectives, may give you a hint what this is  all about.  Sadly, in much of today's music, mindless strumming accompanied by outright aggression on instruments has wandered into the listeners spotlight.

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Landmark 1, Mid-America 0


On Wednesday I finally closed our checking and savings accounts at Mid-America Bank. If you are following my banking saga you'll remember that my husband and I recently switched to Landmark Credit Union. The process (at Mid-America) I had to go through to close the account was minor, and after all the security issues I had with Landmark I was appalled that I didn't have to show any identification to prove that I was indeed Kimberly G. Laczniak. All I had to do was spell my last name, and then choose to either have a check written for the balance, or receive cash. 

Seriously, I could have been ANYONE, and they could have just given ANYONE all of my money, and closed my accounts too. They are pretty darn lucky that it was really me closing my accounts.

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The Hardest Working Man In Meno Falls


The hardest working man in the Falls has to be my “G-man” Eric, who works for Waste Management.


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A Classic "Christmas Song"


One of the great Christmas CD’s is The Christmas Song by Nat King Cole. The CD is named after Nat’s signature The Christmas Song written by an aspiring songwriter named Mel Torme’ (with words by Bob Wells) who played it after one of Nat’s gigs. Nat immediately loved it and began working on it late into the night.

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Keeping Your New Year's Resolution & Giving Thanks

It's that time of year when many individuals start thinking about their new year's resolution.  The problem is that most resolutions get tossed to the curb sooner than later.  Sticking to your resolutions, defining clear goals, and having the resources to accomplish those goals make sticking to your new year's resolution much more successful!  What's your new year's resolution?  The odds are in your favor, that no matter what your resolution is, The Community Ed. & Recreation Department can provide you with opportunities to stick to your goals.

To Spend More Time With Family and Friends
According to Wanda Hope Carter, "Family and friends are hidden treasures, seek them and enjoy their riches."  Menomonee Falls offers a wide variety of social programs for family and friends to spend time together.  Bridge, Sheepshead, Knitting, Pool, Special Events, and a daily lunch are opportunities the older adult population can enjoy at the Menomonee Falls Community Center.  If it's family time you're looking for, visit North Junior High during any of our open swim times or visit one of the many parks located in Menomonee Falls.  We also have our Parent/Child Free Throw Contest, Parent/Child Basketball Program and Parent/Child Football Program in the fall.  The ultimate family event is the SDMF 5K Run & Walk.  The goal of this family fun event is to increase obesity awareness and promote health and fitness within our community.  This year's run will be held on Saturday, April 26 starting at 8:00 a.m.

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Roof Rakes

just because

If you'd have asked me what a roof rake was last week, I wouldn't have had the first clue. That all changed this week. It started when I arrived at work on Tuesday and my mom asked me if I had icicles on my house (remember, I work with my family), and I do, so then she told me how I needed to get the snow off my roof. I gave a half-hearted nod of agreement, then turned to my newspaper. There, on the front page of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's Metro section was a huge article about how roofs are under attack of the snow and the readership must get the snow off the roof, or else.

Okay, so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic, and perhaps it didn't exactly say that -- but that's how it felt to someone who had never really given much thought to the snow pile-up on her roof before. And to add to the urgency, I was told that all the stores were sold out of these roof rakes.

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Is Expensive Wine Better?


Last week Friday my wine club had their Holiday splurge on wines. We all pitched in $25, and there were about 13 of us, so that gave us a generous budget to work with. All wines were purchased at Waterford Wine Co., (located on Milwaukee’s Brady Street) under the advise of Ben. Here’s what we tasted:

Henri Goutorbe Cuvee Prestige Champagne, Premier Crue, Brut. Approximately $50. This was devine, and I wish I could provide you a link, but I can’t quite find this exact champagne for you. From my tasting experience, I believe this champagne was made from the pinot noir grape. It’s from Champagne, France, which is where all champagne is from, if it’s not made there, it must be called sparkling white wine.

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Christmas Spirit Has Certainly Arrived

The Christmas Spirit

 Saturday we took our grandson for an outing in Chicago.  We experienced the Museum of Science and Industry and had a wonderful time.  We were pleasantly surprised at the new train and bus depot in Milwaukee.  It was clean, bright and beautiful - a far cry from the recent past.  The train ride was excellent.  It left promptly on time and arrived a minute early in Union Station.  

We took two taxi rides in Chicago.  Both drivers - with unpronounceable names were pleasant and their cabs were clean and neat.

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Predictions 2008

Predictions for 2008


In my youth, my friends and I had a fascination with Jean Dixon’s predictions. Every year about this time, she would announce her “visions” of what would happen in the following year. It took a while but most rational people realized her predictions were pure entertainment, ambiguous, and she was probably less qualified to predict outcomes than your average Vegas bookie. Since I fall into the latter category, here are my predictions for 2008.

  1. Milwaukee will loose SAB Miller/Coors as the corporate HQ to Golden Colorado. There are too many reasons to state here/now but I will have a whole entry on this in about a week. Hint: Taxes are a factor.
  1. After much huffing and puffing, Major League Baseball will see little, if any fan repercussion from Steroid Fest. The fans will remain as loyal, as they have after strike after strike, when they proclaim, “That’s it! I am through with baseball (while they are writing their check to renew their season tickets). I also predict a slight drop in attendance from the average fans fed up with pro sports in general. Interest in HS baseball will increase in the Falls.
  1. The High School renovation will complete on time and on budget.
  1. Ted Kanavas will emerge as a viable candidate for Governor.
  1. Main Street will see the first sign of revitalization by the end of October.
  1. Los Lobos will produce a soundtrack to a very popular movie and finally get the recognition they have long deserved, but never received. They were the best, original and pure band of the 90s and nobody has taken their place in the 00s.
  1. Hillary Clinton will easily win the Democratic nomination for President. After a brutal battle on the Republican side, Mitt Romney will win the Republican nomination. Barack Obama will emerge as a major contender for 2012 after running a very smart and decent campaign. He should, but will not, be offered the VP position on the ticket keeping him weak on world affairs. John Edwards will surprise everyone with a strong but ineffective finish. Mike Huckabee will self-destruct and have no chance at a VP spot. He will consider a run as a 3rd party candidate.
  1. Mitt Romney will win the Presidency in 2008. It will not be as close as earlier Presidential elections.
  1. Brittany Spears will have a near death experience, either by her own intention or by personal abuse. Her life will not change. Paris Hilton will finally fall into the obscurity she richly deserves.
  1. The new Milwaukee Police Chief will ruffle many feathers, get measurable results, and move on to a bigger challenge in 3 years. He will have many of the characteristics of the former, Chief Harold Brier that will endear him to some and be hated by many, but he will get results.
  1. Measurable progress by our troops in Iraq will lead Al-Qaeda to realize defeat and turn their efforts toward Pakistan. This will obviously have a major impact on the middle-east but will play a major development in the Afgan War.
  1. There will be no new fine dinning restaurant to replace Lohmann’s. A local restaurant will emerge as thee place to have a Friday fish fry that will be recognized outside of Meno Falls as well.
  1. will have fierce competition from Google’s new advance into online encyclopedias. Microsoft will soon join the fray with an online version to suplement Encarta. The battle will be over accuracy of information. This has been needed on the web for a long time. The biggest winners here will be everyone, especially students.
  1. Water battles will continue among communities, state, and federal agencies, demonstrating the growing importance of water as an economic resource. It will emerge as a great opportunity to bring people and jobs back to Wisconsin-if the politicos don’t mess it up first.
  1. General David Petraeus will be Time’s Man of the Year – One year too late.

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