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We are thankful!

At Thanksgiving the first graders have thought of so many things for which to be thankful! They have put their ideas into a poem.


T trees, trolleys

H hospitals, houses

A alphabet, animals, ants

N nature, nuts, nights

K kangaroos, kites, koalas

S sand, Santa, snakes

G God, gorillas, grass

I ice cream, infants, ice

V violins, valentines, vets

I iguanas, information, igloos

N Native Americans, newts

G Grandmas and Grandpas

Happy Thanksgiving from the first graders in Room 120!!

Obama Fairness "Silence" Doctrine Comes Early to Menomonee Falls Village Board Budget Hearing

Silence Doctrine

Vanguard Coverage this Posting 

  • Obama's Fairness "Silence" Doctrine comes early to Menomonee Falls
  • Attendance records of Village President and Trustees examined
  • School district enrollment on the decline through 2017-18
  • IRS cites Falls Cable Access
  • Police Department apologizes to false arrest victim
  • DA contradicts Village Clerk on her documents for 2004 voting irregularities that apparently don't exist 
  • $700 billion taxpayer bailout follow up with Obama appointments
  • Jeskewitz unused sick leave payout
  • Donate blood at St. Mary's on December 9th

Obama Fairness "Silence" Doctrine Comes Early to Menomonee Falls Village Board for Citizens at Budget Hearing

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Beautiful Nativity World

There is a wonderful Nativity collection from all every part of the world on display at Holy Cross Lutheran Church on Pilgrim Road, about a quarter mile south of Appleton.

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Complimentary With Purchase

holiday, neighborhood

Like I've said before, I love the Lush store which is located in Macy's at Mayfair Mall. Today I purchased some soaps and lotions for Christmas gifts and was treated to a complimentary chair massage. What's not to love about that? The massage therapist, who is also named Kimberly, works for Healing Hands Therapy Center, LLC, located in Wauwatosa. She found knots in my back and neck that I didn't even know were there; it was wonderful! Stop in at Lush next week Saturday, I believe that Healing Hands will be there again.

Urgent...Contact Village Board Before December 15th on Garbage Agreement

Issues in this Posting

  • Make sure garbage agreement benefits the taxpayers first
  • School District 2007 test scores

Urgent...Contact Village Board Before December 15th on New Garbage Agreement

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Community Blood Drive - January 19, 2009

Menomonee Falls Community Education & Recreation in partnership with the Blood Center of Wisconsin is hosting a Community Blood Drive Monday, January 19 from 2:00 PM to 7:00 PM in rooms 102A & 102B of the Community Center.  The Blood Center of Wisconsin needs donors to help with this worthy cause. 

The Blood Center of Wisconsin is the sole supplier of blood, blood products, research and diagnostic laboratory testing for 54 hospitals in our SE Wisconsin 28 counties.  Our 4 Waukesha County hospitals alone use over 20,000 components annually to meet the needs of our friends and loved ones.   You have the opportunity to help us meet local patient need by making your commitment to donate blood by signing up for an appointment with the Community Education & Recreation Office.  Make an appointment online at or call (262) 255-8460. 

When considering whether to donate blood or not, ask yourself the following question…..”In the event my loved one/friend needs a life-saving transfusion, would I not expect a safe & adequate blood supply to be there for him or her?”  One in every five people each of us knows will need a blood transfusion in our lifetime!  Help us help them on January 19th….schedule an appointment today!   

Your generosity is greatly appreciated!

Our Local Boards

You Can't Always Get What You Want

 We, the people, dutifully vote every year to elect citizens like ourselves to legislate and set policy in an orderly and lawful fashion for the betterment of our community.  Anyone is free to run for the job - it is not a closed club of good ol' guys.

These board members spend hours and days in meetings and planning sessions working for us all.  To do this they give up their personal time for a very limited amount of pay.  This is time taken from being with their families, spouses, friends and recreation.

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It was his birthday and we celebrated it


My husband’s birthday is over, I think he managed pretty well, especially taking into account the big-0 at the end of his age now. I love my birthday, and while I might have to stop and think about how old I am, because quite honestly, I still feel like a 25 year old trying to figure out how life as an adult works, I have no problem with my age. Nor getting older. On the other hand, my husband is my polar opposite. He gets edgy around his birthday every year. In fact, about a month ago he declared that his birthday was NOT happening this year. No saying Happy Birthday either.

Cake and presents were still welcome.

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Dear Whoever Stole My Newspaper


What nerve. I mean, seriously, to take a newspaper is extremely juvenile.

What they probably didn't know is that my husband gets up for work very early in the morning. He saw the paper in the box, and like a good husband, he left it for me. He works for the Journal so it's not like he won't have an opportunity to get another copy. By the time I was ready to leave for work, the newspaper was gone, and I'm sure they thought I'd blame the carrier -- which I did at first. Sorry Newspaper Carrier!

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Celebrate the Holidays at the Menomonee Falls Teen Center

Students in grades 6 - 12 are invited to come to the Teen Center Friday, December 19 and Saturday, December 20 to celebrate the holidays with their friends and win some great prizes!  Raffles will take place every half hour and everyone in attendance will be put into a drawing for a second semester TPass.  Students will also have the opportunity to win (2) tickets to the Milwaukee Bucks game against the Raptors at 7:00 PM on Monday, January 5.  Drawing for the TPass and the Bucks tickets will take place at 9:30 PM on Saturday.  Students do not need to be present on Saturday to win.  Winners will be notified by phone.

Teen Center Hours
Fridays (Grades 6-8)
6:30 to 10:00 PM

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It's That Time of Year....

As you are reading this, we the staff and volunteers at Channel 14 hope that your Holiday Season is everything you hoped for.  Each year it manages to slip away so quickly, and I myself can remember once in the last 10 years where I was able to sit back and just look at the lights on our Christmas Tree.  Well this year it is going to be different.  Organization is the key.  Sure their is a lot to get done and and a busy schedule to attend to, but it is certainly manageable.  Efficiency is the key.  Somethings will just have to go to the bottom of the list if not off the list completely.  Prioritizing is the key.  Already I have to many keys.

Just a second to catch up on recent activity at the studio.  The Christmas Parade was a memorable one.  Thank you to all the groups and organizations who braved the blizzard conditions to walk the parade route.  Out Channel 14 mobile trailer was parked at Pop's Custard on Appleton to cover the action.  The crew of 3 had to put up a tent to cover the cameras as the snow was just too wet and would have rendered them useless. I just heard that MenoHarmonee playback music slowed down at the end of the parade due to moisture.  With the snow and wind blowing in our faces, we decided to run the cameras by remote control from inside the trailer.  A lot more cabling but, toasty and dry inside.  It was not our best work, but it keeps our streak of 20 years of covering the Christmas Parade intact.  If you haven't noticed, we have been running the 2007 Parade in addition to the White-out version of this year.

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Holiday Pig Out


Today is the Holiday Pig Out at work, where everyone brings in loads of food and then we spend all day eating it. I never do good at these kinds of events, mostly because of the chips. I LOVE CHIPS!!! But, I’m very particular about my chips. I prefer Lays, the plain kind, I won’t eat any of the snazzy flavored chips. Since I’ve already thwarted my Weight Watcher efforts this week with the Mint Meltaways that arrived on Monday from my very most favorite vendor — because every year they send the Mint Meltaways – I’m not looking forward to today. HOWEVER, by some stroke of luck I was the second person to sign up for something to bring on the sign up sheet, and I choose chips. One big bag of snazzy flavored sour cream and onion potato chips.


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Snow Day


Good morning Menomonee Falls!

It's a snow day, and you'd think I would have slept in, but instead I was outside at 7 a.m. to clear my driveway. Thankfully, I have a snowblower. Or are they called snow throwers now? When did that happen? Anyhow, my driveway. What a chore that was. The bottom was about three feet deep, and I had to be creative to get it all out of the way -- only so the snowplow can push it all back the next time it goes by. It really is the only complaint I have about where I live.

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Doveryai, no Proveryai...Trust, but Verify Village Board Garbage Agreement


Doveryai, no Proveryai...Trust but Verify Village Board Garbage Agreement

President Ronald Reagan, in his infinite wisdom and undying commitment to protect America from attack and evil, used the Russian proverb, "Doveryai, no Proveryai", which means, ", but verify", when it came to negotiating agreements with the Soviet Union.  Reagan's foreign diplomacy philosophy was very simple when it came to protecting America from the Soviet Union, "We win, they lose."

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Christmas Gifts Remembered

When buying gifts this year I reflected upon the gifts that made the greatest impact on me as a child and as an adult. There was a strong connection between the best gifts and my favorite Christmas memories.

  1. As a child, my sister and I woke up at 5am to discover that our father had returned home Christmas Eve after being in the hospital from a near fatal accident the week before. We were fast asleep when my grandparents brought him home. Apparently he was released at 10pm by a sympathetic nursing staff. We were the first house in our neighborhood to have our lights on. I don't remember what present I received that year other than an appreciation of being a family.
  1. On Christmas 1994 when it appeared that we had to look at alternatives to have a child we got the news that our prayers were answered and our next Christmas would be with our own baby-God willing.
  1. On Christmas 2006 we were in China holding our miraculous baby girl. After years of paperwork, waiting, starts and stops, we were sitting in the hallway of our hotel with 12 other couples celebrating the same event.
  1. In the spring of this year, after a year of other health problems, my mom was diagnosed with Leukemia and things did not look promising for her survival. Fortunately with more lab work and a very dedicated doctor the prognosis was changed to a rare, but not dangerous, blood disease. We will have mom for another Christmas this year.

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Hot Air

History and more...

 Senator Strom Thurmond is in the record books for giving the longest recorded speech in history, clocking in at 24 hours and 18 minutes. The speech was a filibuster in opposition to the 1957 Civil Rights Act (which passed, despite his efforts).

I'm sure that one of our local malcontents would be happy to try and break that record if only the Village Board would give that chance.

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Predictions 2008 How Did I Do?


Below are my predictions published in December 2007 and the results.

Note: I need to stop adding predictions in my predictions.

  1. Milwaukee will loose SAB Miller/Coors as the corporate HQ to Golden Colorado. There are too many reasons to state here/now but I will have a whole entry on this in about a week. Hint: Taxes are a factor.

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You Can't Always Get What You Want

 Another blogger on Menomonee Falls Now made predictions of things to come about a year ago.  This week he truthfully posted the results of his predictions.  They were mixed - some right, some wrong.

On the other hand, I cannot even envision what will happen in the next week let alone what will happen in the next year.

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Starry Night


Today I painted using my new paints that I got for Christmas. I wasn’t feeling too creative, so I copied Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. I think it would have turned out better with oil paints, rather than acrylic, but I’m still pleased with it. I put away all of my paints and cleaned the brushes before I realized that I forgot a star. Maybe I’ll add it later.

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Predictions 2009


Predictions 2008 was my first year for making predictions on blogage. If you want to know how I did, click here: 

I made the mistake of embedding other predictions into my main predictions taking my accuracy way down. My first prediction of 2009: I will not make that mistake twice.

  1. The next shoe to drop in the financial crisis will be the day of reckoning for the credit card companies. This will peak in 2009. We should begin seeing hysterical headlines about May of this year. Side note: The impact of credit derivatives on the collateralized debt obligation will totally wipe out all of the equity the investors put in. This includes SE Wisconsin school districts (not Meno. Falls or Sussex Hamilton).
  1. The dollar will fall below its lowest value in 10 years.  It fetched a record-low US$1.3912 against the euro in 2008.
  1. Ethanol will pretty much be discredited, by those who have the mental ability to make change from a nickel, as a viable alternative natural fuel in 2009.  If there is a low yield corn crop it will expedite the awakening from this fad binge.
  1. In spite of all the deaths caused by seven to eleven time convicted drunken drivers, the state legislature will still ponder what we can do to stop the carnage. Maybe they will consider lowering the legal limit. Maybe they will consider raising the drinking age to 25. Maybe they will sue alcohol companies for millions, so we can run more MADD advertising (or spend the money on budget shortfalls when we overspend). It will never occur to them to lock up 5th  time offenders where they can never get behind a vehicle and kill your children. My prediction: They will do nothing to ensure mandatory prison for +3 time offenders.
  1. The smarter municipalities will be far more reasonable when dealing with developers in their communities. The smarter communities will realize there are far more limited development dollars and will be more accommodating instead of changing deals at the last minute or asking for more gingerbread and greenery at the 11th hour of a deal. TIFs will grow in usage. Alternatively, developers will more readily walk to the next community when faced with unreasonable demands.
  1. Israel will attack Iran in an attempt to destroy the nuclear program there. Other Arab countries will huff and puff, do nothing, and secretly sigh relief that someone finally did something to stop Iran. In my opinion, Iran has sponsored the Palestinian rocket attacks on Israel to divert Israeli military resources away from them. Israel will be an incapable of fighting a two front war.
  1. A power play, to take over MPS, will be attempted in 2009.  It may be the state or it may be Milwaukee, but someone will try, and fail, on their first attempt.
  1. Beyonce Knowles will be the number one revenue-generating music artist in 2009.
  1. Gold will break $965.00 per ounce in 2009.
  1. Brett Favre will retire after the 2008 season and un-retire in 2009. I'm not kidding.
  1. Thinking that America is on the brink of financial ruin, Al-Qaeda will hasten an attack on the U.S. to send panic into financial markets. That attempt will be unsuccessful.
  1. The $50 billion Bernie Madoff ponzi scam will get the average and high end investor to reconsider their investment strategy. The desire to put full faith and confidence in stocks will wane and drive demand for real estate, specifically commercial real estate and raw land. Demand will grow in 2009 for a revenue-producing asset that won't vaporize to absolute zero, like Bernie's fund or GM stock.
  1. The religion of global warming will be scientifically discredited in 2009. However, "global warmbies" will claim that the scientific data actually proves their theory. In other words they will use highly developed logic based on jujitsu: I know you are but what am I? It is my fervent hope that people in this country awaken to the dangers of the environmental movement. The "environmental" movement that tried to stop a solar energy plant in the Mojave Desert because of an endangered snake. It is a movement of dangerous hypocrites.
  1. The New England Patriots will pull themselves up from the ashes and win the Super Bowl in 2010.
  1. The threat of the looming sick pay mandate in Milwaukee County will be a growth benefit to surrounding counties.

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